Playing Hooky from Life

This past week Christopher and I took a break from life. Since we began dating we have had a go-go-go lifestyle. Every now and then we’ll realized that we’ve taken on too much and back off a bit. About two weeks ago Christopher and I realized again just how overwhelmed we both were. And especially with him being extra busy at work and juggling his grad school classes, we haven’t had a lot of “us” time to just hang out. For example, a typical week for us  from the time we get off work looks like this:

girls at bowlingMonday: Every other Monday I meet with a group of ladies for a prayer group. {this shot is actually from us bowling together, but it will have to do since I don’t have pictures of us praying together, haha.} The other Mondays are supposed to be “us” days, but they nearly always get filled with something. When someone asks when we’re available to do something, it’s usually a Monday we tell them.

friends!Tuesday: Every week our group of friends get together to eat at Whitney’s house. {This shot is from my birthday last year, but this is most of us. Whitney is in gray next to me.} So even on weeks when we’re out of town (which is often) we still get to see some of our best friends. And after dinner the boys play basketball. We’re lucky if we make it to bed by 11 on these nights. Which is super late when you get up at 5/5:45am.

boysWednesday: We eat dinner with our teens, have devotional/singing/prayer with our teens, and then Christopher has guys’ night with his boys. {this is actually an old shot from a retreat with some of his teens a couple of years ago. It makes me laugh so I’m sharing it. I think there are normally 10-15 guys at guys’ night every week}

tie dye3Thursday: My girls come to our house for dinner and study night. They usually leave around 9ish so by the time I finish cleaning up, we can usually get in bed by 10pm (woohoo!).

family shotFriday: In theory this is our date night. We really try to keep to it as much as we can, but we travel so much that we are often on the road on Fridays. If we’re home then it’s pizza and a movie and snugglin’ with each other and the pup! Which is great except that the last couple of weeks we’re falling asleep on each other halfway through the movie because we’re so exhausted.

fence workSaturday: Usually traveling somewhere. But if we’re home then there is almost always something going on. And on the rare occasion that there isn’t – it’s house work time. We just can’t bring ourselves to just hang out if we are home because it’s so rare for us to be home that our to-do list calls us, ha! {this is a shot of us putting up the fence a couple of years ago}

xmasparty3Sunday: If we’re in town, Church then lunch with friends. {this is a shot of most of our church friends from our last Christmas party.} Rush home to finish whatever yesterday’s project was. Have small group with our teens that night. We have tried to make this a go-home-afterward kind of evening. Every now and then it happens, but often something else is going on.

So as you can see, our nights are amazing. They are filled with people we love and service and doing things we are passionate about. But we also have to be so careful to stake out time for US. And lately, we haven’t been great about that. Especially with Christopher working late and having the most time consuming grad school class yet. So this past week we decided to take a break from life in general. Playing hooky from life, you might say. We love our friends and are so grateful for the life we have, but we just really needed some time together.

This week has been amazing. For one thing, we go to sleep way earlier which has made for better days. For another, we actually get to eat dinner together because we aren’t in a rush to go somewhere afterward. So what if dinner is at 7pm instead of 5:30… at least we’re eating together! We’ve gotten several small projects done around the house. And just in general, it is wonderful to be home together and not always so go-go-go. 🙂

Tomorrow all the fun starts back up again and we are ready for it! This break has been wonderful, but we also love all the amazing things we get to be a part of. This week away has really shown us how much we have to be grateful for. It has also given us a better perspective and perhaps even a bit of clarity on what we’re doing here. 🙂
Love Rach


23 responses to “Playing Hooky from Life

  1. Wow – I am exhausted just reading about your week. You two are such amazing servant leaders. It’s inspiring!

    I’m a big believer in taking time to recharge. You should totally play hooky from life once every couple of months. Think of it as a quarterly spring break or something.

    Enjoy getting back into your routine! I bet you’re feeling so refreshed.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I have to stay busy and Shane likes to work in the garage on his man stuff lol. It doesn’t leave much time for us. I’ve been trying to make more time for us too. Good idea. Take a break together. Y’all deserve it. ; )

  3. I wish I could be one of those girls hanging out with you — I’m sure they have a blast! 😉 Haha, those boys are very funny too — looks like they like to have fun.

  4. Y’all are some busy bees! I will make sure to give you enough notice before we come in for the marathon 🙂 this is just another way you remind me of Jen. They are always busy. They don’t travel much but give so much of themselves. Having babies hasn’t sopped them either! I bet y’all have tons of people who love y’all! I know Jen and Nathan do. We are all crazy about them!

  5. wow, you`re part of so much social gatherings, I almost got exhausted just reading about your busy schedule. I think it`s great what you´re doing, but also that you`ve recognized that you need some only-you-two time also, which will make you guys much more energized!:-)

  6. Sounds a lot like our schedule these days! It’s so nice to just have nights to stay home and go to bed early. It’s such a refresher!

  7. Wow, you two are BUSY!! I hope you both enjoyed your “week off”!!

  8. I am so glad you have so much positivity in a week that has been so horrible in the world! It’s great to have nice things to make you realize the good in life!

  9. You sound busy, busy, busy! Definitely need a break! 🙂

  10. The time with your spouse is sososo important! I’m glad you two took the time to do this.

  11. Glad you guys got to spend some much needed time together! You definitely deserved it! =)

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  13. I think that is SUCH a great idea! I’m sure taking a break makes you look forward to those things more (rather than having them feel like they just make your life too busy, you know?)

  14. I LOVE that you took this break! Nate and I have to do it every-so-often as well, because we get so busy that we too feel exhausted… and we realize that we just haven’t been spending enough time together. I think that EVERY couple should do this, at least once a year. 🙂

  15. I am an introvert, so the thought of all that business makes me dizzy! I’m sure it’s fun, but I’m glad y’all took a week to play hooky!

  16. You are a busy girl!!! I totally agree that it’s so important to play hooky every once in a while, just to recharge and rest with one another. Glad y’all got a little break!

  17. Everyone needs a break now and then. Glad you recognized when you needed to take one!

  18. Wow! A lot of people say they are busy, but you REALLY are! How lucky you are to have such a full and love-filled life! Glad you enjoyed your little break from it all!!

  19. That’s what I need to do…play hookie from life. Loved that you were able to. You really do have a busy, busy week. Fun…but I get what you mean by needing “you” time with just the two of you. I need to make a better effort of doing that this week (and of going to bed earlier!)

  20. that is really busy! most of our weeknights are filled with things – while good things, it gets overwhelming sometimes and we miss time alone together!

  21. You sound busy dear, definitely need a break!!!

    The Fashion Heels

  22. You are busy, but with such good stuff. That’s not always a bad problem to have. 🙂

  23. Ya’ll are such an awesome couple doing so much for others! I admire ya’lls devotion to faith and helping those around you. ❤ Playing hooky is always needed, glad you guys got to relax and take a little break-ya'll deserve it!! ❤

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