What a Morning!

So I’ve spent my entire morning in the kitchen making cake balls and snickerdoodles (cake balls recipe coming soon)! Well, except for the 1/2 hour that it took me to run to the grocery store to pick up eggs after I had already started baking (rookie mistake: not checking all my ingredients before I started). Oh, and the 10 minutes of chasing Oreo around the neighborhood and praying he wouldn’t get hit by a car.

In the past we’ve always been able to let him out in the front yard with us without him running off since he always comes when called. But last week he saw a cat in a neighbor’s yard and took off like lightning. Ever since then he has been searching for that cat so any chance he gets that he can sneak out the door or gate… well, he takes it. And of course having us calling him just is no match for the thrill of possibly finding that kitty. Both times, he has returned to our front door within 10 minutes or so, but it always makes my heart skip a beat to think about him getting hit by a car. Thankfully we live in a cove and have very little traffic.

Aaanyway, Oreo is home safe and sound (and asleep in his chair) and I’ve been baking away all morning. At one point I had a few minutes of downtime after putting the cake balls in the freezer and I decided to take a snapshot of me in my cute new apron (gift from my boss). But then I couldn’t decide which photo to share. So… I’m going to share four of them, hehe! And I need you guys’ advice on which is the cutest because it will so be my new Facebook profile pic! 😀


The first and third were both shots that happened when the camera went off before I expected it to, haha. But they were still cute so I thought I’d share. And the other two are obviously posed. I have to admit, I feel pretty narcissistic to post a bunch of photos of myself, but I need advice!

Alrighty, I gotta dash! I have cake balls that need to be coated in some serious chocolate! 😀


21 responses to “What a Morning!

  1. these pictures are so cute. I love how reflective and genuine your posts are. also, cannot go wrong with snickerdoodles!

  2. I love the 1st and 2nd! Possibly the 4th!
    I would indefinitly choose 1 over 2 but its a little blurry.
    I’m so jealous of how extremly stunning and gorgeous and pretty you are! and skinny!

    Keep that dog wrapped around your fingers! It makes me so sad the thought of a dog getting hurt!!
    I reallly need to try cake balls soon! I’ve heard and seen them so many times but I have never tried or made any!
    I hate it when I start recipes and don’t have an ingredient. Story of my llife!

    • Oh girl, you are SO sweet. Thank you so very much for your kind words! Definitely made my day! 😀

      Yes, we are definitely going to be much more careful with Oreo now!

      The cake balls turned out SO good! I highly recommend them! 🙂

  3. First off, I loveee your apron! I like #2. Good luck with your cake balls! I’m sure they’ll turn out great because they’re covered in chocolate 🙂

  4. All the pics are cute but the 2nd is my face!

    Oh Oreo–thank god he was ok! My house faces a very busy street so whenever Lincoln pops out, I freak the eff out. And I did the same thing last night, I started to put all my ingredients together for black bean burgers, had my heart set on it, then realized I forgot eggs, onion and pepper. Of course I had something cooking so I had to stop that, run to the store, come back and then breathe!

    • Oh my goodness, my heart would stop if Oreo got out on a busy street! I’m glad Lincoln hasn’t been hurt!

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who forgets ingredients and has to make mad dashes to the store, haha! 🙂

  5. I like number two and number four!

  6. Super cute apron! That is my favorite shade of green. I like the second pic the best!

  7. My favorite pic is the 2nd, although they’re all cute! I’m totally in love with that apron! 🙂 (And so glad your dog is home safe!!).

  8. I love your apron! Once I put one on, I wear it all day 🙂

  9. youre so freaking cute!!!!!
    that apron is ADORABLE! I want one!

  10. Im loving your apron….and I love cake balls! I made them in college once and thought about creating a business to sell them…that didnt pan out but they are delicious!

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