Signs of Fall

It seems like everyone loves Fall. I have to admit… it’s not my most favorite time of year. You see, I am not a fan of the cold. At all. I love the holidays and anyone who knows me knows that I go all out for Christmas (hello 6 Christmas trees, haha!), but come January-March… yikes! So while Fall isn’t bitterly cold like the dreaded January-March,  there is  just something about it that signals the end of my beloved Summer that always makes me just a little sad. Granted, I live in Tennessee and it was 80 degrees still last week so I really can’t complain too much. 😉

Anyway, I have definitely been in denial about Fall’s arrival (thank you 80 degree weather, haha) but after a cold front came in this weekend it is officially undeniable. So I finally packed up my summer clothes, brought out the winter wear, and began decorating the house for Fall. 🙂 On the bright side, Fall’s arrival means that the HOLIDAYS are coming! 😀

Today’s brisk weather (anything below 70 is COLD to me, haha!). At least it will be sunny! 🙂

Oreo is like me when it comes to the cold weather – he doesn’t like it! So when I pulled the space heater out this weekend he made himself comfortable right in front of it (just like every winter). Which is pretty much where he will be until April. 😉

Autumn scented candles… oh lovely. Every time I find a “spiced” scented candle on a really good sale I’ll buy it and save it for this time of year. I just love the way they smell!

Every October, Christopher and a bunch of his guy friends (12 this year) go on a camping trip that they call “Porktober Fest”. They call it that because they take a whole hog to roast and that’s what they eat all weekend long. It definitely rained and hailed on them, but they had a great time despite it all. And while I did miss my sweet husband, my girlfriends (all the wives) partied together in a warm, dry house with delicious food. 🙂 I’m pretty sure we got the better end of the deal. 😉

Remember when I said that I was buying a bottle of Skinny Cinnamon Dolce? I definitely did! And now I can drink my decaf skinny cinnamon dolce latte with almond milk at home on the cheap! And for the record, I haven’t used half the syrup in 3 days… Whitney and I decided to split it since neither of us needed a huge full bottle. She was so excited when I told her that we could have it at home:

Like I said… we were REALLY excited about it, haha! [ps. TND is Tuesday Night Dinner which is a weekly occurence for our group of friends]

So excuse me for a moment while I go finish the rest of my homemade latte. Enjoy your Wednesday, friends! 🙂



32 responses to “Signs of Fall

  1. i am so with you! i think i just love the idea of fall… and i also love the holidays, but i hate the cold weather!
    omg oreo is so cute! i would be right there with him 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you! I like the holidays, candles, baking, hot coffee or cocoa and snuggling in a blanket while it’s cold outside…but I do not like the cold. I’m sad summer is over… I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, though!

    I think one of the main things I dislike about fall/winter, is it staying dark later, and getting dark earlier. There’s just something wrong about waking up before the sun is out…


  3. We’re opposites in this respect, for sure! I LOVE, love, love the fall and winter for the chilly weather. I even love spring, but summer’s heat? No thank you! Happy that you’re embracing it nonetheless, Rachel!

  4. Oh how cool!!!! I want some of that syrup! Sometimes they sell them at World Market (at least, the ones near me, although I think its the Toranti brand or whatever.) Either way, delish!

  5. I wish it would stay fall or spring weather forever!!! I don’t like to be too hot and I hate being too cold. I love the in between minus all my stupid allergies that come with spring and fall haha. I just can’t love Louisiana summers 🙂

  6. The cold weather hit hard here too – for the past two days its only been in the 40s…not liking it at all haha

  7. pretttty positive that you girls got the way better end of the porktober fest!
    and can i just say, I am uber jealous that you have TND! All my girlfriends live too far away to do a weekly get together. I’m gonna have to start tracking down some local ladies!

  8. Oreo is cute! When the space heater comes out at my parents you will always see at least 1 cat and 1 dog sitting in front of it at all times. One time I remember when I was little we had to make Stretch (our fluffiest cat) move because his hair started smelling like it was burning…

  9. LOVE those candles!! I love fall scents. I just bought one but i need to go buy more. AND UH that dolce syrup?? YUMM!

  10. Awesome! glad you guys got the bottle together! What do you use to froth your milk so that it’s like a latte? I really need to start making my lattes at home…

  11. GAH I LOVE FALL, but I can agree on the cold. Washington gets reallllly cold..I’m talking below freezing. Awesome latte syrup!

  12. i am obsessed with fall candles! 🙂

  13. I’m a summer girl, but this fall is actually fun for me!

  14. I LOVE fall, but it turns into winter way too fast in Canada…today it was actually snowing. Love the picture of your dog in front of the heater…so cute haha!

  15. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    What a brilliant idea to pick up the Starbucks syrup on your own! I’m a huge fan of their lattes, but don’t even have the espresso machine to start making them on my own time. Maybe that’s an investment that I should consider making too

    and the next step, of course, will be the pumpkin syrup 😀

  16. I love fall! The picture of Oreo in front of the space heater is too cute. I do the same exact thing all through the fall and winter! It’s my favorite. 🙂 That syrup sounds so good! I love the idea of making your own fancy coffee drinks at home for cheap.

  17. Aww, fall can make me a little sad too! I get excited for the holidays but man… January-March is rough! So chilly in Pittsburgh (like 20’s and 30’s!!!) but oh well!

    I’m going to have to try that syrup some time because I love coffee syrup in iced coffee 🙂

  18. oh my gosh, i didn’t know you could buy the syrup…this could mean HUGE trouble for me! ha.
    And i LOVE the cold, but i totally understand what you’re saying. Our heater broke last fall and it cold COLD and we didn’t get it replaced for about 2 months. SO we lived off of fires. ha. THANKFULLY i had a fire place that sat in the middle of the house!

  19. YUM. I love cinnamon dulce.
    And would you be able to get in a Christmas-y mood if it was hot outside? I don’t think i could–part of the reason I love cold weather is cuz it makes me feel festive haha. But then, cold weather in Texas is even less cold than cold weather in Tennessee 😛

  20. Uh here in UK also cold now and actually right now I am enjoying it cause I lived like 4 years in a “desert” climate.. its so refreshing and beautiful to see colorful leaves… 🙂

  21. LOL! The heater and the pup is priceless. The weather keeps messing with my mind here in Texas. It was in the 40s on Sunday and now we are in the mid 80s. Driving me nuts!

  22. I definitely think you got the better deal! that sounds like so much fun! and I still need to change out my winter and summer clothes! I hate doing that!

  23. My SIL has about 6 trees she puts up every year as well. She LOVES Christmas!! Your dog in front of the heater is down right hilarious! I consider anything under 75 cold! I live fall but really wish it would stay pleasant at 77-82…not asking much there. haha
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  24. Aw I hate the cold too! And snow is only fun through New Years Eve… then I’m ready for flip flops and the shore 🙂 6 TREES!!!? I knew you were awesome before, but now you’re off the charts! My parents used to have a Christmas Tree Farm… think of all those trees 🙂 I love them all!

    ps. where do you usually shop for decorating all those trees?

    • A Christmas tree FARM?! That’s brilliant! There would be SO MANY trees! I love it! Christopher wants to plant a row of Christmas trees in our backyard so we can have our own little winter wonderland. We have one on the side of our house already! Maybe someday. 🙂 As for decorating, I always shop the after Christmas sales to stock up on cute ornaments. In fact, two of the trees we have are from after Christmas sales! 🙂

  25. Love the picture of the pup in front of the heater…too funny!

  26. Haha you are so darn cute. Glad you got your cinnamon dolce. ps. I think porktoberfest is an awesome name for the camping trip!

  27. I get a 30% discount on all that stuff lol but I like my coffee black, enjoy your homemade lattes!!

  28. Also I love fall but the cold is quite possibly my worst enemy, how I have survived almost 20 years in New England ill never know

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