Puppy Play Date

On Saturday we had a puppy play date at our house! Several of our close friends have big dogs so we love giving Oreo a chance to play with someone his own size (and bigger!). Ready for a cuteness overload??

Puppy kisses! There are actually four dogs in this photo – the only shot I got of all four of them together, haha! Penny is the Boxer, Jobin is the black mix in the middle and obviously Oreo is the white and black mix. But notice down in the right corner…? That’s Mabel! She was busy looking out the window when I snapped this one.

See! There’s Mabel! She’s chasing Penny to try and get the ball!

Such sweet faces! I love these pups! I wish I had Mabel in this shot too, but just know that they are all adorable and that they all had a great time! And all the humans had a great time too! We grilled out and enjoyed the sunshine! It was a wonderful day. 


28 responses to “Puppy Play Date

  1. Ahhh so freaking adorable! I Love it!

  2. Love puppy play dates!!! Cooper is so social, he needs them!

  3. Look at all those sweet pups! I love the last picture…so much personality!! 🙂

  4. Awww – loving all the puppy pics – SO cute 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. What cuties pies! I would love to have a house full of pups!

  6. Awww, SO cute! I tried having a puppy date with my boy’s chiwawa mix and my big pit bull. Lol… it was interesting. My dog just wanted to play and sniff and his was having none of that!

  7. OMG, Jobin’s face in the lace picture. LOL! I’m speechless…
    They’re all so cute.

  8. Adorable!! I don’t even like dogs and this has me melting a bit! lol

  9. now this is my kind of playdate!! i want an invite next time 🙂

  10. i love them all! so so so cute!

  11. Squeal!! They are too cute. I love having puppy play dates. Or just visiting the dog park and watching dogs romp around together. 🙂

  12. Oh I LOVE that cute overload on a Monday! puppies are the best!!!

  13. Aw! All of those pups are so cute! Dogs are the best 🙂

  14. OH my goodness how cute are they! So glad you had a fun puppy play date!

  15. Aw so cute! Who doesn’t love puppies?!

  16. Aww they’re too cute!! I need to have a puppy play date at my house. More for me than my dog – I just want to be surrounded with cute little dogs!

  17. Haha.. looks like they had fun!! =)

  18. So cute! I’ve never seen anything like those dogs kissing! What fun!

  19. Oh my goodness, that last picture made my heart melt. 🙂

  20. Isn’t it amazing how much happier animals can make life?! 🙂

  21. So cool that they all love to play together…..so much fun!

  22. So cute, I want a puppy!

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