How to Set Your Kitchen on Fire

Okay okay, I didn’t really set my kitchen on fire. But I did fill my house up with smoke right as my girls were arriving at the house for dinner last week. Note to self: butter cascading out of a baking dish and onto the bottom of your oven will in fact cause a copious amount of smoke to pour forth into your kitchen.

So why did I have so much butter in the oven? Well, you see, I decided to embrace my inner Paula Deen last week and bake Butter Dipped Bread from The Country Cook. It. Was. Delicious. But then, the ratio of butter-to-other-ingredients in this bread is kind of overwhelmingly amazing so the deliciousness is no surprise. 🙂

butter dipped bread

butter dipped bread

I actually doubled the recipe which meant I had TWO sticks of butter in that pan. I’m guessing that’s why the spillage happened. 😉 And along with butter dipped bread, I made baked ravioli, but it was such a simple meal that I almost hate to call it a recipe. So let’s just call it a “meal idea”, haha!

baked ravioli

baked ravioli
My absolute favorite jarred spaghetti sauce is the one from Aldi. Store-bought spaghetti sauce doesn’t really sit high on my list of favorite things to eat, but there is something about the one that Aldi makes. It is SO good, haha! I’m not being paid for this little snippet – it’s just one of those things I thought I’d share in case you are in a hurry to make dinner one night and need a jarred sauce. Try Aldi’s! 🙂

Here’s to hoping I don’t set anything on fire for tonight’s dinner. 😉 Happy Thursday!
Love Rach


20 responses to “How to Set Your Kitchen on Fire

  1. I think my metabolism slows down just READING your delicious posts!!!! Oh, to be old!

  2. those recipes look amazing!! i wish i was having that for dinner tonight!!

  3. When are you having me over for dinner? YUM!

  4. Butter dipped bread sounds so amazing! And yum baked ravioli… I’m starving!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Hahaha oh my gosh I bet it tasted AMAZING despite the smoke!

  6. Oh my goodness! I had butter run out of one of my dishes in the oven and started a fire. Thank goodness it stayed in the oven. I opened the door and flames came out so I slammed it shut and turned the oven off. It went out but not without me having a panic attack first! Both the bread and lasagna looks amazing!!

  7. Oh goodness I got so stressed thinking about that fire I said lasagna instead of ravioli! Well any who the ravioli looks delicious! haha

  8. Oh my… that bread sounds DELICIOUS. Perfect dish to channel your inner Paula!

  9. Oh man, I want to come to your house! That all looks amazing!!

  10. I might look at these photos all day. So much deliciousness.

  11. I love everything about this! Except for the smoky kitchen; that’s never fun haha

  12. I am drooling!! And Paula and PW know that butter and heavy whipping cream is where it’s at! Haha. I’m going to have to try the Aldi’s brand of tomato sauce now too!

  13. I love how you cook homemade meals for your girls!!! 🙂 Both of these dishes look amazing!

  14. Oh my goodness! The food looks amazing in this post. As you know, I am a fellow Aldi lover. I haven’t tried their pasta sauce yet. I just picked up a jar of their alfredo sauce. I hope it’s good!

  15. bread dipped in butter? can it get any better? combined with ravioli = YUM!
    After I read that previous post about the pizza restaurant, I decided that I just had to make some pizza, so tomorrow I`m making italian pizza!:-D

  16. Any recipe with “butter dipped” has to be awesome! YUM

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  18. You had me at ‘butter dipped’. I’m glad that it was just smoke!

  19. Haha I guess you did embrace your inner Paula Deen. She is synonymous with butter!

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