A very early holiday dinner!

A little over a year ago, a young family bought the house in our cove. Tony & Rachel with kiddos Elizabeth, Judah, Rivers and Amos (she was pregnant when they moved in, Amos was born this year). They quickly became some of our best friends and we have been so blessed to have them as neighbors! Sadly, they are about to move far far away (13 hours!). We’re excited for them because this is going to be so good for their family, but so sad to see them go. Anyway, since they will be moving before Thanksgiving and Christmas… we decided to have a holiday meal together!

The table and the tree! 🙂

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese and rolls! Why, yes, we somehow managed to have a meal of foods all the same color, haha! Also, please note the mix of Thanksgiving/Christmas decor. 😉

One of the other young couples in our neighborhood (Stephanie and Tim) have also become really good friends with this family so Stephanie and I made this ornament for them. It has their address on one side with a “we love you” note and our signatures. Just a little reminder of the best neighbors ever! 🙂 And Rachel surprised both Stephanie and I with platters that she made for us! She is so talented!

Stephanie with Santa Elizabeth and Judah! Stephanie and Tim are also wonderful neighbors! We are really just blessed all around. 🙂

Santa Elizabeth again! And me with Judah and Christopher with Elizabeth. I am going to miss these sweet sweet kiddos!

The best neighbors ever! Christopher and I with Elizabeth, Tony with Amos, Rachel with Rivers and Stephanie with Judah. Tim couldn’t be there because of work, but he was definitely there in spirit! 🙂

We will miss them so much, but are also really excited for them as they start this new chapter of life!



31 responses to “A very early holiday dinner!

  1. Never too early to start celebrating 😉 It’s always sad saying good bye!!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! It’s always sad when friends move away…but when we know that it will be better for them, it helps make things a bit easier. 🙂

    I love your Christmas/Thanksgiving decor! haha


  3. What a wonderful celebration of community and friendship … so sweet, Rachel. I’m sorry they’re leaving your ‘hood!

  4. That is so sweet that y’all had an early thanksgiving and Christmas together! I know it must be hard to let them go.

  5. So sad to lose neighbors. I had that a few years ago, and it was definitely difficult. Make sure to keep in touch!

  6. that is sad that they are leaving! it’s hard that life changes sometimes! this post makes me excited for the holidays though!

  7. That is a great idea to have an early holiday dinner 🙂

  8. That is so fun that y’all had a Thanksgiving/Christmas meal together before they moved. It is sad though!

  9. Sorry to hear that they’re moving, but I’m glad that you got in one last big celebration before they fly the coup! We haven’t really bonded with any of our neighbors like that, even though most of them are couples that are our age.

  10. That was so sweet of you all to celebrate with them. How fun!! Sounds like you really have been blessed with some great neighbors!!!

  11. so sweet. awesome that you celebrated early!! 🙂

  12. How sweet that you guys had a nice pre-holiday meal before your friends moved. I bet you all had such a fun night with their kiddos!!

  13. love this so much! AND you put a tree up! i am having friendsgiving with my friends this saturday and this makes me so excited for it!

  14. Aww.. they will surely be missed. =)

  15. Oh gosh, this post is just making me WAY too excited for the holiday season!!! Eeee! 🙂
    xo TJ

  16. Aw, look at all the gorgeous kiddies! Once day I’ll understand the mac n cheese thing 😛

  17. this is SO precious. neighbors often become a part of your family and are always a blessing to have – it’s so sad to see them go, but I’m glad you are able to find comfort in knowing they are doing what is best for their family.

  18. I love that you all did this. What great friends and neighbors you have. I’m sure you’ll always remain close!

  19. I’m glad you got to spend the holidays with them! Isn’t it wonderful to have great neighbors?

  20. Aw! That is so nice that you were able to celebrate the holidays with your neighbors before they move. I think it’s great that you have such a good relationship with your neighbors. 🙂

  21. It’s great that you’re actually friends with your neighbors! I’ve always wanted that, but I was only REALLY friends with our neighbors at one apartment complex, and that was because we referred our friends when they were apartment shopping and they moved in (and that doesn’t really count, does it?). I hope you get some new neighbors who are just as friendly! 😀

  22. I love this!! Such a great idea and what an awesome way to show your love. 🙂

  23. What a fun idea to celebrate the holidays before they move. That is always so sad when good friends move away!


  24. Awe, this is so sweet!! Sorry you had to say goodbye to them…but now you guys have a place to go and visit! 😉

  25. Friend, YOU are beautiful. You look so sweet holding those kiddos. I’m so sorry you are saying goodbye to them as they move away!

  26. Awww! I love this and it’s too sweet.

  27. These pictures put me in such a Christmas-y,festive mood! And that’s hard to do considering it’s 80 something degrees in Texas today (you would love it!)

  28. Such a blessing to have such amazing neighbors! I hope that another great couple moves in there. We don’t really know any of our neighbors and it is so sad!

  29. Lovely… ❤ you guys are indeed blessed and it's going to be tough to see them go!! but looks like you had a good time together! 🙂 and such a wonderful platter that is!

  30. How special. What a fun night.

  31. Oh my goodness could Santa Elizabeth be anymore precious?! Too cute!

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