That time my head was no longer attached to my body…

I’m turning 25 next month. I still think I’m 21 most of the time, but little reminders keep popping up to tell me that I’m aging. For example, your driver’s license expires on your 25th birthday. So when I got my notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago I knew I needed to take care of it soon before I forgot. Not that I’m the type to forget important things, but let’s just say that once upon a time a certain someone *cough*CHRISTOPHER*cough* forgot to renew his car tags because he put it off when the notice came in the mail and ended up getting pulled over by a cop and having to show up to court and pay a fine. Yeah, so, no putting things off anymore in this family, haha!

So today I went to renew my driver’s license.

Dear friends, learn from my mistake and don’t wear a shirt the same color as the back drop. Because if you do, you will end up with the same strange disembodied head photo that I did…

I have a bright blue shirt that I LOVE because it is in that Tiffany Blue/Turquoise color range that is my absolute favorite. Apparently the background of TN driver’s license photos is also a bright blue… yikes! If you look closely, you can just barely make out my shoulders in the photo. Every time I look at it, I laugh all over again. It really does just look like I have a crazy long neck and no body attached to it… ha!

Oh well, it will expire in 5 years and I can just retake the photo then. You better believe I’ll have an arsenal of shirt color options with me just in case they change the background color! 😉


39 responses to “That time my head was no longer attached to my body…

  1. Haha! At least your picture is gorgeous even if it’s just a floating head!!

  2. hahaha that’s too funny you’d blend in so well! Its a great picture, even if its just of your disembodied head. haha
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. wow, I actually didn’t even notice your disembodied head until you mentioned it… haha that’s hilarious. Even if you’re missing your body, it’s still a great photo. 🙂


  4. Oh, that is precious! I do see the floating head!

  5. Hahaha! That’s pretty funny. I agree with Tia, even missing your body, you’re still a cutie! 🙂

  6. LMAO mine is a 10 year long license. I am just super happy because I had a salon appointment right before so my photo looks decent. Your hair in your photo looks GREAT!

  7. Hahaha for some reason I am dying of laughter over this post!!

  8. Oh no…at least it’s a cute floating head. Haha. And I started forgetting my age when I turned 23…since then I always think I’m a different age than I really am and my husband has to remind me. Why is that? Ah!

  9. Your picture is so pretty! No fair. Haha. I totally would have worn the same colored shirt too. I might have to go get a new one soon, and I am dreading it!

  10. Haha that is pretty hilarious, but you do look gorgeous in the picture Rach!

  11. Haha! I think your picture came out great despite the floating head! 🙂

  12. Lol… and you know, my passport picture was taken just when I was blinking so i am looking like a drunkard or like high, lol…. but anyway it’s good, its making us laugh all the time, right? and laughing is good. 🙂
    you seriously are wayyyyyy too beautiful 🙂 I want to meet with you one day!

  13. omg, this is too funny – I’m so glad you are able to laugh about it & be in good spirit, you are still as beautiful as ever in the picture, crazy neck & all!

  14. haha this makes me laugh. At least it’s a good picture of you!

  15. That is funny!!

  16. that photo is hysterical. but you look gorgeous anyways, girl!

  17. Haha. I agree with the others at least its a good picture! In Alabama we have to sign the front of our license on one of those credit card/delivery sign things. You can’t see what it looks like until its printed. I accidently put too many t’s in my name so it appeared Britttany…

  18. that’s crazy!! you look so pretty though!

  19. Hehehe. I still think you look gorgeous, no matter how long your neck “appears.” 😉

  20. I think you have one of the prettiest drivers liscense in history. Great tip about the background though haha

  21. LOL This is great!

  22. ittybitsofbalance

    Haha, oh my goodness that is PRICELESS! I personally think the body-less neck look is a good one for you 😉

  23. Still such a great shot of you, Rachel…wait, is there ever a bad one?! 🙂

  24. Mine looks like a mug shot!

  25. LOL too funny!! I just had my license picture retaken yesterday for my 20th b-day!

  26. I keep looking at it and laughing as well. Gorgeous picture of course but you are kind-of floating hahaha.

  27. You’re a ghost! 🙂

  28. hahaha, what are the chances that the background would be the same color as your shirt! Weird! My picture actually looks like I am naked in it! I was wearing a tank top that my hair covered the straps of and the photo cut off above the top of the shirt. Awesome, I know. What day is your birthday? I’m July 6 and become a quarter century too!

    • Hahahaha! Oh gracious, that’s terrible! I mean, very very funny, but terrible too. Oh well, at least it makes a great story, haha! My birthday is July 30th! You can let me know how it feels to be 25 so I can prepare myself. 😉

  29. Oh, I guess I can see on your license that your birthdya is the 30th, haha

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  31. Hahaha oh my goodness your shirt does blend perfectly! But I have to agree with everyone else that you still look gorgeous!

  32. ok i was in process of reading the jamacian stew post but had to come read this instead….and it’s totally ok that your head is disembodied because you have ROCKSTAR hair in this pic. when i got my GA license….i woke up at 6am on a saturday, showered, wore the perfect outfit….and my license picture skims my eyebrows and chin….it’s real attractive 😉

  33. That’s the best driver’s license I’ve ever seen.

  34. Bawahahahahah!!!!! I totally needed that laugh! 🙂 (And that is totally something that would happen to me). But I must say, that you are still drop-dead gorgeous in that photo!

  35. I had to dig back into your archives to find this post…but I went to get my TN driver’s license today and I remembered reading about this way back when! And I made certain not to wear a turquoise shirt! But the woman who took my picture really zoomed it in, so my shoulders aren’t even visible anyway. You can barely see any blue in the picture, so I didn’t even need to worry!

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