I must be getting old

When I was in college I did an internship for a local church and part of the deal was that they would provide me with housing. Well… they got busy and on my first day I found out that they had totally forgotten to line up a place. Next thing I knew, I was standing on a stranger’s porch and without giving them any prior warning, the youth minister asked this couple if it would be okay with them if I moved in for the summer. They didn’t hesitate at all. They welcomed me with hugs and took my bag from me and  walked me to my new bedroom. I still remember Debbie running around trying to put things away so I would have space to live for the summer. And I especially remember how overwhelmed I was that these complete strangers would take me in on the spur of the moment for an entire summer without knowing anything about me other than that I was the new youth intern. 

doug and debbie

Since then, Doug and Debbie have only continued to bless both Christopher and I. Honestly, I can’t even begin to name all the things they have done for us over the years. Letting me live with them for TWO summers as I interned for their church, late night conversations, mentoring us, loving on us, Doug hiring Christopher for the summer and teaching him how to fix up an old house, helping plan our wedding, helping us move after we got married, and on and on. Christopher and I decided way back then that we wanted to serve and love others the same way Doug and Debbie had served and loved us.

doug and debbieWe got to see Doug and Debbie this past weekend because we were in town for a wedding and it was so so so good to catch up with them! 🙂

Speaking of that wedding… it was actually the wedding for one of the girls I was closest to during my days as an intern. I’ve known her since she was a cute little 8th grader and now she’s all grown up and married! I must be getting old if these girls I used to mentor are all old enough to be getting married now. 😉

kylie weddingUs nearly five years ago at mine and Christopher’s wedding and then us this past Saturday at Kylie’s wedding. Love love love this sweet girl. 🙂

kylie's weddingMany things have changed about Kylie as she has gotten older, but her height is not one of those things. 😉 Her wedding was fun and so sweet. I couldn’t be more happy for her. 🙂

Love Rach


30 responses to “I must be getting old

  1. Aww, this whole post is so sweet! I love that the people who took you in when you interned have continued to do things for you and help you!

  2. This world is so full of amazing people, and you constantly prove that. What an amazing couple to take you in like that. You are so blessed! And that bride is beautiful 🙂

  3. What a sweet relationship! And I love that you got to see one of your girls get married… a girl I taught during my first year of teaching just got engaged, and it’s totally making me feel old! Granted that was when I taught 17 year olds rather than 10 year olds… now when THESE kids get engaged I will officially be old!! 🙂

    • Oh, I know what you mean, though! One of the girls who was 18 when I was their intern got engaged and married while I was still in college (she was 19 by then) and it made me feel old, haha! I kept having to remind myself that I was still in college and not even that much older than her. It just seems strange when there is that divide between “adult role” and “kid”… and suddenly those kids are adults and getting married.

  4. So sweet!!!!! I can tell you and Chris do bless others the same way you were blessed!

  5. Haha…wow, you do tower over her. But she is such a beautiful bride! It does make you feel old, doesn’t it? Time flies!

    • Haha! Yes! It doesn’t help that I’m taller than average and she’s shorter than average. 😉 In both shots she’s in heels and I’m in flats. I’m 5’8 and she’s just a little over 5 feet. But yes, she is still a gorgeous bride. I can hardly believe she’s all grown up and married now!

  6. I love it!! What great memories.

  7. This is soo amazing. God puts people into our lives at crazy times. I am so happy you have these people! What a great time at the wedding too!

  8. wow, great moments!

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  9. Awww so sweet! It’s insane how fast time goes. My baby sister just “graduated” from 8th grade today, insanity… why isn’t she still in diapers?? Can’t even imagine how it feels to have someone you used to mentor get married! haha

    • Oh, I know what you mean! And the older we get, the FASTER time flies! My oldest nephew is 8 already which just blows my mind. I always think that he should still be like 2 or 3, haha! And ps. congrats to your sister! Exciting to move on to 9th! 🙂

  10. That is so sweet! That couple sounds so incredibly nice and giving. 🙂 I love your dress! It’s so pretty!

  11. Aw how sweet!! You look so beautiful (and tall!) Congrats to her!

  12. So great to have such loving and supportive mentors! Love your dress at the wedding!! Gorgeous!

  13. Looking very pretty -the two of you ❤

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