Celebrating St David’s Day {and our own personal holidays too}

For those who don’t know, I’m not actually Italian. I married into an Italian family and carry a very Italian last name, but my family of origin is actually from the British Isles. And that includes Wales. In an attempt to connect to my long-ago-family-roots, Christopher and I decided to celebrate the Welsh holiday of Saint David’s Day today!

st david daffodilDaffodils are the national flower of Wales and commonly worn (along with leeks) on St. David’s Day. These particular flowers are actually growing just outside my house. 🙂 Also, I really like this quote by Saint David. He emphasized living a simple life and focusing on the little joys of life.

To celebrate, we started with Welsh Cakes for lunch. Oh. My. Wow. They don’t look like much, but the mixture of spices and sweetness are amazing. In a way, they are sort of like giant snickerdoodle cookie cakes.  Even if you never celebrate a Welsh holiday, you need to try these.

Welsh Cakes for St David's Day

welsh cakes{recipe slightly adapted from NurtureStore}

And for dinner we had Welsh Cawl which is traditionally a soup with lamb and whatever veggies are in season, but it varies by region and season. It can be served together as a soup (like we had it) or as two courses by removing the veggies and lamb from the soup and serving the broth first and then the meat/veggies next. I think I sort of expected to not like this soup just because I’d never had swede (rutabaga) before and it’s not like I eat just a whole lot of lamb. But we both actually really enjoyed it! The flavors came together perfectly! I’ve heard that it’s even better the next day so I’m excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow. 🙂

Welsh Cawl for St. David's Day

welsh cawl{recipe slightly adapted from BritishFood}

Earlier today, Christopher and I were talking about Saint David’s Day over chat and about different traditions that are associated with these sorts of holidays. Which led to this conversation:

Christopher: If I were to die and have a day of celebration named after me, I would want people to play basketball and have excellent coffee. What would you want your day to be celebrated with?
Me: Sunshine and the beach. And I would want everyone to eat spaghetti. And pizza!
Christopher: Hmm… I think we should make our own holidays. Like as a family. So you get to pick a day and so do I  and our kids get a day too. So it’s like a birthday, but without gifts. We just do something that makes that day celebrated. This is brilliant!
Me: It is brilliant! I love it!
Christopher: And you can name it whatever you want. And it can change each year so you don’t get stuck with “Hippo Day” because our kid picked it when he was 3.
Me: Haha! Well, at some point, I think it should stay the same. Just for a true “holiday tradition”
Christopher:  Yeah, hmm… that will be interesting.
Me: Maybe at 16 it can be their rite of passage to pick their official holiday
Christopher: Maybe they can choose their day when they are like 13. Rite of passage stuff.
Me: Haha! Yes! Exactly!
Christopher: That just happened

So apparently, my husband and I think alike when it comes to rites of passage for our kids. We typed that at the exact same time! Thankfully we’ve got some time to hammer out the details seeing as how we don’t even have kiddos yet. 😉 I will definitely keep you posted on when Rach Day occurs.

If you had your very own holiday, how would you want your day celebrated?
Love Rach


26 responses to “Celebrating St David’s Day {and our own personal holidays too}

  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this idea!!! Do you mind if I borrow it? 🙂 I want me and Nate to start our own holidays too!!

  2. Ohh what a great idea! HAHA. On my day everyone would eat cookies for breakfast, followed by an apple for good measure. Then we would go on a fabulous hike and end the day with movies and popcorn! I think I’ll do that this weekend..

  3. HOW FUN! On my day, everyone would sleep in and drink Moscato and eat chocolate mousse. Or some other kind of mousse if they don’t like chocolate (which is crazy).

    Oh and Hippo Day could be epic. I hope one of your kids someday really chooses that theme for their day.

  4. We have a very similar dish like Welsh cawl in Norway too. I think it´s a quite common in Northern Europe. In traditional Norwegian cooking, swede is a very common ingredients. though we call it “Kålrabi” (pronounced something like this: “kohlraabi”) or “Kålrot” which just means cabbage root. Some also use it at christmas dinner served as a mash. I`m not the biggest fan of it, but it kinda have to go along when I make traditional meals, so I just cut it into really small pieces:-P There`s also some who eat it raw!!! (yuck!)

    If I had a holiday of my own, I think it would have to be in May, and everyone had the day off, and the custom thing to eat would be ice-cream (which is FREE, so everyone can have as much as they want!), and it`d had to be eaten outside in the sun in a park. Oh, and then there would be like games for the kids, and… Ok.. so I might be copying things from our National Day, which is also in May, but what the heck, everyone loves sun, ice cream and games!:-)

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  6. LOVE that idea! Adorable 🙂 Celebrations make life more amazing!

  7. You had me at “giant snicker doodle cookie cake.” YUM!

    I looove the idea of creating your own holiday! Would be such a fun family tradition!

  8. Wow those Welsh cakes look good. I’m going to have to start working out more if I want to read your blog. : ) I love buttercups!!!

  9. That would be awesome to have your own holiday!! Another special day besides your birthday! I would celebrate with chocolate, ice cream and agree with you on the beach!

  10. I love this idea and am SO going to introduce it to Jude!

  11. How fun! I love all the new foods you try out!! Those Welsh cakes look good!

  12. Having your own holiday is such an awesome idea! You guys are going to be fun parents 🙂

  13. What a fun thing to do and these recipes look delicious! Lovely blog! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  14. I think it’s awesome that you get to celebrate more than one heritage 🙂

  15. That is SO stinking sweet! 😀 I love it!

  16. I love the conversation that the two of you had! Absolutely wonderful seeing your love and excitement through chat. I think I’m going to pitch this idea to M. Maybe we’ll use our half birthdays to be our holidays that we celebrate someting happy and good in the world.

  17. How cute! Can I come be your adopted child? My holiday would start with boogie boarding (or surfing) at the beach, and then we’d all go inside for a macaroni and cheese + seared scallops feast! Those two foods don’t really go together, but oooh well! Afterward, we’d have a BIG dance party, with lots of music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Ahh, I get excited thinking about how FUN this would be!

    The Welch Cakes sure DO sound good! I love that you and Christopher chose to celebrate St. David’s Day in honor of your heritage. Such a great idea! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Rach! ❤ xoxo

  18. Such a cute idea! 🙂

  19. I love those Welsh cakes, never even heard of them but they sound delicious!!! And this idea of everyone’s own personal holiday is fantastic, too freaking cute 🙂

  20. Those recipes look amazing!
    My day of celebration would be everyone has the day off work, probably plays at the beach and drinks mai tais. Yeah – that sounds PERFECT! Should I pick the date, too? 😉

  21. Oh the food looks so delicious and I love the daffodils.

  22. YEA! I am so glad that my comment went through. I have been dealing word press not posting my comments for about eight months now. I am so happy to have fixed!!

  23. Mmm those Welsh cakes look delicious!

  24. I think that making your own family holidays is brilliant! I would totally be down for that.

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