Stroganoff & Italian Pinwheel Rolls

Today I’m sharing my mom’s stroganoff recipe! It’s slightly adapted because I totally forgot to buy cream of chicken soup, haha! So I ended up making my own Cream of Chicken Soup with MileHighMama’s recipe. Β It turned out really well. And it was so simple and cheap. And as always, I really like knowing everything that goes into my food. I will definitely make it from scratch again!

cream of chicken soup

cream of chicken soup

And on to Mom’s Beef Stroganoff! I made it for my girls one Thursday and it was an even bigger hit than I could have anticipated. Seeing them go back for thirds cracked me up! But I’m glad they loved it. πŸ™‚


beef stroganoff
And since my girls love bread so much. I made Taste of Home’s Italian Pinwheel Rolls. I made these my senior year of college and I remember that we thought they were pretty great. So glad I made them again and of course the girls loved them. But again, they love pretty much all bread so that’s not saying a lot, haha!

italian pinwheel rolls

italian pinwheel rolls

Happy cooking, friends. πŸ™‚
Love Rach


18 responses to “Stroganoff & Italian Pinwheel Rolls

  1. Yum! All of these looks really good! I would have never thought to make my own cream of chicken soup! Light bulb just went off haha!

  2. That bread, give me that whole basket..please! YUM!

  3. every time i come to your page, i have the same though process:
    wow, yum, i’m drooling, would she cook for me?, maybe i could kidnap her…hahaha

  4. You are so freaking amazing! First off…who knew that cream of chicken was so simple? And those girls are so lucky! Your bread looks amazing!

  5. All of these look great!!! And I love that you made your own cream of chicken soup. You go girl!

  6. Yum! I think I need to come to your house for dinner! You always have the most delicious looking recipes! =)

  7. Awesome recipes! My husband LOVES stroganoff, so I make it a lot! Yours looks fab!

  8. Yummy!!! I love the from scratch cream of chicken soup recipe – I’ll definitely have to try that. Much better than the canned variety.

  9. Delicious. I’m somewhat shocked but I have all the ingredients for your Stroganoff and soup on hand. I think we’ll be having it later this week!

  10. Those pinwheels look delish! I definitely need to make them!

  11. Oh my goodness. Keep posting all these amazing recipes. I love them. I can’t cook and my husband just asked me last night to start cooking Italian food for him.

  12. Wow what a meal!! It looks so delicious.

  13. I didn’t know it was that easy to make cream of chicken soup! I definitely want to try making it. I love those pinwheels! πŸ™‚

  14. mmMm! that stroganoff recipe looks like something IΒ΄d love! I think IΒ΄ll try that next week:-)

  15. Mmm, these both look FANtastic! Can you believe I’ve never had Stroganoff before?! Crazy, right! How much beef do you use in your recipe? Oh and wow, I can’t believe it’s THAT easy to make cream of chicken soup! And all these years I’ve been buying it in a can! haha!

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