Spring Sing 2011!

This past weekend we went back to our Alma Mater for Spring Sing! It’s a big performance that Harding’s social clubs put on every year the weekend of Easter. The clubs (like frats/sororities) compete with each other and whoever wins, gets to pass on a check to a charity of their choice. 🙂 Here’s a 30 second clip of the finale from last year:

Technically you’re not allowed to film Spring Sing so there aren’t lots of great videos available, but! There are several good ones of the flash mob that they did last year just before Spring Sing:

Oh yeah, I love my Alma Mater. [Side note: in that last video, the fountain you see there is the same one I was baptized in as seen in my Easter post :)]

So, I know what you’re wondering. Was I ever a part of this wonderful theatrical experience known as Spring Sing? You betcha! I performed both my freshman and sophomore years and loved every second of it!

Christopher and I in our race-car driver costumes, Spring Sing 2006!

spring sing 06
And us on stage performing! Sadly there isn’t a shot of me from the front, but that swooshy ponytail is super recognizable. I’m #5 in the green on the left. 🙂 And Christopher is #3 on my right! [This photo belongs to Harding University]

So every year since we graduated, Christopher and I have gone back to Harding to watch Spring Sing and enjoy the festivities! It’s so wonderful. Hard to believe that I’ve been graduated nearly three years now, but still so fun to see it all again! 🙂

Spring Sing 2011!

As always, we sing “United We Stand” at the end of each Spring Sing. The cast, crew, band and audience all join together and sing. And like every year, I get a bit misty eyed. Love this.

United we stand, divided we fall and if our backs should ever be against the wall, we’ll be together! Together you and I… 🙂

Easter Sunday means getting to spend time with Christopher’s family. 🙂 His parents are on the right (with their new doggie!) and his cousin, Brittany (who’s a senior at Harding) is in the center.

Easter Sunday also means getting to see my baby sister, Abby!! Who’s not so much a baby anymore… like Brittany, she’s a senior at Harding and about to graduate in MAY!

This was our first time to meet Tara… she is such a sweet heart!

My parents-in-law adopted Tara from an animal shelter just a couple of weeks ago. She is completely precious!

Me and my father-in-law, Tony. He is such a good man and I’m so grateful for the relationship he has with my husband. Christopher is such a great mentor to teen boys because he has such a great dad. 🙂

The weekend was great! I got to see so many of my favorite teens from when I worked at Camp Wyldewood and was an intern at Downtown. Each girl that saw me, SHOUTED my name (usually my maiden name, haha!) and came running full force toward me to wrap me up in a hug. I love it. Seriously. I am SO grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with teen girls over the years. Each of them is so precious to me. I wish I’d gotten pictures of me with the girls, but I didn’t have my camera on me. The rest of the weekend was spent with family and that’s wonderful. Christopher and his dad golfed with Marty and I thrift store shopped one afternoon. All in all – a great weekend. 🙂

Anyone else ever perform in something like Spring Sing?
Who all has adopted doggies?


41 responses to “Spring Sing 2011!

  1. I love the puppy!!! Im getting a puppy next month and im so excited about it!!! You look wonderful Rach and im glad you had such a great family filled Easter!!

  2. That Spring Sing sounds like so much fun!!! If I went to Harding I would definitely be in it! Love stuff like that 😀

  3. You are absolutely GORGEOUS!

    We’ve never had doggies — only kitties. 🙂

  4. What an awesome production! I am not surprised you were involved and go back every year. Something to always cherish. 🙂

    Lots of smiles at Easter! I love that. 🙂 The pup is adorable. My greyhound is a rescue. 🙂

  5. Oh man, I would love something like the Spring Sing!!!

  6. It’d be so nice to go back to the camp I worked at and see some of the girls again, that must have been really nice. 🙂

  7. This post makes me miss musicals so much! 🙂 That looks like such a fun event! I love the flash mob!

    Glad you had a good Easter Sunday!

  8. Your sister looks exactly like you!!! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Family time is the best 🙂

  9. Yaaay.. that was an indian number 🙂 I;ve been away from home too long .. You made me miss home Rach 🙂

    Love your new hair 🙂

  10. You are so pretty girl! And that dog is such a cuttie! I adopted my little dog from the animal shelter last year & she has been such a wonderful little addition to my life! I am so thankful that I found her! 🙂

  11. Girl– your gorgeous!
    Look’d like you had a great Easter– you are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in your life 🙂

    AND, that Spring Sing looks pretty fun to me!

  12. Sounds like a lovely Easter! Lovely your family is do close. You really look like your sister 🙂 and the dog is very cute, I really want a dog but am out all day so wouldn’t be fair 😦

  13. I love all of your pictures, you look so gorgeous in them 🙂
    My family adopted a dog when I was 11 and we had him for 7 years. He recently passed but it was due to old age and he led a good life with us!

  14. What a good time! And a much cooler day than my Easter. And now I must go find more flash mob videos because I’d like to pretend all of life is really an episode of Glee!

  15. You and your sister are so pretty!!!

  16. Sounds like you had a great time! I so agree you and your sister are so pretty! I also wanted to let you know that I have hit a milestone on my blog and am having a giveaway of our all all natural organic products and I would love for you to enter!

  17. What a great weekend! It looks like you have a fantastic family and the doggie is too darn cute!
    Love that you go back to Spring Sing every year! What a fun tradition and it looks like a blast!!

  18. What a great weekend!!!! That dog is adorable. I have lived with my current roommates for 2 years. One of them adopted a dog while we were living together. Since I am moving out I need to find another one to fill my puppy void!!!

  19. You and your sister are adorable! Can see the resemblance! So cool that you get to go back to Harding each year. I wish I could get back to my school, but haven’t had the chance.

    Yay for adopting shelter dogs! As soon as I get a home, I’m heading straight for the shelter. I better get a mansion because I’m going to want to come home with every dog there!

  20. spring sing sounds awesome!
    BTW I think flash mobs are the coolest thing EVER! have you seen the new show mobbed?

  21. I would love to see Spring Sing!! I looked into Harding my junior year and it seems so far from Pittsburgh. I am still looking into colleges now though so ya never know 😉
    I actually knew 2 people who went to Harding.. Kelly Davis and Fernando Moreno.. I wonder if you know them?!

    • :O! If HU is even POSSIBLY on the table you absolutely need to go! Well, at least check out the campus. It’s SUCH a great school! Seriously! And the campus is covered in photos with me so they obviously have good taste. 😉

      I Facebook stalked your friends to see if I knew them since their names didn’t immediately ring a bell. I totally remember both of them! It’s possibly Kelly might’ve worked with me in the admission’s office at HU. I can’t remember for sure if that was her or not. But I definitely remember her face. Wes (the guy who performed her wedding) was one of my bosses at Harding. 🙂 And I recognize Fernando as well, but I’m pretty sure I never really knew him. However, my husband used to play basketball with him so he knows him better than I do. 🙂 Small world! Now you need to come visit HU! 😀

  22. Spring Sing sounds so fun!! I love singing and dancing. Seriously, it makes me so happy!
    So that puppy has the best name ever, not to mention that she is adorable! I guess it just comes with the name 😉

  23. I would love to adopt a dog! I’ve never had one before, but I’m dying for a puppy 🙂

  24. that freakin awesome! i always wanted to be part of a flash mob!

  25. Incredible!!! That’s crazy good theater. And your dog! Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  26. How fun!! I wish I could adopt a puppy, but I’m allergic 😦 😦

  27. Spring Sing looks and sounds like so much fun!! I’m glad you had a great Eater, and thank you so much for the inspiring words on my last post!

  28. I adopted Lucy girl when she was 2 and it was the best decision ever! Tara is absolutely precious 🙂

  29. What a fun tradition and program to participate in. Harding sounds like such a fun school to attend. I wont lie I spent about 30 minutes on the website after you mentioned it a few posts ago.

    I have never done anything like that. The closest I have come would be trying out for chorus of the musical my senior year, and I didn’t make it.

    Our dog (Ellie the dog) is not a rescue but our next one might be.

  30. That Spring Sing looks amazing! I love Easter. It’s such a time for family and friends. I’m glad you had a great weekend. 🙂

  31. How fun to get to spend time with family! I miss my fam so much while I’m away at school!
    I had an adopted dog as a child…I want another one!

  32. You and Abby look so alike haha…

    Spring Sing looks so wonderful! I have a lot of theater experience back in high school and college and I miss performing! =D


  33. What a great weekend!! Spring Sing looks like quite an amazing production! It’s so neat that you go back to enjoy it!!

    Did you know that being in a flash mob is on my bucket list….I mean, how fun!?!

    So glad you enjoyed time with family…and that sweet new pup!

  34. Spring Sing looks SOOOOOO COOOOOL!!

    That puppy has the sweetest face! Aweee little Tara!!

  35. We had something like that at Baylor!

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  39. Yay Spring Sing!!! I did it for 3 years!

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