Final Christmas Post :)

Welcome to 2012, friends!! 🙂 We celebrated our last Christmas this past weekend with Christopher’s parents at our house. 🙂

Christopher using my new PASTA MAKER (so excited!!) to roll out dough for homemade ravoli!

Homemade lasagna and handmade fried ravioli for our Italian Christmas feast!

Christopher’s parents look through their “stockings” full of wonderful goodies! 🙂

Oreo and Tara get a whiff of their stockings (I made them homemade doggie biscuits!)

Oreo helps Christopher open a present!

Oreo chillin’ in his new bed that Christopher built for him for Christmas!! Also, he loves his new Christmas pjs. 😉

We have had a fabulous Christmas season. As always, I’m sad to see it end, but I am excited about this new year. Speaking of the new year… we celebrated it with friends!

Of the 30+ people present, 11 of us came wearing something sparkly! So we took a shot of all the sparkly people. 🙂

Happy 2012, friends!


22 responses to “Final Christmas Post :)

  1. Oreo’s bed is just wonderful! Your husband, he did an excellent job. Oreo looks like royalty 😀

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Oh my gosh Oreo looks PRECIOUS! And I love his little wooden bed too– looks a little more spiffy than mine 😉

  3. That lasagna looks awesome! Happy 2012!

  4. I heart the sparky picture ! And the homemade pasta maker sounds so fun!

  5. Aww, I love that the dogs got their own stockings! (My cats totally got their own stockings this year too). 🙂

  6. oohh pasta maker sounds fab! I love the doggie bed, looks like Oreo approves. Happy New year girl!

  7. Love all the sparkly outfits! 🙂 FUN FUN!

  8. The homemade ravioli looks amazing!! I wish we had a pasta maker. Yum! I love your Italian Christmas feast! 😀

    Oreo is so cute!


  9. Happy new year! Love my pasta maker too, homemade pasta is THE BEST 🙂 That fried ravioli sounds amazing.

  10. Your family really does sparkle, and Oreo (as always) is a dear!

  11. Looks like you had a great time! And all of the homemade pasta looks absolutely AMAZING!!!

  12. That looks like a fun time!!! Happy New Year, Rach!

  13. Oooh homemade pasta sounds delicious! Especially fried ravioli. I think the special ingredient here is that it’s made with love, so it must taste extra delicious!

  14. Mmm lasagne love it! Hope you had a lovely Xmas and Happy New Year!

  15. oh my goodness oreo is stinkin adorable in his pjs and new bed!! That is so sweet 🙂 Opie was so excited to get into her stocking. We got her this new toy that she seriously ADORES. It makes all sorts of sounds and she is constantly shaking it around so she can hear them lol

  16. AWW!! Oreo is adorable!! 😀 All of your food looks amazing, I’m so glad you guys had such a wonderful holiday together!

  17. OHHH MY GOSH that dog bed and Oreo’s new digs are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE BAHH!! Plus that homemade feast has be drooling…PASTA!! YUM! Great way to end the holidays!

  18. aww sounds like a great Christmas, ha and your dog and I share a name ;P

  19. I love Christmas posts…personally, i wish I could read them all year round:)


    Looks like a wonderful time!

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