Just bringing you a little authentic Chinese food…

I mentioned last week that I made tea eggs for the Chinese New Year. I know this probably looks and seems really weird, but they are really good! This used to be one of those foods I ate all the time when we lived in China. Street vendors sell these for less than a penny. They make a great snack and are so delicious! Now, these are not to be confused with fermented duck eggs. I made that mistake only once. I couldn’t even begin to choke it down. Yeep! Anyway, if you are interested in an authentic little Chinese snack, check these out:

tea eggs(on the left, still in their shells)

chinese tea eggs(This recipe just slightly adapted from Appetite for China)

I’m actually entering these as part of a “Chinese Potluck” hosted by Diana from Appetite for China (check out the details here). She even has a cookbook published called The Chinese Takeout Cookbook! And because I know you want to see a shot of me getting street food… here is me with Edwin (he was like my adopted “grandfather”) getting breakfast on the street one morning:

Street FoodYes, that is in fact, 15-year-old Rach.

Speaking of favorite Chinese snacks… I’ve mentioned man tou on this blog before. It’s basically just steamed buns and they are delicious. You have to eat them when they are hot, though! Once they cool off, they are still good, but not near as delicious. To be totally honest, these are pretty complex to make from scratch especially since you can just buy them already made at your local Asian food market. Buuuut! Sometimes it’s just cool to say that you made it homemade! 🙂 I was definitely super proud of myself the first time I made these from scratch, haha! 🙂

chinese steamed buns

man tou

Much like “Mexican” food in the US is very unlike authentic Mexican food and pizza here looks  nothing like it does in Italy… most of what is is served at your typical Chinese buffet is nothing like the food I ate while living there. However, the whole “broccoli beef” concept is not far off. I came across this recipe on AllRecipes and while it’s not the exact same as something I would have eaten there, it is really pretty similar!

broccoli beef

broccoli beef

I know these recipes were a bit long, but then they aren’t exactly simple, haha! No wonder people just prefer to go out to eat Chinese instead of cooking it at home. But really, there is something so fulfilling about making it homemade and knowing exactly which ingredients are going in your food! 🙂 Happy (belated) Chinese New Year, friends!

Love Rach


24 responses to “Just bringing you a little authentic Chinese food…

  1. Justin and I have attempted a couple of times to make real Chinese food for our friends and family…and it is really hard! I just found a couple of local restaurants that cook qie zi the way that I like it! I’m still searching for a place that can fry little pieces of pumpkin like they did in China. I tried doing that myself, and it didn’t turn out quite right, haha! 😀

  2. This looks delicious! I’m going to have to give this a go…i’ve always wante to cook authentic chinese!

  3. Yum! Beef and Broccoli sounds like a very good combo! and steamed buns?! I´ve never head of that before! I`m definetely intrigued by this new discovery!

  4. I still am so jealous of your Chinese adventure! These all sounds great!

  5. These eggs are so cool, they sound really good! And I can only imagine how amazing the food was there, how fun to try to recreate at home too. And yes, Mexican food in most of the US is so unappetizing and nothing like the real thing, agreed!

  6. Those rolls and the broccoli beef look pretty good, but I think for now, I will stick to not making homemade Chinese, it’s just soooo good from takeout or the buffet!

  7. You’re so good! The best thing I can make is toast 😉

  8. Awww, 15 year old Rach is just so cute. Did you EVER have an awkward phase?!?! Love your recipes, Rach!

  9. Cooking authentic Chinese food is definitely on my list of things I fear in the kitchen! haha, I think it’s super impressive that you made all this from scratch. I need to find the right occasion to try this one day!

  10. I’ll have to try the tea eggs! That’s one street food I did not try when I lived there. I grew to love the food though. My favorite was a spicy Sichuan noodle dish that I can’t remember the name of…the English translation was “Ants Climbing a Tree” though. Mmm. I could go for some of that now!

    Love the recipes and your posts about China – it brings back memories of my time there to read about your experience!

  11. The Broccoli Beef, in particular, looks SO good!!

  12. That broccoli beef looks like it would be right up my alley! Not sure I’m brave enough for the tea eggs (I have a weird aversion to eggs of all kinds haha), but the man tou is something I might be brave enough to try!

  13. I can’t imagine trying to eat fermented duck eggs! What did they taste like?!

  14. Oh yum! Chinese food is my favorite and this all looks delicious!
    xo TJ

  15. Wow I don’t think I could eat fermented duck eggs hahaha but I love how adventuerous you are!

  16. At first glance I thought those eggs were balut! Or however that’s spelled haha, glad they weren’t.

  17. I need these eggs in my life.

  18. I didn’t know you lived in China!! How cool!

  19. So I didn’t know that the real name was Man Tou but I love chinese dumplings!!! My mom and I used to go to our “china town” in Houston all the time to get these fresh and hot! O yum. I even crave them sometimes. Like now, craving them! Thanks Rach! haha


  20. I am such a chicken when it comes to cooking chinese food! I need to be braver, because these recipes look awesome.


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  22. Chinese food in the US isn’t the same and def. not as good as good as food in China!!

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