Happy birthday, Mom!

Today was my mom’s birthday. So in honor of that, I want to share a few of my favorite things about my mom. {Mom I know you are reading this so forgive me for this first story… I just have to share it!}

Mom{my mom at my age}

First of all, you should know that my mother has a certain sense of decorum in the way she carries herself, speaks, and acts. I was raised reared (my mom says you raise corn, you rear children) to be polite and respectful. Certainly to never draw attention to myself by acting inappropriately. Which is why one of my favorite stories about my mom involves the time she let loose a little and actually MOOED (loudly, I might add) in the middle of a restaurant. I am so not kidding. My younger sister was also present for this and every time we talk about it, the two of us dissolve into giggles all over again.

mom and me{dancing with my mom the day before my wedding. She is more laid back and cuts loose more often now that we’re all grown and moved out}

On a more serious note, my parents always emphasized education and hard work. And they led by example. For example, my mom has her masters in education. I can’t tell you how many of my thought processes have developed because I grew up with such an intelligent and well educated mom. I thought most gender stereotypes were a joke until I moved back to the States and came to college where I met people who were deeply entrenched in certain ways of thinking. To be honest, intentional or not, my family brought me up to be a bit of a feminist. 🙂 And I am so grateful for that.

mom and me{on my wedding day}

I get my love for cooking from my mom. Even in my most angsty teen years when I didn’t want to talk to my parents, you would find me helping my mom prepare dinner every evening. It was a way we could connect even when I didn’t want to share my feelings. {side note: that phase did come to an end, my mom and I are close now!} You can certainly learn to cook by using a cookbook, but it is so much easier to learn by helping out someone who really knows what they are doing. And my mom is an incredible cook.

recipes{seriously, how many times have I shared this photo? Haha! Sorry about that. It’s just that I’m always talking about my mom and cooking and her recipes! For anyone who hasn’t seen this before – this was my 19th birthday when my mom gave me her most coveted recipes!}

This isn’t something I realized until recently, but I learned to have quiet time from my mom. When we all lived at home, she would wake up at the crack of dawn (or before) in order to have quiet time to sit and study scripture and pray. I always knew this when I was growing up, but didn’t think much of it. I guess I just assumed everyone’s mom did that. After I became a Christian, I began setting aside quiet time every day to journal, read my Bible, and pray. It wasn’t until much later that I realized how many people struggle to prioritize quiet time with God while it was seemed easy for me because I had such a great example of it at home.

mom{last summer}

I learned about hospitality from my mom. I can’t tell you how often we ended up with a new person at our dinner table. I can remember so many times when my dad would bring someone home with him and mom would pull out an extra place setting with a smile. And the first time I brought my 19-year-old boyfriend home for Christmas, my parents treated him as one of the kids. My mom is a wonderful mother-in-law to Christopher. When he hears crazy stories from some of our friends about their mothers-in-law, he just shakes his head in disbelief because he can’t relate at all. It does my heart so much good to know that my parents love the man that I love.

mom{mother’s day a couple of years ago}

Finally, I learned about self sacrifice from my mom. My dad moved around a lot when he was growing up, but my mom didn’t. At all. However when she and my dad decided to move our family to China, I never heard my mom say a negative word about moving. She left behind friends, family, and a life she loved to minister alongside my dad in a place without air conditioning or even reliable electricity and internet. I know what it looks like to follow God’s leading because I watched my parents do it as I grew up.

family pic{My parents, their five kids, and six grand kids! And yes, my nephew is trying to escape in this photo hence why I think it’s hilarious!}

Happy birthday, Mom! I love you. 🙂
Love Rach


26 responses to “Happy birthday, Mom!

  1. Happy day to your mom!
    Wonderful photos and stories

  2. What a beautiful birthday post for your mom!! Happy Birthday to her! She reared you to be a beautiful woman!

  3. 2harrellsonhood

    Thank God for loving mothers!! What a sweet post. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Such a lovely family you have! =)

  5. Such a sweet post! Happy birthday to your Mom! Having a fantastic Mom/role model is such a blessing 🙂

    Also, your wedding dress looks gorgeous!

  6. happy birthday to your mom:-) Now I feel like calling my mom just to say hi:-)

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom! Such a sweet post! 🙂

  8. What a sweet story! Happy birthday to your mom!! Have a good day Girly!

  9. No wonder you are such an amazing girl…you had an amazing role model! Happy birthday to your mom!

  10. Happy birthday to your mom! What an inspiring role model. I am sure she is very proud of the sweet and wonderful woman you are.

    Oh and that last picture – love it! The expression on the little girl’s face as she tries to hang on to the little boy is precious!

  11. Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  12. Aw happy birthday to your mom!

  13. Happy birthday to your mama!

  14. You and your mom are beautiful! What a tribute! I loved this post!

  15. Happy Birthday to your mom!! My mom has also become more laid back with (most of) us being out of the house!

  16. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love the last photo. The little girl’s face in the pink flower dress is priceless! Such a fun picture.

  17. Happy birthday to your mom! I know she’s awesome because she raised YOU!

  18. Aww, this was such a sweet post! Happy birthday to your mom, she sounds like such a sweet lady and an excellent role model to grow up with 🙂

  19. wow, happy birthday to your mom!
    great moments! adorable

    brazilian greetings

  20. Hope your mom has a wonderfully blessed birthday!!

  21. So sweet. Your momma has some strong genes, you look just like her!

  22. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman! I hope she had the happiest of birthdays! 🙂

  23. Happy Belated Birthday and Mother’s Day to your Momma! She comes off as such a good soul!

  24. Aww…this is so sweet ❤ you are a blessed daughter and what a wonderful woman your mom is! love this post!

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