Behind the Scenes at a Commercial Shoot {Touring Tupelo #3}

Family, a handful of friends, and long time readers know that I have modeled off and on over the years (you can read about my most recent modeling experience here). Each modeling/acting experience has just sort of fallen into my lap and has been such a fun experience. Being in this commercial was sort of a mix of modeling and acting. Smile, laugh, and look like you are having the time of your life. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t all that difficult. We really WERE having fun! 🙂 And it helps that we didn’t have to worry about what we were saying since we had no official lines (it will just be short clips of us with music playing and an voice over). Yes, this means that while Christopher was playing guitar, I was definitely singing random country songs. 😉

Anyway, the commercial hasn’t been completed yet (Anne still has another couple to film this weekend), but once it is, I will absolutely share it with you guys! So while you can’t see the commercial yet, I figure it is past time for you to see some of the “behind the scenes” shots. 😀

palmtree productions Anne filming me feeding the giraffe while Anthony reflects some sunlight

Palmtree productionsOne of my favorite shots that Anne got of me with Tall Boy. Definitely not a fake laugh here. I’m pretty sure this was just after he had just wrapped his entire tongue around my hand and I cracking up about it.

palmtree productionsAnne filming Christopher feeding the water buffalo. He (the water buffalo, not Christopher) definitely snorted snot onto my hand at one point, haha! There was a whole lotta hand washing that happened after this shoot. 😉

setting upAnd did I mention how windy it was? My hair was going everywhere, haha!

palmtree productionsDuring behind the scenes the tour of the zoo, Roberto rolled the windows down so the horses and camel could come right up to the truck. They definitely stuck their heads right in the vehicle. Christopher even got dribbled on by a camel!

palmtree productionsI don’t have any “behind the scenes” shots from the birthplace shoot, but this is a still that Anne pulled from some of the video footage she took and I thought it was too cute not to share. 😀 Also, while we were here, a couple of people saw Anne filming us and pulled out their phones and took some footage as well. We felt like little celebrities, haha!

palmtree productionsThis is us with Anne Palmer of PalmTree Studios. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how great she is. Not only is she talented and a great director, but she is also funny and super friendly. Plus she took the time to explain things she was doing so we could keep up and learn along the way. She put us at ease immediately and we had the best time working with her! 🙂

Writing about this weekend makes me want to relive it again. It really was such fun. Go to Tupelo. You’ll have a great time with the friendly people, the sight seeing, and especially feeding a giraffe! 🙂
Love Rach


32 responses to “Behind the Scenes at a Commercial Shoot {Touring Tupelo #3}

  1. If a giraffe wrapped his entire tongue around my hand, they would have gotten an ENTIRELY different expression off of me. Ewwww! You’re a good sport, Rach!

  2. In like 10 minutes I learned so much more about you! Modelling? living in China for 4 years? WOW! you have such an interesting life story!
    Really looks like you all had a great time making the commercial! I guess it helps having animals in the video, makes everything more easy going and authentic, as you can`t boss around a Giraffe!

  3. I’m loving these Tupelo posts. What a fun and interesting weekend.

  4. It looks like the giraffe just told the funniest joke in the history of jokes – you laughing and him looking pretty smug.

    What an awesome weekend! I can’t wait to see the commericial!

  5. That’s so cool you got to do that!!!

  6. So fun to read about your experience! And the giraffe – amazing!

  7. The giraffe picture is awesome! Looks like it was so much fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. The picture of you with the giraffe is incredible!!!

  9. Looks like it was a blast! The pic of you 2 is super cute, so glad you shared it!

  10. You look like you had SO much fun!! What a cool experience. I’m totally jealous 😉

  11. Holy cow I did not know you modeled!! I’m so curious about what the commercial is for! I’m sure you did great 🙂

  12. I can totally see you being a model!! Gorgeous lady!!

    And Tall Boy!! Oh my goodness…love me a giraffe!

  13. I honestly wondered that when I met you in person! Such a great smile and so gorgeous!! That is so so cool!!!

  14. That picture of your and Christopher on the swing is definitely frameworthy! Can’t wait to see the commercial 🙂

  15. how cool!!! that giraffee is awesome! how fun to be that close to it!

  16. What a great representative of Tupelo! You totally made me want to add it to my list of places to see!! It looks like it was such good fun, and you look great! Congratulations on the commercial!

  17. So cool! Totally makes me want to go there!

  18. You’re such a star. =D

  19. I feel proud to have known about your modeling 😉 This is awesome and looks like such an amazing set to be a part of!

  20. These posts are great! I want to visit! 🙂

  21. That is SO cool! You are a gorgeous model!

  22. What an awesome experience! The animals are cool that you’ll be in a commercial!

  23. looks like an awesome time, rach!
    the animals would be so much fun to work with.

  24. GAH I cannot wait to see the finished product!

  25. Wow, looks like an absolutely amazing day! Such cute animals… I’m sure the finished product will be great 🙂

  26. It looks like such a fun day! Can’t wait to see the commercial!

  27. Amazing shooting. Really impressive blog, love your style. If you want check mine and we could follow each other:-)

    New post
    Tiger and gold in attack!

  28. That is SO cool! I want to go back to Tupelo…. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Hae a great weekend!

  29. Oh my goodness, how fun is this!? I am not surprised that you have done modeling, you’re beautiful! It looks like you had such an amazing time! I love all these pictures!!

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