Taco Salad

One of the best things about taco salad is that it is SO kid friendly. Or really just “picky eater” friendly. For example, when I make taco salad for my teen girls, I have some girls who will just eat chips, meat, and cheese. Others who eat everything. Others who just do lettuce, meat, and salsa. And of course all different combinations. That’s what is great about making your own taco salad. You don’t have to worry about picking out the stuff you don’t like. 🙂 So with that, I give you… TACO SALAD! 🙂

Taco Salad


1 lb lean ground beef
2/3 cup water
1 tbsp chili powder
¼ tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp onion powder
1/8 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
¼ tsp oregano
½ tsp paprika
1 ½ tsp cumin
½ tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper

Optional Items:
Lettuce, shredded
Tomato, chopped
Cheese, shredded
Sour Cream
Cheese Dip
Refried Beans
Black Beans


1. Brown ground beef in skillet over medium-high heat until crumbled and cooked through. While meat is cooking, mix all seasonings together in small bowl and set aside. When meat is finished, drain fat and use paper towels to absorb excess fat from meat. Put meat back in skillet and add 2/3 cup water and add mixed seasonings. Bring to boil then turn down to simmer for 20 minutes.

2. Layer items according to your preference and enjoy a tasty meal!

In other news… last night Christopher and I were in a baking mood so we made pumpkin scones for ourselves and our next door neighbor and pumpkin doggy treats for Oreo. 🙂

Oreo waiting patiently for his treat!



27 responses to “Taco Salad

  1. Oh my goodness, I love taco salad! It’s so yummy and adaptable!! 😀


  2. Oh yum. And that picture of your dog is simply the cutest! What a good doggy. 🙂

  3. I love Taco Salad! =D
    Oreo’s so cute! haha..

  4. Taco salad is one of my staple meals!

  5. I just posted practically the same thing! lol Great minds must think alike 😀

  6. I loveeeee taco salads..love love love!!! This one looks so good. Yay for puppy treats!

  7. Cute pic of Oreo! And taco salads are delicious 🙂

  8. I love taco salads. Mexican food is my favorite. 🙂 Oreo is so cute! I love the puppy treats. I think I might try the recipe for the bones for my family dog.

  9. Taco salads has to be one of my favorite things to eat! You can never go wrong with them!!

  10. Oreo is such a good little pup! I love how he’s waiting so patiently!

  11. I still need to make those pumpkin dog treats for Louie. He was so well-behaved on his walk at lunch today that I could just spoil him with millions of dog treats! And that taco salad looks like a healthy version of one of my favorite foods 🙂 tacos. Hope you’re having a good week!

  12. taco salads are a great idea for a team dinner, everyone can create their taco salad with whatever ingredients they like. i am having few friends over on friday for a make your own pizza night

  13. This is goofy, but I’ve never had taco salad! I’ve only ever had tacos LOL! I like everything on them though 😉

  14. YUM…taco salad is the only way to eat salad in my book 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. That photo of the cookie with your dog is BEST.

  16. I love taco salad! I want to try this one!

  17. I love that last photo! so cute! I will have to make those for Cruz!!

  18. Hehe I bet Oreo was happy! Send some pumpkin scones my way while you are at it!!

  19. LOVE your fun nail-polish! 🙂 And I definitely love that you make your own taco seasoning! I can’t wait to try this!!

  20. My husband is a super picky eater (he hates almost all veggies! so sad for me haha) and i think you just gave me a great idea! lol and cuuuute dog.

  21. baking your own pumpkin dog treats!? that’s funny!! did he like them??

    The taco salad is always a favorite of mine!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  22. OMG your dog is absolutely precious!!!! He put a HUGE smile on my face! I’m sure he does the same for you 🙂
    xoxo Darby

    Obviously Obsessed 

  23. My boyfriend thanks you for dinner, and my puppy thanks you for the treats!! ❤ you lady!!

  24. You’re so right – taco salad is PERFECT for a crowd! I love meals like that where everybody ends happy :-). Happy Thursday friend!

  25. taco salad is my fave! and it’s a fave with my husband too so that’s helpful!

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