Panko + Franks = :)

As we’ve seen before, I live with two 25-year-old men who sometimes act like little kids. And sometimes do things like locking themselves in the dog’s kennel and then teaching him how to open it… yeah.

Why Tony was in Oreo’s kennel, I’m not really sure. But it definitely makes for some good laughs. 😉

On to tasty meals!

I really love getting that “fried food” taste without all the grease. Enter Panko Bread Crumbs. I’ve called for the specifically in recipes before, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever really bragged on them. Well, they’re fabulous. And I love them. The end. :D Oh, and I used them in two recipes this week! :)

Panko Shrimp


1/2 pound shrimp
1 cup Panko bread crumbs
1 egg white (I actually used Egg Beaters)


1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Holding shrimp by tails, dip into egg whites and then dredge in Panko bread crumbs. Place in greased baking dish. Bake 10-15 minutes or until shrimp are golden.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap


1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup Franks Red Hot Sauce
1 Ranch packet
1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs

1/4 cup Olive Oil Mayo
1/4 cup Franks Red Hot Sauce

8 whole wheat wraps
1 tomato, chopped
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup cheese


1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Slice chicken into 2″ x 1″ strips. Melt butter in microwave safe bowl and mix with 1/4 cup Franks. Meanwhile mix Ranch packet with Panko bread crumbs.

3. Dip chicken strips in butter/Franks mixture and then dredge in bread crumb mixture. Place on greased baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes (flipping pieces after 15 minutes) or until crispy and chicken is cooked through.

4. While chicken is baking combine Mayo and Franks  in separate dish and spread a thin layer on each wrap. Fill with spinach, chopped tomato, cheese, and Panko Chicken. Roll up and enjoy!

And there’s the wrap opened up (this one was mine  so no cheese, but the boys had cheese and enjoyed it)

And finally, Tony has been learning to cook! He came up with this concoction all on his own and wanted me to share it on the blog. So I am. :)

Tony’s Breakfast


2 eggs
2 slices Rach’s Homemade Bread
2 slices cheese
8 slices turkey pepperoni
Franks Red Hot Sauce


First fry eggs, but break the yolk while they cook. Meanwhile, butter one side of both slices of bread and place in skillet on medium heat with buttered sides down. Place cheese on top of each slice of bread and place pepperonis on top of cheese. When cheese has melted, remove from skillet and top with fried eggs and Franks.

Recipe created by and made by Tony H.

Know what else these recipes have in common? Franks Red Hot Sauce! Ah, we love that stuff – so delicious! 🙂

Any other Franks Red Hot Sauce or Panko Bread Crumb lovers out there?


72 responses to “Panko + Franks = :)

  1. I have never tried Panko Bread crumbs! Gasp. This needs to occur as soon as I get home and have access to a kitchen again…these recipes looks great with them and I like that they have an added crunch without the grease and fat. 🙂

  2. that looks SO good. I’m a big fan of Panko.. my momma used to use them all the time!

  3. AWH!!! Oreo caught on fast!!! He is so smart! 😀

  4. I am a franks LOVERRRR. I really think no meal can taste bad with it!!

    Love your friday recipe days 🙂

  5. Panko are definitely the cooler bread crumbs. I use them often, too!!

  6. I love using panko! I haven’t used it in a while and need to pull it out…thanks for the reminder 🙂

  7. Oh Oreo! hahha.. you must have such a fun time every day with boys!

  8. I love love love Frank’s hot sauce! Sriracha is good too but spicy as heck

  9. I love Panko breadcrumbs! They are so versatile.

    Tony’s breakfast looks yummy!

  10. I love Panko! I buy whole wheat panko at whole foods and I love coating eggplant in it. It’s so crunchy and delish!

  11. I have too locked myself in the doggie crate to see whats its about 🙂 Noone rescued me. 😦

  12. Mmm panko. I love it but haven’t ever used it. My favorite is panko fried sweet potato or green beans, I like the frying!

    Haha T’s breakfast cracked me up, good for him learning to cook!

  13. I love both panko and franks! Franks is so good on lots of stuff- but especially eggs 🙂

  14. My friend just posted something on Facebook saying she had no idea what to do with panko- I’m going to show her this post!

  15. Franks is fantastic! I’d loooove to try it on your buffalo chicken wrap! Looks delicious.

    The Oreo/25-year-old-men videos always make me laugh. Keep ’em coming!

  16. I’ve never really worked with breadcrumbs at all, because of my mum’s wheat allergy. Used to crumb with cornflakes 😛

  17. I LOVE panko bread crumbs they make anything so crispy, I love em!

  18. ahh you have such good-looking squiggle dips/sauces on all those

  19. never heard of franks! what is it exactly? 🙂

  20. I think franks hot sauce is the kind I like – maybe not, I can’t remember 😛
    That video sure made me laugh 😀

  21. Ooooh your meals look delicious, I havent gotten back to your email, such a busy week BUT good 🙂 I will tell you allll about it

    I love franks red hot sauce!

  22. Ooooh your meals look delicious, I havent gotten back to your email, such a busy week BUT good I will tell you allll about it

    I love franks red hot sauce!

  23. panko bread crumbs are the best! they add such a better texture than regular bread crumbs i think, both your recipes sound delicious!

  24. LOL!!! That pic is so funny, love it!

  25. As an Italiana, I love breaded everything (chicken cutlets etc…). Panko is what saves my diet from total sabotage! LOL! Here’s a recipe for buffalo chicken tenders gone healthy:
    Let me know what ya think 😉

  26. I’ve only used panko bread crumbs a few times. But, I just saw a recipe on Eat Live Run for fried artichokes that used panko bread crumbs, they looked delicious as do your shrimp!

  27. I love panko! Those meals look amazing 🙂 And, as weird as this sounds… I once tried to fit into my dog’s crate too (don’t worry it was right after we cleaned it). He’s 13 lbs….

  28. Haha! Too funny! What are the guys doing, training Oreo to be the next Lassie?

    Love the crunch of panko, but I’m not a huge fan of hot sauce…I’m a pansy! 😉

  29. My husband was wondering what was going on in the video haha.. =p You guys are crazy =p

    I love Chicken wraps…. yum yum yum!

  30. Franks lover here too!! You guys look like you always have the most fun!! 😀

  31. Panko breadcrumbs are a god send. Have you tried making homemade fish sticks with them?

  32. You had me at “fried food taste”! Sounds yummy. And the dog crate trick totally made my day. Ahh boys.

  33. Oh my… boys can sure be funny some days:)

  34. Oh my gosh- that video is too funny! I love how much fun you all have in your house 🙂
    & I cannot wait to try the panko shrimp- never even thought of that– such a great idea 🙂

  35. ~~This is a great post.
    The dogs, the dudes, the food, the fun 🙂 love it.

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