Jack Pirtle’s Chicken

While “chicken” is in the name and they originally had ties to Colonel Saunders (of KFC fame)… Jack Pirtle’s Chicken is probably most famous for their steak sandwich. Intrigued by this, we decided to check it out over lunch one day.

DSC_0428Driving along Mt Moriah, you see car dealership after car dealership then suddenly this BRIGHT yellow building… that, my friends, is Pirtle’s.

DSC_0429The menu is simple and more or less tells you what is most popular: the steak sandwich, gizzards and livers, biscuits with gravy, and their sweet tea.

DSC_0431Christopher loves sweet tea and any restaurant that claims to have “famous” or “the best” is always put to the test. So far, Lenny’s has his favorite, but he did say that Pirtle’s is nearly a tie for favorite. So that means it must be pretty good!

DSC_0435Okay, please don’t shudder in horror at the fried greasy mess this is. Believe me, it was delicious. Even if it is all the same color, ha! This was my plate and to be honest, I’m quite the eater… even I couldn’t finish all of this. It was just so heavy! Their portions are huge!

I’ll start with the disappointment… we decided that since it’s a “chicken” place, we needed to try their fried chicken as well. Thankfully we only got one piece each because it was nothing impressive. As Christopher said,” it was fine, but nothing to write home about.”

However, the gizzards and livers… there was a surprise, haha! They really weren’t bad! In fact, I know this may sound gross, but I’m glad they were so highly recommended because they were really pretty good. Yup, there I said it. I have admitted to the world that I like chicken liver. That just sounds gross. Please still be my friend. 😉

So next up… the biscuits and gravy. Um, amazing. Seriously so delicious! I told Christopher that it was like eating a cookie. He laughed and said that was because I don’t eat dessert so I don’t know what cookies even taste like anymore. Then he took a bite of his biscuit. He looked at me. Laughed. And said, “it does taste like a cookie!” I know that sounds weird… a biscuit that tastes like a cookie, but I’m not sure how else to describe it. It literally just melted in my mouth. So delicious!

And finally… the infamous steak sandwich was… actually really delicious! I can see why people recommend it so highly! It looks icky, but believe me when I say that the flavors meld together so perfectly. Pirtle’s is no high class establishment, but it is clean, quick, and delicious! If you go, be sure to try the steak sandwich and the biscuits with gravy! 🙂

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Love Rach


15 responses to “Jack Pirtle’s Chicken

  1. It can often be the sketchy-looking low class establishments that serve the best food. (That’s definitely the rule in China, am I right? ;-)) My husband and his friends used to love Guthries back in Florida. I’m pretty sure it’s a chain, but the one we used to visit in Tallahassee was the only one I’d ever seen. The tables were constantly sticky and the floor was always covered in crumbs because the employees never cleaned. In fact, if you wanted to refill your soda or sweet tea, you had to just step behind the counter and do it yourself because the employees refused to help. But my husband and his friends thought that they had the best fried chicken EVER…until you finished eating it, and got the inevitable stomach ache later on….

  2. Yum! I could go for some sweet tea and biscuits and gravy this morning…. Sounds quite tasty. Is it a chain in the South or a single establishment?

  3. mmmMmMm.. fried stuff! that steak sandwich looks really good!

  4. all fried food = my childhood! ha.
    Biscuits and gravy….oh girl my g-ma can make some BALLIN’ biscuits and gravy! Man this place looks delicious!

  5. Ahh! How do you pass on a good dessert? I wish I could, but it is nearly impossible for me! You two always seem to have so much fun together!

  6. Made me laugh when you said “even though it’s all one color!” Haha, that always kind of weirds me out too! But those biscuits and gravy sound to die for… one of the best comfort foods!

  7. I LOVE your plate on non colored food. I think it’s awesome when I see people eating real stuff!! That’s why I try to blog about cake and cookies ALL the time and hardly post pictures of my real meals. HAHA. I need to get my paws on that biscuit if it tastes like a cookie! YUM!

  8. I love a good sweet tea! What a bummer that the chicken at a chicken place wasn’t awesome!

  9. Biscuits and gravy are my number 1…glad the were so yummy!!! Bummer about the chicken not being “excellent”. But it all really does look SO good!

  10. Those biscuits look fabulous! I’m undecided about the chicken liver. 🙂

  11. Had to laugh, because the fact that it was all the same color was the first thing I noticed…..
    Bummer that their fried chicken isn’t impressive.

  12. I grew up eating chicken livers. My Granny would cook them once every week or two. I ate them until around middle school when I realized how gross it sounded. After high school I would eat one or two off my Mom’s plate whenever she ordered them. I wouldn’t want a whole plate of them but you could definitely catch me stealing one off of someone’s plate! Haha this place looks like a couple of places around here.

  13. Gizzards just sound so funny hahah I loveeee KFC biscuits so I bet those are awesome!

  14. Alas, I am too picky an eater for anything with gizzards in the title or description, but who doesn’t love an amazing tasting biscuit?!

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