Caesar’s Pasta {Giveaway!}

Recently, Alex from Ma, What’s for Dinner? contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review some products from Caesar’s Pasta (check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!) and then do a giveaway! Free Italian food that would be ready in minutes? Um, yes please. 🙂

Favorite things about Caesar’s Pasta:

1. Their products are organic and the company cares about sustainability.
2. Their products are gluten free. (They even have some vegan options!)
3. Dinner can be on the table in minutes.
4. It’s ITALIAN! 😀

I decided to serve all the delicious eats on Thursday evening which is when some of my girls come over for dinner and homework so they could help with the review. We had manicotti, lasagna, stuffed shells, gnocci and spinach gnocci. Want to know what my girls’ thought? Check out this short video:

My girls crack me up. I edited out at least 5 minutes of them just laughing at each other while they tried out different accents and goofed around. Love my girls! 🙂

So, after that amazing video I know you are just dying to try out a gift basket of frozen pastas from Caesar’s! Here’s what I need from you:

Go to the Caesar’s Pasta website and pick out the top three pastas you would want to try out! Leave a comment here letting me know which three you’d like best. 

That’s it. 🙂 Simple is how I like it.

EDIT to add: This giveaway is open until Friday, March 16th at 11:59pm at which time I will randomly choose a winner.

And just in case you were wondering… the lasagna was definitely my favorite. 🙂 I recommend it!

31 responses to “Caesar’s Pasta {Giveaway!}

  1. Omg I’m so excited right now!!! Such a cute video lol.
    Ummmm the manicotti, spinach gnocchi, and spinach ravioli are my 3 Favs!
    Awesome giveaway, Rach!

  2. They are precious! I love that Sara couldn’t stop laughing!!

  3. Precious video!
    I would most like to try the Spinach Ravioli, Sausage Ravioli, and the Four Cheese Manicotti!

  4. Oh wow, it looks so good! I’d like the spinach gnocci, potato gnocci and the sausage ravioli! (Can you tell that gnocci is my favorite Italian dish??)


  5. Ahhh I wanna try the Tortellini, the Manicotti, and the Ravioli!

  6. I would love to try the Vegan Spinach Gnocchi, the Veg. Lasagna w/ Marinara Sauce Entree, and the Spinach Ravioli.

    He-he, your girls are so much fun. 🙂

  7. It all sounds yummy but I’d pick the Cheese Ravioli – Large Round, Manicotti in Marinara Sauce, Organic Four Cheese Stuffed Shells. I could easily pick all of them but this works for now! LOL

  8. Hahaha! Love the video! Caesar’s products look AMAZING.

  9. Nice video 😀
    I would like to try the spinach gnocchi, I like spinach

  10. mmmm, definitely the Cheese Lasagna w/ Marinara Sauce Entree, Manicotti w/ Marinara Sauce Entree, and Vegan Spinach Gnocchi (since you said pastas only)

  11. Sounds real exciting to taste!
    Vegan Spinach Gnocchi, vegan lasagna and the meatballs look awesome! 🙂

  12. I would go for the spinach gnocchi, stuffed shells, and lasagna. I’m getting so hungry so late at night… haha

  13. The spinach gnocchi, cheese lasagna, and manicotti would be my selection. I would have picked the potato gnocchi but sticking with the classics doesn’t hurt.

  14. I would like to try the Vegan Spinach Gnocchi, Vegan Potato Gnocchi, and the Four Cheese Ravioli 🙂

  15. what a fun giveaway, i’d love to try these out! the lasagna, spinach gnocchi and stuffed shells would be at the top of my list.

  16. Holy yum! The potato gnocchi, spinach ravioli and sausage ravioli look awesome! I love that they have so many organic/vegan options!

  17. So funny! Love the video?

    It looks so yummy….My family would probably enjoy the Lasagna, Stuffed Shells and Manicotti

  18. They all look so tasty, but I think I’d go with tortellini with cheese, stuffed shells, and the lasagna 🙂

  19. ahh best giveaway ever! id love to try either kind of gnocchi, or the lasagna… i’m half italian so this is a heavenly giveaway! ha!
    thanks rach!

  20. oh man….i’m in my cube doing some illegal blogging and can’t listen to this video because it will blow my cover….MUST watch later! this pizza looks dEEE-lish! 🙂

  21. How do you choose!? Vegan spinach gnocchi, stuffed shells with marinara sauce, organic four cheese stuffed ravioli! This product looks soososo good!

  22. Love it! I’m drooling over the lasagna, spinach gnocci, and the four-cheese manicotti. Can’t go wrong with pasta and cheese. 🙂

  23. Love the video! Too cute!
    They all sound delicious! My top 3 would probably be spinach gnocchi, potato gnocchi, and stuffed shells! YUM!

  24. Yummmmmmm! I love pasta. Gnocchi is my personal favourite. I also love tortellini and ravioli.

  25. Yummy in my tummy!

    1. Potato gnocchi
    2. Tortellini with meat
    3. Caverelli

  26. Hahhaa.. your girls are funny.

    I love everything Italian!! =D Will the giveaway reach my place? haha.. Although it may not, I’d still choose. Mmm..

    1. Organic four cheese stuffed ravioli
    2. Lasagna (my fav)
    3. Stuffed shells

  27. Would love to try the spinach! 🙂

  28. OoOoO this is awesome, and it sounds delish! I’d love to try the spinach gnocchi, lasanga, and stuffed shells. 🙂

  29. I want to try the spinach gnocchi, veg lasagna, and the 4 cheese manicotti!

  30. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I would love to try the Spinach Ravioli, Sausage Ravioli, and the Four Cheese Manicotti

  31. Gnocci, tortellini and ravioli. Great giveaway.

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