Cadence’s Birthday!

A year ago I shared a shot from Cadence’s first birthday party. She has grown and changed SO much since then. This past weekend we celebrated her second birthday!

cadenceThe birthday girl!

cadence and nolanCadence and Nolan playing a little peek-a-boo around the pillar

kiddosHadley, Scout, Asher, Nolan, Brody, and Owen all having a blast at the party

kiddos1Ezra, Blair, Hadley, and Knox

bubblesBubbles outside! {Check out Hadley eating the bubbles, haha!}

cadence Blowing out her candles

cadence Enjoying every bite!

christopher juice boxI know I’ve stuck to mainly kid pictures in this post, but this one of Christopher enjoying a Capri Sun while talking with the guys made me laugh. Love my kid-at-heart husband!

All in all I think there were 12 kiddos with 15 adults. It was loud and boisterous and oh-so-fun! I love all of these kids so much. It has been such a joy to watch them grow up over the past two years since we joined this group of friends. 🙂
Love Rach


16 responses to “Cadence’s Birthday!

  1. What a blast!! That cake is sooo pretty too!! Glad you guys had a great time, love that last picture! ha!

  2. That cake looks amazing!! Looks like a great birthday celebration. Yummy bubbles 😉

  3. I can’t wait to have little babies in my group of friends!!

  4. Wow, I looked back at your old post and Candence really has grown up! It’s crazy how much kiddos change in a year! I love that cake, too!

  5. That birthday cake is AMAZING!!

  6. Fun! That cake is gorg! And it looks delish, based on the birthday girl’s excited face.

    Oh and Capri Sun’s are delish. I’m on board.

  7. Oh my gosh. There is so much cuteness in this post! haha

  8. she is SOO cute! I love that flower cake!!

  9. Looks like a ton of fun! And, that cake is gorgeous!! 🙂


  10. That cake-eating picture is priceless. Great photos!!

  11. Whew! Twelve kiddos?! What a handful that must have been! The birthday girl looks like a little princess! Love that little bow in her hair! And that cake! Too cute!

  12. wow!! so many kids!! that’s lovely! ❤ Cadence looks soo sweet and what a beautiful cake her parents got her!!! My love and wishes to her!

  13. Wow that must have been quite the party with so many kids running around!

    Happy Birthday to Cadence 🙂

  14. That cake is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Cadence!! 🙂

  15. She is such a big girl now! The kids grow up and we adults regress. Haha

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