Summer Recipe Lovin’

You guys loved the Mason jars filled with lemonade, eh? Well, how about this for a little summer sunshine…

Water tastes just that much better when it is in a cute jar with ice, lemon slices and a pretty striped straw. 😀 Oh! And of course all the better while sitting in an Adirondack chair that my husband built. 🙂

Speaking of summery things… let’s talk about a Caprese Pasta Salad full of ripe red tomatoes, fragrant basil, and fresh mozzarella mixed with pasta and drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette! 😀 Believe me, it is just as delicious as it sounds.


1 lb dried fusilli
2 lb tomatoes (around 6 medium) roughly diced
1/2 lb fresh, water-packed mozzarella, cubed
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 clove garlic, pressed through a garlic press
1/2 tsp mayonnaise
1 tsp kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper
1 packed cup basil leaves, washed, spun dry, and slivered
1/3 cup toasted pine nuts


1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, then add the pasta and cook until just done.

2. Meanwhile, prepare the tomatoes and cheese and put them in a very large bowl. Whisk together the vinegar, olive oil, garlic, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to taste. (The mayo isn’t required for taste, but it will help keep the oil and vinegar from separating.)

3. Drain the hot pasta and shake it dry (don’t rinse it!), then add it to the bowl with cheese and tomatoes. Stir with rubber spatula to combine. Add about half the dressing, and stir again, then fold in the basil and pine nuts. Now taste the pasta, and add more dressing and salt, if it needs it. Serve and enjoy!

And while we are on the topic of easy summer recipes… how about some squash on the (indoor) grill?

This is so simple. You just wash the outside of your squash, slice ’em up, and toss them on the hot grill. Leave them on a few minutes (5-6) and then serve them hot. So delicious!

I have never disliked squash before, but it also hasn’t necessarily been a top favorite vegetable (well, unless covered in cheese and club crackers in squash casserole haha!), but apparently I love it grilled. So delicious!

I just love summer… makes me so happy. And by the way, for those wondering why I talk about summer in April… I consider “summer” to be all warm months. And since I live in Tennessee that means that most of March-October is summer. 😀

One fun thing about warmer weather is that we go to the drive-in in the summer. We went to our first drive-in movie of the year on Monday and we saw… THE HUNGER GAMES! I know, I know… I am the last of the last to finally see this movie, haha! It was wonderful, though. And all the better because we saw it at the drive-in with our friends! 🙂


29 responses to “Summer Recipe Lovin’

  1. Oh my… My favorite salad! The water and chair with the beautiful green lawn in the background has the makings of a wonderful Spring day!

  2. Your hubster made that chair?? Does he do travelin’ requests?

  3. I was already starving, and now this?!?! We whipped out our George Forman last night to make burgers, but I love the idea of doing squash on there. Thanks for the caprese salad recipe!

  4. Just when I thought your blog posts couldn’t get any better, they did. I’ve been LOVING your posts as of late, Girl!!! 🙂 Sigh, now all I want is a rustic chair and a mason jar filled with lemon water…

  5. Your husband made that chair?! I’m so impressed!!!

    I love squash, but particularly butternut and zucchini. Yellow is at the bottom of my favorites, but I DO like it grilled!

  6. I would never think to grill squash! It looks great!!

  7. That squash looks awesome! How creative!! And Christopher seems to be a man of many talents! That is awesome! 🙂

  8. I’m so jealous you have a drive -in…that’s SO cool! All those pics of refreshing summer drinks & food make me wish warmer weather would hurry up 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. What’s better than a drink in a Mason jar, caprese and summer on the way??? And squash on the indoor grill…so smart.

  10. Mmm I love pasta salad. Such a summery dish! Now I want to go have a picnic.

  11. my stomach is mad at me for reading this after i shoved cheerios down it for dinner… now knows other stomachs are WAY better fed 😉 haha that pasta dish looks AMAZE!

  12. It’s so fun that you guys have a drive-in movie theater! My husband and I lived in Georgia for a year, and there was a drive-in movie theater like 30 minutes away so we went there one time and saw a double feature–Taken and one of the Madea movies (a very strange mash-up, to be sure). The only problem was that the theater was only about half a mile away from a paper mill, so if the wind blew in the wrong direction, it would clear out the whole drive-in! P.U.!

  13. That photo is so wonderful and summery, I’m jealous because we’re still months from ‘summer’ in the PNW. But, glad you’re enjoying it!

    PS we haven’t seen the hunger games either and may not for a while since this baby is hopefully coming soon.

  14. I love grilled veggies!! I have been eating a lot of squash lately! YUM!

  15. Shut your face! A drive-in!? I wanna come visit!! 🙂 And I saw hunger games this weekend too! Freaking loved it of course! And grilled squash is on my to make list now.

  16. He did the chair?! Wow! So cool!

    And I wonder why the squash is white? Isn’t it supposed to be a bit orange? I’ve never tried this before.

  17. not sure why i have yet to use the foreman for grilling squash, but it’s GENIUS!

  18. That pasta salad looks delicious! 🙂 I love grilled squash. Yum! I haven’t seen the Hunger Games yet either! I am so behind!

  19. That pasta salad looks so yummy! I especially love the pine nut addition as I am slighlty obsessed with them for some reason!

  20. oh anything caprese is a huge fave!! yum!!

  21. This salad AND the squash look amazing! I love the mason jars..I have so many collected in my cubbord. I need to be on hoarders for mason jar hoarding.

  22. I love pasta salads of all types and sizes! Yummy!

  23. Rach DonutsMama

    I can’t believe it’s almost summertime again. I’m really looking forward to grilling.

  24. love! mason jars just scream summer to me!

  25. E would love that summary pasta recipe you posted. I am insanely jealous of the sunshine happening in your neck of the woods. It has been 50 this past week in Chicago. I’m freezing and soooo over it.

  26. That pasta salad looks awesome and I am going to have to try that squash on my George Foreman! I LOVE grilled squash.

  27. Drive in movie! I have been wanting to go to one since forever. I wish there was one close to Tuscaloosa or Mobile. I need to do some research on this! haha I hope you have a great weekend!

  28. Drive-ins! Dreamy 🙂 I wish we had one nearby.

    Def trying that grilled squash. Always looking for new veggie ideas.

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