Daisy Duke, the foster pup!

So I introduced you guys to Daisy Duke on Saturday, but after looking through the photos from this weekend, I decided that you guys REALLY need to see some more shots of her precious little face. 😀

daisyd snoozeI mean, c’mon, look at that little girl… too cute!

daisyd and oreo She was like a mini version of Oreo!

daisyd and oreo2Apparently I have a thing for black and white dogs (note: Jasper, the previous foster pup, was also black and white). Add in floppy ears and I’m sold! 😉

daisydCheck out those floppy ears! Love ’em!

In other news, the beef stew and homemade bread that I referenced last week were delicious. So I will share those recipes with you as soon as I get a chance to type them up. 🙂 

And in final other news… I am linking up with Michelle over at This Little Light today for her Much Ado Monday link-up. If your update today is family friendly, you should hop over there and link up as well! 🙂
Love Rach



19 responses to “Daisy Duke, the foster pup!

  1. oh my gosh, SO PRECIOUS! I just want to squeeze both of their faces! 🙂
    And i can’t wait to hear about the beef stew…yummmmmm

  2. I love it!! Drew and I were just at the SPCA dropping some donations off and talked about how we want to foster a dog this summer!! How did you get started?

    • I actually first got into working with rescues when I started volunteering at our local Humane Shelter a couple of years ago. We ended up adopting one of the dogs I worked with (which is how we have Oreo), haha! Then I changed jobs and got super busy so I didn’t volunteer as much. Then we heard about this other local organization that will allow any approved individual to foster for as long or as little as they want! [to be approved, you fill out an application and have to prove that your current pet – if you have one – is non aggressive and up to date with shots]. They provide food, kennel, vet costs, etc. All you do, is let the pup live with you and make sure to take the dog to the adoption sites on the weekends that you can. They really are super flexible and work around our schedule which has been wonderful. I hope you guys find the perfect fit for this summer! It will be so fun to have a dog around! 🙂

  3. Awww, Daisy Duke is very, very cute! I love that Oreo gets along with other foster pups, what a good boy!

  4. Awe they are so sweet together!!!

  5. Seriously SO CUTE! I think our dog would love a friend.


  6. Aw- too sweet, but then I’m mush when it comes to dogs…thanks for stopping by Ladies Holiday- and so glad I clicked over here! Can’t wait to read more on your blog. Cheers 🙂

  7. Carley @OptimisticHealth

    So cute! I’d be such a sucker for that face.

  8. It is so cute that you guys are always fostering dogs! Justin wants to get a husky, and huskies are pretty but they make me kind of nervous, so I suggested that we foster a rescue husky sometime to try it out first. 🙂

  9. Wowza, she is cute! I think it is so awesome that you foster puppies! I would not be able to foster without adopting. They tug at my heartstrings!

  10. Ohhhh my goodness!!! The two of them staring out the window together. TOO much cuteness!

  11. Little Daisy Duke is so cute!

  12. Love love love those faces!!!

  13. Awwww! Daisy Duke is adorable! I love her name 🙂

  14. Sooo adorable! A new pup is truly a joy, but a lot of hard work. Good baby practice I guess, haha!

  15. She is SO cute and I love the name!

  16. Daisy is very, very cute! I wish we had a house so that we could foster dogs. I would definitely on board for that if we had the space and hard.

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