Moving the Mailbox {and other outside projects}

When we bought our house nearly three years ago there were many things about the house that made us say “Huh?!” Like how there were two knobs on our front door. Or how the closet doors were actually just pieces of painted plywood.  Or the way they used super glue to seal the upstairs toilet to the floor {we discovered that thanks to an unfortunate leak in our downstairs ceiling. It was terrible, ha!} You know, things like that. Anyway, another one of those random “huh?!” moments occurred when we first took time to really look at our mailbox.

DSC_0635Yeaaaaah… so our mailbox is BESIDE the circle of monkey grass instead of in the center. And in the center of the monkey grass is a concrete block where the mailbox used to be. We have no idea why they moved the mailbox, but I have to tell you – this is just one of many strange things about our house. Anyway, we decided it was past time to move the mailbox back!

DSC_0638Digging up the mailbox!

mailbox The mailbox where it belongs! We planted some lavender with it and a little gnome found his way in the middle of it too. 🙂

Also, we did some mulching in the backyard!

before and afterBefore and After. It’s amazing how much mulch and a few bushes can really dress up a couple of trees! 🙂

kelsiTo help Kelsi (one of the teen girls I mentor) raise money for her mission trip this summer, we hired her for the afternoon on Saturday to help us out with yard work. She raked and weeded and helped me plant wildflowers along the side of the house. She did such a great job!

We had such perfect weather to be working in the yard all weekend. It was wonderful. And we have many more plans for this coming week! 🙂
Love Rach



24 responses to “Moving the Mailbox {and other outside projects}

  1. How fun! Crazy house stories, but that’s what makes it an adventure!

  2. 2harrellsonhood

    That is so strange! I would be so curious about those previous homeowners! Very strange. 🙂

  3. So funny! Love your little gnome 🙂

  4. I think homeowners everywhere who have bought a home from a previous owner can relate to the “Huh?!”!!! It just makes each home improvement project that much more satisfying.

  5. Those ‘huh??’ projects are the perfect way to make a house your own. And they provide some entertainment!

  6. haha, random previous owners! but I guess I agree with Amy, it`s the perfect way to make it yours!:-)

  7. The more and more we are house hunting, I keep noticing strange things about houses too. At least you are able to make it your own. 🙂 I love the gnome!

  8. Ha! That’s too funny about the mailbox! I think it must absolutely love its pretty new home. 😉

  9. I’d say you’ve got a pretty unique house! The mailbox looks great!

  10. We seriously need a new mailbox. It’s basically falling over. HA!

  11. Yay for warm weather and outside projects! And I love your little gnome!! I am kind of obsessed with gnomes.

  12. It would be really interesting to find out what the former occupants were thinking! Haha!

  13. That is so wonderful that you are a mentor for younger girls, Rach!! I’m sure God is using you SO much in their lives!

  14. Oh it all is looking so pretty. You are so right mulch can make such a difference.

  15. Love the little gnome and the lavender is beautiful there!!

  16. Such a great idea to hire Kelsi for the day and help support her mission trip! Added bonus that the yard looks great!

  17. Looks great! I can’t imagine why a door would need two knobs haha. I’m also a huge fan of that gnome. SO cute!

  18. Aw, that’s cool you were able to help her raise money for her trip!

  19. love the little gnome! so cute! And get that yard work! i’ve got a lot to do myself!

  20. Love the gnome next to the mailbox. Too cute!

  21. What the…? You must have had some cuckoo birds living there before!

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