A night spent with some of the people I love best

Heads up, this post will go from sad to silly to thoughtful really quickly. I’m kind of all over the place right now.

This morning 2 police officers were shot in my city, 22 children and 1 adult were injured by a man wielding a knife in my old home country, and 20 children and 6 adults were murdered by a man in CT. I have spent much of today grieving the loss of lives I have never known. Tonight I was surrounded with some of the people I love best and I am thankful for the time we have together. My heart and prayers truly go out to those who grieve the loss of loved ones this Christmas season.

friendsBlessed to have friends like these 🙂

DSC_0380Twas the week before Christmas and right in our house, four men were snuggled together on a couch. The snickerdoodles were nibbled by Matthew with care which Jacob hoped he would soon share. Tony was nestled all snug by Christopher’s head while visions of Santa Claus danced in their heads…

lil onesLove those sweet little ones

Yesterday I talked about how sometimes life happens and things are hard, but that life moves on. I talked about how important it is to be surrounded with people who can just be there for you. I was talking about the previous night when I wrote that, but it is so true for today as well. Today was a day full of tragedy and grief and yet it ended surrounded with people I love and for that I am grateful.
Love Rach


17 responses to “A night spent with some of the people I love best

  1. I woke up so sad this morning, but you are right. We need to surround ourselves with people who will encourage us, love us and lift us up when we are sad. I’m glad you had those people with you last night!

  2. I love the guys all under the blanket. My heart was and is so heavy for those poor families. I just can’t imagine what they are feeling. Hugs to you my beautiful blogger friend.

  3. Such a horrendous thing. I spent the day speechless and in tears half the time. I cant even imagine what those families think now when they look under their trees at the presents their children will never be able to open.

  4. I have to constantly remind myself that the blessings always trump the heartaches – even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

  5. It’s hard to remember the good things in life when you see things like we’ve seen the past few days, but you’re right.

  6. I am so very thankful for the people in my life. I loved your Santa poem ;).

  7. Well said, my dear friend!

  8. I love the picture of the guys under the blanket! 🙂 I have no words for the tragedy that happened on Friday. Every time I see the president addressing the families on TV, my heart goes out to him, too. What do you say to people when something like that happens?

  9. I love the guys under the blanket picture! 🙂 I am still in shock by the events that happened on Friday. It is so horrible.

  10. What a weekend, huh, love? We are so blessed to have those we love around us. My cup runneth over. xo

  11. my family was all together for my sister’s wedding, so it was very fitting for the weekend, and needed

  12. Well said and very clever!

  13. I have been so sad over everything going on as well. it seems as if the world has gone crazy. so glad that you could be with loved ones on such a hard weekend.


  14. So so sad about all of the tragedies of this past weekend 😦 Glad you got to spend some good quality time with loved ones. Praying that for every life lost, countless more get saved.

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  16. We are all feeling grief over victims and families that we will never know. We must never forget them. Loved ones make us all feel stronger ❤

  17. <3…times like these remind us to enjoy the small beautiful moments we are blessed with.

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