Meatball Sub Sammies & Ballerinas

So I realized today that it has been too long since the last recipe I shared with you guys. Which would make you think that today I am going to share something pretty amazing…

Well, I am. Sort of. It definitely tastes amazing, but it’s not so much a “recipe” as much as it is a “meal idea” haha! Jenny Hobick shared a back-to-school meal idea back in August that Christopher and I love. I’m not normally a huge meat eater, but I have to admit, this is a great (and very quick) little meal for those busy nights.

Meatball Sub Sammies


Leftover meatballs (or even the frozen ones pre-made ones)
Leftover spaghetti sauce (or a jar of your favorite stuff – ours is definitely the Aldi’s brand… SO good!)
1 package hoagie buns
Olive Oil
Provolone cheese, sliced


1. Turn broiler on. Slice buns lengthwise and brush lightly with olive oil. Place under broiler for a minute or two until bread has begun to toast.

2. Meanwhile reheat meatballs and sauce together.

3. Layer cheese and meatballs on top of bread. Toss back in the oven for another minute or so until cheese has melted and then enjoy!

Like I said… not even really a recipe. But oh-so-good! So I just had to share. πŸ™‚

And since I know you are wondering about the title of this post… my goddaughter, Alexia, was in her very first ballet recital! She was precious and did SO well! I was so proud of her!

Aren’t they precious? Alexia is the one on the furthest right. So adorable in their tiaras and tutus! πŸ™‚

16 responses to “Meatball Sub Sammies & Ballerinas

  1. I love Meatball Subs! I haven’t had one in so long!

  2. I used to get meatball subs alllll of the time when I was younger, that needs to come back in my life πŸ™‚

  3. so cute!!! Dance was my favorite thing growing up. All 14 years I took… (I had a tiara and tutu, but it was my junior and senior year in high school…)

  4. I’ve always adored ballerinas.. In fact on my wedding day, before I walked down the aisle, there was a ballet performance. =p Which is quite odd and I love it!

    Nice recipe by the way =)

  5. This sub looks gooooood, I could use meatless meatballs!

  6. I love a good meatball sub with a zesty sauce and gooey cheese…mmm! Delicious!

    The girls are so cute in their tutus!

  7. Looks delicious. My hubby has a pretty good meatball sub recipe. When making up the meatballs, sometimes he mixes Cheez-Itz in the meat mixture.

  8. Just found your blog, it’s awesome! Love the meatball sub idea. And that ballet recital looks adorable!

  9. Those ballerinas are the cutest things in the world!!!!

  10. I miss ballet recitals! So cute ❀ Now I want a meatball sub! You really can't beat'em.

  11. Yay ballet!! I saw some adult classes in Denver the other day. Tempting!!

  12. You can’t go wrong with a meatball sub!

  13. This recipe looks amazing! Meatball subs are one of my favs! πŸ™‚

  14. Rach DonutsMama

    My husband would love those sammies. Those are so easy b/c I always keep homemade meatballs in the freezer for quick spaghetti nights.

  15. Oh my gosh how cute is Alexia!! Flippin’ adorable. I haven’t made meatball subs in awhile but E loves them. Like you, I am not much of a meat eater but he def. is.

  16. Oh i haven’t had a meatball sub in FOREVER!! I think I have a new pregnancy craving!! πŸ™‚

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