This Place I Live

For those who don’t know… I live in Memphis. And I love it.


We moved here four and half years ago right after we graduated college and got married. We came for grad school and then just never left, haha! We got involved with church and community and career and friends and service and somewhere along the way we fell in love with this city. There have certainly been times when living in Memphis has been a little scary. When we first moved here in 2008, Memphis was ranked #2 for most violent crimes just after Detroit. As of this year we’ve dropped to 5th highest violent crime rate which is actually pretty great in comparison. πŸ˜‰

memphis{source}Β [yes, we have a pyramid… I mean, we are in Memphis after all!]

High crime rates tend to go hand-in-hand with poor education which is certainly the case here. But because of that, the opportunities to serve and love people are endless! Before we got married, Christopher and I talked about moving to the mission field someday and in some ways… living in Memphis feels like living on the mission field.Β Don’t read this and think that I wear kevlar to the grocery store and walk around fearful for my life every day. Most of the crime here is localized in very specific areas and we don’t live in one of those neighborhoods. Not to say that we haven’t talked about moving into one to better be able to serve on the “front lines” so to speak, but for now, we still live in a very safe neighborhood.


But there is SO much to love about Memphis. We have a history of great musicians, a thriving arts scene, one of the best zoos in the country, farmers’ markets, great thrift store shopping, St Jude’s Children Hospital, Shelby Farms, Caritas Village, festivals all throughout the year, and some of the most amazing food…

I mean, I’m probably biased because I love Memphis so much, but it truly is amazing how many great places there are to eat here. We’re famous for ourΒ barbecue but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more! Just a few weeks ago I sorted through over 600 local restaurants via Urbanspoon, Yelp, Google reviews, TripAdvisor, and just asking our friends here. I have now compiled a master list of 103 restaurants that I have not yet visited here in the Memphis area. I’m sure the list will grow over time, but it’s a good starting place. We seldom eat out and if we do, we tend to go to our favorite tried-and-true places, but this is going to push us out of our comfort zones and I’m all kinds of excited about it! You can be sure that I will be sharing each experience with you guys!Β I am excited to share more with you guys about this place we call home! πŸ™‚


Walkin’ in Memphis
Walkin’ with my feet ten feet off of Beale
Walkin’ in Memphis
But do I really feel the way I feel
They’ve got catfish on the table
They’ve got gospel in the air
And Reverend Green be glad to see you
When you haven’t got a prayer
But boy you’ve got a prayer in Memphis

Love Rach


29 responses to “This Place I Live

  1. I love the ‘Walkin’ in Memphis’ song and started singing it to myself when I saw the word at the top of the post. I’ve wanted to visit the city for years. Mainly because of that song but now thanks to the food options as well!

  2. I have never been to Memphis, but LOVE Tennessee! I went to the Tremont Institute with school and our Choir Tour went there from my church. Memphis looks amazing!

  3. I truly hope that someday, I’ll find myself there… just so I can visit you! πŸ™‚

  4. Of course, the fact that your favorite Mom calls Memphis home helps too–doesn’t it?

  5. I have never ventured to Memphis, but I’m so glad you love it! I love finding and trying out new places in Cincinnati so I’m excited to hear about your adventures in Memphis!

  6. I think it’s awesome that you’ve found a place where God can really use you and Christopher! πŸ™‚

  7. Memphis sounds like an interesting city! I guess that crime is something that you can never escape, either you live in a small town or a big city, it`ll always be there, so I think it`s sad that people judge a city by it`s crimes. Oslo, as the capital of Norway, has of course a lot of crimes, but it`s as you said, in certain parts of town. And I too live in a very safe neighbourhood. Lovely to read about where you live! I`ve never been to the US, but I truly believe that my future will be filled with many experiences from North America. Can`t wait for the day when I can actually afford it, and travel to places besides NYC and LA, and learn more about the American life!

  8. So now that you have posted the words to “Walking in Memphis” I feel a lot better knowing that I was correct in singing “catfish on the table”. I just sort of figured that was one of many lyrics I had wrong!

  9. I love that you love where you live, I think that is so important in life!! Memphis looks like such a pretty city, especially at night!

  10. Now I want to visit Memphis! It was for sure a great city.

  11. Gorgeous! I want to go there!!!! And I love that song πŸ™‚

  12. I have an Aunt & Uncle in Memphis and I always loved going to visit him there. I haven’t been since I was a kid though πŸ™‚

  13. It seems like such a beautiful city … on my list of places to visit someday!

  14. I never would have thought to rank Memphis high in crime — so many other cities come to mind first!
    I love your pictures — Memphis has always seemed like a beautiful place to visit.

  15. I’ve never been to Memphis, but based on your description of it, it sounds pretty great πŸ™‚ It’s nice to love where you live!!

  16. Memphis seems like a cool city. The south in general is just a neat place as I’m finding out while visiting NOLA. That is so awesome that you and your husband feel called to where you are. There’s nothing like feeling at home!

  17. I’ve wanted to visit Memphis ever since I tasted Corky’s barbecue when I was 10! πŸ™‚ Our good family friends (Memphis natives) hosted a big party at their house, and had barbecue delivered for the entire crowd. Keep in mind, I was living in California, so it was kind of a big deal to eat meat that had been shipped across the country! It was the BEST barbecue I’d ever had (and to this day have ever had) in my life. Next time I have it, I’ll have it IN Memphis. πŸ˜‰

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming dining adventures! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Rach! ❀

  18. Glad you love where you live!! We love our area of Denver, but it’s not without crime either!

  19. God has put you two there to minister and bring light to those around you. This makes my heart happy knowing you guys love it and feel like it’s where you are supposed to be!

  20. Such pretty photos – Memphis looks awesome πŸ™‚

    The Other Side of Gray

  21. I’ve always wanted to visit memphis- mostly because of that song! ha! Love your pics!

  22. i’ve been all over TN (and lived there as a baby) but have never visited Memphis! It’s on my travel list!!

  23. I can’t wait to come visit you! πŸ˜‰

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  25. So I did NOT know that you live in Memphis. And I wish I had. Because Terry and I road-tripped to Nashville in December. And that would have been awesome.

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