An Artsy Date Night

Remember how I said that Christopher and I were going on a date? Well normally our date nights are pizza and a movie at home which we love! But we realized that we need to mix things up a little bit every now and Christopher decided that we needed an adventure! So yesterday afternoon I got this email from him:

I’d like to invite you out tonight, however in order to go on this trip you will need a few things.  

Items required:
1. Comfortable shoes
2. Something dressy, comfortable and will keep you warm. 
3. Bring your I.D.
4. Bear with me as I use my navigation skills……
Let’s try to leave around at or before 6 pm. 
See you tonight!

I had no idea where we were going or what we would be doing, but I was excited!  Our first stop turned out to be a fancy place downtown called The Butcher Shop. I know the name sounds awful, but it actually a local favorite.

They cook your dinner on a brick grill in the middle of the restaurant. The whole place is historic and really very cool. Dinner was a success!

After dinner Christopher and I hopped on a trolley to head to the art district.

I love the historic old trolleys downtown. 🙂

 The art district was having the last-Friday-of-the-month art show! I had no idea they did this every month. All the galleries stayed open late and were free to the public. Christopher had heard about it from someone at work and decided we needed to experience it.

Flame throwers, food trucks, and street art are all part of the art district scene. Oh, and a terrifying little cheetah on someone’s porch… I may or may not have yelped a bit when I spotted it. 😛

The first two shots are from inside one of the galleries, but the bison are actually just street art someone put up. We thought those were pretty cool because our university’s mascot was the a bison. 🙂

After the art district we headed to the main part of downtown (which is why I needed my ID – you have to be 18 to walk around downtown at night and no one ever believes that I’m an adult, ha!). There is a little shop called A Schwab’s that we always go play around in when we’re downtown (post about the last time we were there).

This place always has the most random stuff and we love it. Anyone else ever try those horse shoe puzzles? A friend of mine had one when I was little so I’ve always known how to get the ring off so I got to impress Christopher with my mad skills. 😉

It was such a great night. So good to just go out and play and take some time for just us and to be mushy gushy and romantic. 🙂 Anywho, I’ve got to run because we have friends coming over any minute now for a puppy playdate! Oreo is waiting ever so patiently at the window as if he knows they are coming, haha! Enjoy your Saturday!


30 responses to “An Artsy Date Night

  1. That is so cute and sweet!! How fun!

  2. The Art District looks so cute!! What a fun date 😀

  3. This sounds like a blast!!! I love dates like this.

  4. SO fun! Glad you are enjoying each other and taking time to relish in that!

  5. How FUN! How cool is that! A Cheetah? Seriously? We’re total homebodies too, but it’s so fun to try new things.

  6. yay for date nights! love the hat you’re wearing. hilarious. 🙂

  7. FUN date night! We tend to get into the homebody rutt too…it seems like we’re never home during the week so we just want to be at home on the weekend, but I have to remember that there’s so much to do OUT 🙂

  8. How sweet of Christopher to surprise you! It looks like you had an exciting night!

  9. I love date night. I think it’s so important for couples to take the time to do something nice and spend some great quality time together. Plus, it’s always fun to dress up.
    You two look like you had an amazing night.

  10. What a blast! Looks like such a fun time…good job, Christopher!

  11. How thoughtful he is!! So cute!

    Also, my grandfather used to have an assortment of those puzzles while we were growing up, but he was the only one who could ever figure them out! I am terrible at them!

  12. What a fun date night! That is just adorable!

  13. Oh how fun!!! Near my house, they do an “art walk” on friday nights, and its kind of like that! Ours is the first Friday of every month… I need to remember to go! (I usually think of it on the second friday of the month… ha)

    Our date nights are often take out + netflix and I’m totally ok with that, but sometimes it IS nice to go out!

  14. Aw, squish!! This is too too lovely 🙂

  15. So fun!! It’s great that he is so creative and loves to surprise you!!

  16. There is a very similar restaurant like that in Champaign! What a wonderful surprise date night!

  17. Your date looks fantastic ~ I can’t even decide on the best-looking part! I love historical anything, and dates… Pretty much all of the above 😉

  18. Wow… What a fun-filled surprise Date night! Great plan Christopher.. 🙂

  19. Looks and sounds like such a fun date night! Love the mystery in the beginning 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. What a great date night! 🙂

  21. Food and art? What a perfect date night!

  22. Aww, what a fun night! Christopher is a stud for planning this date! I love that you rode a trolley into town–how cute!

  23. I love being mushy gushy and romantic! And all of these pictures make me super happy 🙂

  24. oh my goodness you two are absolutely adorable together and look so happy!!! ❤

  25. I love it! How cool that he surprised you for your date night – and what fun things to do!

  26. Wow, this is the cutest idea ever! So cool, and so romantic Christopher took you out on a surprise date! I believe things like that are important to keep the spark glowing. Love it! 😀

  27. So sweet… I love his sweet note for you! I bet it was a fun night…. =)

  28. What a great date! I love everything from the great food to the trolly and the street fun! Good job Christopher!

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