The sweetest cat I’ve ever met

While we were in the Dallas area this past weekend I briefly got to see my baby sister! Well, she’s not really a “baby” what with her being 23, nearly six feet tall, and a self supporting adult. Did I mention that she is a manager at a coffee shop and while the owner is overseas for the next six month, she is THE acting-boss? Yeah, my sister is a big deal. And she’s cute too.

abbyWe look a lot a like so anytime one of us is down on our looks the other will always get personally “offended” and say “hey! don’t talk about me like that.” 😉

So what does visiting my sister have to do with the sweetest cat I’ve ever met? Well, while I am a dog person, Abby is most decidedly a cat person. Proof?

abby and liamThis is Abby with Liam (short for Fitzwilliam… as in Fitzwilliam Darcy! Yes, her cat has a clever literary name and my dog is named after a cookie I can’t eat, ha!)

liamIsn’t he beautiful? And while he is super affectionate with Abby, he’s not the sweetest cat I’ve ever met.

kittyMeet Kitty. Abby is fostering her for the moment and trying to find a good home for her. She is absolutely the sweetest cat I’ve ever met.

me with kittyShe let me hold her like a baby and squish her face and snuggle her and love all over her. No complaints, no scratching – just sweetness.

me with kittyWe nearly brought her home with us this week. Unfortunately we don’t know how Oreo would handle having a cat for a roommate. We have lots of cats in our neighborhood and he barks like crazy every time they are in our cove. Occasionally he has gotten out and he takes off running for them. In theory, he is just chasing them for fun, but on the off chance that he might want to eat them we felt it was safer to not bring a cat home.

Anyone interested in giving a home to the sweetest cat ever? ‘Cause really, she is precious. And she needs a good home.
Love Rach


21 responses to “The sweetest cat I’ve ever met

  1. Hey! I’m in Dallas! So fun you got to visit your sister! Adorable cat — but I don’t think our dog would appreciate her very much 😉

  2. Ah, she’s so sweeeeet! I hope she finds a really good home.

    You and your sister do look alike! I hope you had a nice visit.

  3. i am most definitely a cat person, i love dogs, but cats are my pajamas! 😉 ha. Such a cute little kitty! (and you and your sister really do look a lot alike!)

  4. So cute…love the pics! I am a dog and a cat person, but we don’t have either yet in our apartment, we are waiting for a house, but I can’t wait to get a pet!

  5. aaaw! Kitty the Cat seems so adorable! I used to be a cat person until at age 13 I got a dog, and well, became more of a dog person:-) It is fun to see how cats and dogs can coexist though! Our cat was about 14 years old when we got a little puppy, and they became such good friends, playing together, sleeping together, even eating from the same bowl! (ok, so that only happened once, but it did happen!!)
    Your sister looks like such a sweet girl! and the acting boss? that`s great!!

  6. You’re just too precious, Rach … I love how you love, but I have to ask: WHY can’t you eat Oreos? Are you allergic? How did I miss this?!

  7. I have totally grown to LOVE cats. It’s taken time, but they really are so intelligent and cool. I love the picture of you and your sis. You do look a lot a like!! How amazing that she’s “the boss” of a coffee shop for a while–that’s a huge accomplishment to be that responsible at such a young age!

  8. Aww, so adorable! These pictures are making me miss my little cat at home haha. I wish I could adopt another but we have enough animals in our house unfortunately. My cat was an adopted stray though!

  9. I’m am most definitely a dog person but that cat sounds like the sweetest thing. 🙂

  10. What a sweet and loving post!!

  11. You two are gorgeous!! So are these cats! I wish I could take the foster baby!! SO far away!

  12. Aw—-sweet sister and sweet kitty- those eyes- Wow!

  13. How adorable is she?! She needs to find a great home!! And you and your sister are adorable 🙂

  14. I want her!!! 🙂 She looks adorable! And you and your sister are both GORGEOUS!

  15. SO happy to see that you were able to spend time with your sister! So many great pictures of y’all and that adorable kitten!! 🙂

  16. i’m totally scared of cats, although that one looks like a sweetie.

  17. I have two rescue cats that are my loves. I hope that Kitty finds a good, loving home very soon! Yay to your sister for taking such good care of her!

  18. You and your sister do look alike! So pretty! 🙂 Aww..that cat is so cute.

  19. I am definitely a cat person — I go crazy whenever I see a kitty cat, especially since my kitty is home with my family while I’m up here at college.

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