Princess Party!!

Today was the fourth semi-annual princess party. Every July and December I host a princess party at my house for my teen girls. This year we got all dressed up and had lunch at 5 Guys (I mean c’mon, what better place to eat during a princess party than 5 Guys ;)).

Then we went to a park and took some lovely pictures and played.

Don’t you just love the princess wave and us blowing kisses? 😉

Then back to my house for comfy clothes and makeovers!

I did make up and Courtney (the blonde in the pic on the left) did hair!

We watched The Princess Bride, then played Apples to Apples which was hilarious (it always is!). Then we ate pizza and cheese dip while watching The Princess Diaries.

Watching Princess movies!

Afterward we played hide-and-seek which was brilliant fun (I have a big house with lots of places to hide!). The girls went home around 10 so I just finished cleaning up and I am updating this real quick before I head off the bed. It was a GREAT day! 😀 I absolutely adore my little princesses and spending time with them is so precious to me. 🙂


41 responses to “Princess Party!!

  1. Love 5 guys! looks so fun.

  2. Aw, what a fun day! Hide and seek would be soo fun to play.. I miss that game.

  3. Aww how awesome!! I so wish I could come and join in! Seriously, it looks like the best time! And the Princess Bride is one of my all-time favourite movies, so I’m even MORE jealous! 😛

  4. What a joy you must be to those girls…a wonderful day! Wish you’d been around when I was a teen {a long, LONG time ago!}

  5. I want to go to a princess party!! That sounds like so much fun. I love how you guys went to 5 guys all dressed up. We went to friendly’s all dressed up after prom. We felt a little silly but it’s fun!!

  6. Cute! 🙂 5 Guys is definitely the perfect princess food! Looks like you are happy as can be!!

  7. You seem to have had a wonderful time!

  8. What a fun day!! I love the Princess Diaries. 🙂 And Five Guys.

  9. Such a fun day! And YES to Five Guys 🙂

  10. wow, sounds like a an amazing amount of fun!! 😀 The Princess Bride is the best movie e.v.e.r. 😀


  11. aaaaawwwww! that’s so sweet of you to do that every year! You’re so fun! I wish we could meet someday!

  12. How FUN! All you ladies look amazing too!! 😀

  13. Are you guys involved with your church youth group? Sounds like you guys are pretty involved with teens! That’s awesome!

  14. I am so jealous you are wearing a thin strapped dress in December. It is freezing around Chicago so be ready!

  15. How fun! What pretty princesses!! 🙂 I love Apples to Apples!!!

  16. Aw, what a fun party! I think it’s awesome that you did something like this for young girls. I’m sure they had a great time! 🙂 I’ve never been to 5 Guys before! I need to change that.

  17. What a sweet post. 🙂 Looks like a great time!

  18. Every girl needs someone like you in their life around that age! You are such an inspiration to me. At that age girls just want to feel loved, accepted, and beautiful, and you have given them plenty of ways to do just that. Keep doing what you’re doing, my fine lady, because you’re doing it well!

  19. Awwwww whenever I see your updates on the Princess activities I get really happy, then sad b/c I wish I could join!~ 😦 But happy b/c it’s so relieving to know that there are godly women like you who put their hearts out for young girls~It’s going to be phenomenal, just seeing how they blossom in character 😀

  20. That looks like a fun time!!
    I love the princess bride! Great movie!

  21. It took me a while to find you in these pics. You look as young as the teens. 🙂 What you do is a treasure. I know it will be something they will always remember. 🙂

  22. That is SUCH a cool idea! you’re so wonderful 🙂 It sounds like a lovely time! (And what better place than 5 guys!? haha)

  23. What a fun idea! I love the thought of dressing up like a princess and those movies are my favorite! Lucky girls you have:)

  24. I am a native Chicagoan. Go downtown to the Art Institute, to Navy Pier or walk along Michigan Avenue. Hope you’ll have a nice time because Chicago Rocks!

  25. This looks like such a great day!

  26. love your annual princess parties! so much fun.

  27. Love 5 guys! Last time I played Apples to Apples, a fight broke out, haha!

  28. Your Princess Parties always sounds like SO much fun!

  29. What a fun day….I want to be a Princess!

  30. oh my that sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I miss fun girl nights like that from high school!

  31. this is such a good idea! 5 guys sounds fun 🙂

  32. Looks so cute and fun! Hooray for princesses!

  33. Love your heart for your girls and these parties, keep up the fun!

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