A Beautiful Day for a Hike!

The temps went from 60s to 80s in a matter of two days so this weekend we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go hiking at Shelby Farms!

So pretty!

Oh you know, just baskin’ in the sunshine!

Isn’t this little bridge cute?

Taking a break to just enjoy the beauty

Me and the pups!

The gorgeous view from where we were sitting

We are one very happy, very smiley family! 😀

Oreo was definitely worn out by the end of the hike! 🙂

Love a good walk through the woods. Now I’m ready to go again! 🙂


27 responses to “A Beautiful Day for a Hike!

  1. I love that you can see that beautiful sky in your sunglasses! Looks like a fun day!

  2. Ahh I love when you post on the weekends – it’s like an unexpected treat!! This park looks beautiful – I love the picture where it’s reflected in your sunglasses and you can tell even Oreo is smiling!! Where is this trail at?

  3. it was a beautiful day here as well, I can’t get over this sunny, warm fall weather. … I LOVE that family photo of you three, just too cute. Oreo looks like he has a bunch of fun loving energy – too cute!

  4. The weather went from 60s to 80s here too… I hope it cools off again soon. I was enjoying wearing my scarves and boots! The sky looks gorgeous in your sunglasses!

  5. These are great pictures! I looove the first one of Oreo! The weather warmed up here too! It’s lovely 🙂

  6. So beautiful!! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!


  7. that picture of your dog needs to be submitted into a contest! that is adorable!

  8. Gorgeous photos, looks like a great day for a hike! Thanks for sharing!

    I appreciate your nice comment on my blog.

  9. I’m so jealous of your warm weather!! If you feel like sending some my way, I wouldn’t mind one bit. Those are some adorable family pictures!!

  10. I LOVE hiking! 🙂

  11. These pictures are adorable!! I lovee that pooch I just can’t get over it gahh!!

  12. Beautiful pictures! Looks like such a fun day 🙂

  13. loving the pictures! and i love how vibrant the colors reflected in your sunglasses! the weather in NY has been crazzzy. woke up on saturday and it was a super chilly 25 degrees, yet yesterday i was warm enough to go golfing in a t-shirt!

  14. Aww how beautiful are these pictures! I am jealous of your warm weather… it is getting too chilly here already!

  15. Every time I see pictures of all the cute things you do with Oreo (setting up play dates for him, baking him treats, now HIKING), I want a dog too!

  16. Awww i love this! Made me smile a bunch.

  17. Beautiful pictures!
    your dog is SO CUTE!

  18. Oreo is so cute! I wish we could take Bella, but she is insane! haha

  19. i love the pic of you two and your cute dog. the reflection in both your sunglasses just makes the picture looks awesome!

  20. What a sweet way to spend the day. Love the family portrait!

  21. really does look like you all had a wonderful time. and i love your dog’s name. clever!

  22. Such gorgeous pictures! You, your man and your cute furbaby are a beautiful family!

  23. Great pictures!! I love to hike!

  24. Hey Rach, missed reading your blog. How come it\’s still so warm out there?? It looks like summer!

  25. I agree. Very happy and most definitely gorgeous family ❤

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