Snow + Sunshine = Glittery Wonderland

So yesterday we got to go play in the snow! But first we went to Memorial Park which we really love and played. πŸ™‚

I’m such a goober. I look like I’m about to dive into the pond, haha!

Christopher got this shot of me as I was skipping toward him (I was just so happy to see the sunshine!)

Sunshine + Snow = Glittering Wonderland πŸ™‚

Hill + Cardboard Box = SLEDDING!

Our snow angels πŸ™‚

We had SO MUCH fun! It was a great day. πŸ™‚

Aaaand since it’s Friday, that means NEW RECIPES! YAY! Though, to most of you, these aren’t really new recipes. But they were new to me. So I’m gonna share anyway! πŸ™‚

First up, theΒ Green Monster Smoothie originally created byΒ Angela from Oh She Glows! It seems as if I see some variation of this recipe on so many of the blogs I follow so I thought it was time I tried it. Yes, there is spinach in it, but once you get past the idea of that, it’s fabulous. Everyone said you couldn’t taste the spinach, but I didn’t believe it until I actually tried it. I usedΒ Kayla’s adaption for my very first Green Monster and it was FABULOUS. I’ve had one every day since then and play to have another today! YUM!

Green Monster Smoothie


1 banana (if previously frozen, adds creamier texture to smoothie)
2/3 cup almond milk
1 heaping spoonful of peanut butter
1 huge handful of fresh baby spinach
3 ice cubes


Blend on high until smooth and creamy

Also made Kat’s Instant Froyo… fun and yummy! And I combined it with Banana Ice Cream (1 frozen banana blended) ’cause that’s how I roll. Then added some sugar free chocolate syrup and ate it all up! YUM!

Instant FroYo + Banana “Ice Cream” = YUMMY

I’m thinking a green monster smoothie is calling my name. πŸ™‚


48 responses to “Snow + Sunshine = Glittery Wonderland

  1. you are so pretty, girl! i love that outfit, too!

    super cute πŸ™‚

    glad you love the green monsters! they are such an awesome invention, huh?! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi, you are one of the winners for my Valentine’s give away. Please email me your postal address at Thanks for your participation. Beautiful photos as always!

  3. I’m so glad you tried a Green Monster! I love them and drink them 4x a week! My mom has even started adding spinach to the smoothies she drinks which makes me so happy! πŸ™‚

  4. FUNNNN!! the first three pictures actually look like they’re professional! y’all look so lovely πŸ™‚ ha and i can def tell how you’re really tall in the 2nd and 3rd pix.
    i still have yet to try the green monster smoothie!!!! it seems to be so popular in the blog world, ha.

  5. Love fun in the snow, looks a great spot!

  6. Those pics are so cute! I would play in the snow the same way!! I love the snow. πŸ™‚

  7. I was thinking about sledding the other day but we don’t have a sled…I wish I would have thought to use a cardboard box!!

    The instant fro-yo recipe looks GOOD! I’ll bet it would work really well in the automatic ice cream maker too.

  8. You guys look so adorable playing in the snow! Its been below zero in Chicago so needless to say I havn’t left the house much! LOL… I wish I could go play in the snow too lol… I love Green monsters I have one a day at least! πŸ™‚

  9. Green monsters are the best! I love the simple version, and the green color is so bright and pretty.

  10. I love green monsters!! It really is true that you can’t taste the spinach. I made two for my parents over the summer and they couldn’t believe there was actually spinach in it. Well, despite the green color, of course. haha

  11. You guys are so cute! Love the pic of you two!

    I was so nervous about trying a green monster for the first time, but I immediately fell in love and have been mixing up different combos ever since!

    That instant fro-yo sounds too good to be true! I NEED to make that!

  12. I just made a green monster yesterday! yyyyyyuuuum!

    and your park pictures are too cute. there’s nothing better than pretty winter pictures in the snow, especially when the subjects are so good-looking. πŸ™‚

  13. Love the pictures. Even with the sun out it looks cold. I don’t know that I would do good in the snow, but it looks like soooo much fun.

  14. I think it’s high time I too try this smoothie…

    I love you girl! Your beautiful!
    I love lvoe love green monsters. I don’t add PB to mine becase I always use coconut extract. Coconut and Peanut butter smoothie DO NOT go well. haha.

    I had two 1.5 recipes of my recipes yesterday. So technically I had 3 green monsters. wow. haha.

    I’m TOTALLY trying that fro yo tonoight or tommorow! I looked at the recipe and it looks so delicious and easy! Does it really taste like frozen yogurt??

  16. Aww you are soooo gorgeous!! πŸ™‚ Looks like you had an awesome day!! Love the makeshift sled! πŸ˜›

    Green Monsters are AWESOME! I love them SO much! I love adding cocoa powder/hot chocolate powder to them to make them all chocolatey and yummy! πŸ˜€

    Have a great weekend girl!!

  17. How cute!!! Love the pictures of you skippingand sledding- you look so, so happy! πŸ™‚

  18. Can I just say that you guys are ridiculously adorable?! There is something about these pictures that makes me smile πŸ™‚

  19. You are too cute and always leave the sweetest comments on my blog!:) I’m so happy I’ve “met” you! What a fun day you had and super good eats too! That little ice cream bowl looks amazeee (love the Mrs. Cup btw!!)

  20. It looks like you had a wonderful time in the park! SO cute!

  21. I’ve had a green monster everyday for the past two weeks. I cried a little bit when I used the last bit of spinach today. πŸ™‚

  22. Omg you guys are so ADORABLE together! I love all the pictures- it looks like you had quite a lot of fun!!! And green monsters are sooo good right?!

    PS- That dessert looks to die for. Seriously. πŸ˜€

  23. What a fun day in the snow!!! I am going to try the making some frozen yogurt this weekend, it sounds so good!

  24. omg your blog is SOOOOOOO cute! seriously i’m in love with it πŸ™‚ I am STILL trying to make a green monster because I love spinach! nom nom!! thanks for the post on my blog πŸ™‚ I’m glad someone loves FRIENDS as much as I do!

  25. More evidence we’re twins: Hubs & I also have those mugs! And I’m pretty sure those black boots are a first cousin to the pair I’ve been donning all winter πŸ™‚ The only thing against our separated-at-birth theory is the fact that you’re in the COLD snow and SMILING! Oh my goodness – I get so cold it’s hard to even move my lips to smile πŸ™‚ I’m definitely a warm-weather gal!

  26. That Green Smoothie looks so yummy! I’ll have to try it sometime!! Thanks for hanging out at my blog!! Your blog is adorable!! Your stories are so cute and funny!!

  27. You two are so cute! It looks like you had an awesome day!

    The green smoothies sound really interesting, so I’ll probably try one sometime soon!

  28. I love going to a snow-covered park… There’s no one around, so you pretty much have the place to yourself! πŸ™‚ Love the snow-angels!!

  29. Looks like you had fun! THanks for the green smoothie… I need to expand my green smoothie horizons. I’ve been stuck on chocolate-spinach smoothies (which are awesome, but I think your looks so good too!)

  30. Love green monsters:) Those pics are so stinkin cute-the 2 of you are the CUTEST couple ever I swear!

  31. That looks SO fun! Makes me want to see some snow πŸ™‚

  32. Great photos! Snow is so much fun when the temperature isn’t crazy low! I have so many fond memories of playing in the snow as a kid!

  33. Love all the pictures! Especially the one of you skipping. πŸ™‚ Sounds like a fun day! I love those winter days when the sun comes out and the temperature warms up a little — everything does look glittery and beautiful, like you said. Have a great weekend!

  34. You guys are SO cute! I LOVE the box idea. I’ve been wanting to sledding for weeks now, but don’t have a sled. 😦 I DO, however, have a box that would be perfect!

    I really love green monster smoothies. I know some people think they look disgusting, and they do, but they TASTE great. And they really make me feel better, too!

  35. I have to laugh at this post, not just because of your happy skipping but because I saw the green smoothie pic and thought it must be for some sort of cleanse diet where you each nothing but shakes made of grass for week then scrolled down an inch and saw the ice cream sundae… so the green smoothie is definitely not part of a deep cleanse routine ;).

  36. Looks like you guys had a fun day! The sun is shining here today and I am super excited…can’t wait for spring! πŸ™‚

  37. How cute are you?! Glad you’re enjoying the snow. I, am COMPLETELY OVER IT πŸ˜‰ xo

  38. What fun! Cute pics.

  39. wonderful pictures. i envy the snow! i haven’t played in the snow ever.. =p (well, we don’t have that here haha)

    PS. you are so pretty, rach! christopher is blessed to have a pretty wife (inside out) like you =D

  40. You + your hubby are so stinkin’ adorable! Loove the snow, but unfortunately we only had 2 beautiful glittery-like days this past winter, and zero last year. I know most people in the US are suffering right now (or have been ) from the freezing temps + icy wonderlands, but c’mon, rain + wind + gray skies = sad days.

    Your green monster beast is beaauuutiful! Happy weekend girl!

  41. What a fun day out. Yummy for green smoothies. Spinach blends really well you could probably even add more! I use to blend up half a bag or more with frozen berries and banana.

  42. Wonderful!! Love the snow and love the sunshine too. Great pics! You guys are so adorable and happy. I think that’s where the glitter comes from. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  43. Aww such cute pics!!! I’ve never had a green monster and I am not sure I can convince myself! They really don’t taste like spinach?!?!

    • They really don’t! Christopher had some and he said that in his first sip he could taste a little spinach, but he also tends to “taste” things only after being told what’s in something (like he thought turkey pepperoni tasted normal until I told him it was turkey and not regular). You should at least try it! πŸ™‚

  44. I kind of want to go sledding now πŸ™‚ I need to try that instant froyo…i totally forgot about it!

  45. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Oh, you made a snow angel! πŸ˜€

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