Visiting My Girls :)

You guys know I talk about “my girls” all the time and usually I’m talking about the current group I’m mentoring, but I’ve actually been working with teen girls for a long time – like since I was a teen girl myself, haha! Eight years of mentoring precious souls. Which means even my youngest girls from so many years ago are now college students. Hard to believe! Anyway, this weekend I went to visit a group of my girls at college!

I’ve known Kylie (in blue polka dot cardigan) and Graye (with the scarf) since they were 12 and now they are both engaged! Also in blue polka dots (on my other side) is Carlee… a few of you may actually know her. She used to blog over at Snack Girl Goes Healthy. She and I found that we had a lot in common and developed a pretty amazing friendship which is still going strong 2 years later. 🙂

I also got to see Madi who I’ve known since she was in 7th grade. Now she’s a college sophomore working on her nursing degree. 🙂

Over the weekend I also got to see Rachel, Madison, Sarah, Abby and Emily all of whom I’ve known for years (Emily since she was itty bitty!). Totally failed on the photo front, haha! Next time for sure. 🙂 I love all my girls so much and I am so thankful I got to see them! I spent a good chunk of the weekend with Carlee and she got this precious shot which she put on Facebook which I promptly stole to put here! 😀

Carlee and I!

Love. Her. 🙂

The weekend was such a blessing, but like always – it was good to come home. Oreo definitely thought so…

Oreo in the car, ready to go home! 🙂 


22 responses to “Visiting My Girls :)

  1. Ahhh such pretty and sweet girls! Oh and that pic of you and Madi MUST have been taken by a really expert photographer!

    But for real…so honored to finally make it on here! and I’m so glad you are in my life! (:

  2. Your pup is just precious.

  3. That is SO cool how you’ve kept up all these relationships! You’re such an amazing person, Rach, and you’re spreading your love everywhere you ho!

  4. Awww love this it’s just so great how you have kept up with those relationships 🙂 You ladies are gorgeous!

  5. Haha.. Oreo! So cute!

    You seem to have had a great time with the girls! =)

  6. Aw, love this! You are beautiful and your dog is adorable!

  7. you are such a blessing and a light, Rach!!! Beautiful pictures, and you all are beautiful women! 🙂

  8. How nice that you go and see the girls you mentored. I wish I would have had a strong Christian girl like you in my life–right at that tender age!!

    Love the picture of Oreo 🙂

  9. The connections you have made with these girls is amazing!! You are all so lucky to have each other!

  10. You are so awesome!! Those girls are lucky to have you in their lives.

  11. Oreo is such a cutie!!!!! Awwwa!!!! How fun that you got to visit the girls! I’m sure they really appreciated it!

  12. your hair is getting SO LONG! I am actually about to chop mine off b/c it’s making me crazy!

  13. All of you ladies are precious! So glad you got to spend some time with all of them…I mean you can’t be that much older than them, right….you all look the same age! I bet Oreo missed you!!

  14. I’m glad you got time with your girlfriends! what beautiful pictures!

  15. what a sweet post! girl time is the best!! 🙂

  16. I’m glad you post about “your girls” all the time! I used to be a sponsor in the youth group at my church years ago, but then got married and moved away and I haven’t helped out with any youth groups since. You’re really making me want to get back into it! I hope I can find a new church with a youth group so that I can help mentor teens again!

  17. great friendships you have created here and now you get to share in their excitement of engagements and wedding and seeing them grow up since you have known them since they were 12. how cool!

  18. Aw…such cute photos! And Oreo is SO freakin’ adorable 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  19. You and your girls are glowing! You’re so blessed to have such wonderful friendships with these lovely ladies. Girl time is truly the best. ❤ xoxo

  20. Oreo looks tuckered out 😉 It’s so great that you have such strong relationships with these lovely ladies!

  21. Ohhhh my goodness, Oreo is to die for! I have a blue nose pit and he’s the sweetest ever, so i have a soft spot in my heart for pitbulls 🙂

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