Talent Show!!

Normally Thursday nights are dinner & study nights at my house for my girls, but last night their school had a talent show so we decided to go as a group to that instead! Oh my gracious, it was fabulous!

Some of my favorite acts (I have videos of my top two favorites down below)! N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” dance at top left, “For Good” (from Wicked) at the top right, “I Gave You All” (Mumford and Sons) at bottom left and “Loch Lomond” at bottom right. They all did such a good job! I was so proud of them!

A couple of my girls performed as well. They are so very talented. I was so proud of them! Check out this super short video of them:

Carissa is singing, Anna is on guitar and William is playing the piano. Aren’t they great? I was so proud!

And by far, the funniest moment of the night was when a couple of the guys my husband mentors took the stage…

I know you can’t hear much of anything besides the crowd for the first 20 seconds, but just keep watching… it only gets better. Ah, we laughed so hard. Still laughing while watching it again.

My girlies!

 We had a great night! In just a bit I am heading over to a friend’s house to help her set up for Passover tonight. I think there will be 25 or so of us celebrating together tonight and I’m pretty psyched about it! 🙂 Happy Good Friday, friends!


20 responses to “Talent Show!!

  1. What a neat thing that you and your hubby work with those kids. That’s got to be so rewarding!

  2. I always enjoy so much when young kids are performing and using their talents :]
    Especially when you see relatives performing, you become so proud!

  3. That sounds like so much fun!! The videos are awesome! And hysterical hahaha

  4. I love talent shows, they are always great fun! Have fun celebrating passover! 🙂

  5. You should be

  6. Talent shows are so fun! My goodness, I cracked up at the boys bikini song & dance!!

  7. Oh this look s like so much fun!!

  8. Talent shows are always so fun! 🙂 Hope you had a blessed and happy Easter Rachel! xo

  9. This looks like it was so much fun – great pics 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. So awesome. N*SYNC totally takes me back!


  11. Oh gosh that yellow polka dot bikini video is hilarious! That’s something I could totally imagine some of my friends doing. I love talent shows!

  12. What a fun night!! Too cute! 🙂

  13. This totally brings back memories from my high school talent show. So much fun!

  14. It must be so much fun! We used to have a Talent Show of our professors in the uni. It was the most awaited event of the year!

  15. Ahh, I LOVED the Itsy Bitsy Bikini act!! I was literally laughing too! Those boys did a fantastic job–what a fun talent show. Thanks for sharing the videos!

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter, Rach! xoxo ❤

  16. Looks loads of fun, we used to have shows like that at school. Hope you had a lovely Easter!

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