4 Wheelers and Horseback Riding

Twice a year one of the mentors for our adult class at church invites us all out to his farm for a day of fun (this is us there last October). This past Sunday was the big day! First up, some of us girls headed out on the 4 wheelers to explore!

4 wheelersMandy and Lilly on the left and Abigail and I on the right. Abigail grew up driving 4 wheelers and I was really impressed with her ability to navigate so quickly and safely through the woods on one. I’m pretty sure we would’ve been going at a snail’s pace if I had been driving. 😉 {photos courtesy of Mandy}

horseback riding with abigailAfter the 4 wheelers, Abigail and I decided it was time for some horse back riding!

off we goHeaded off for one of the trails, waving like princesses as we go. Because you know… princesses can wear shorts and ride astride. At least these two can. 😉 {photo courtesy of Mandy}

As you can see, of all the photos above only one is actually mine. I got busy talking and not taking pictures. Which is okay with me. I mean, I love to have the pictures to go with the memories, but I’m also not one to beat myself up over missed shots. Some days I’d rather just live in the moment and not behind the lens and some days I like to juggle both. 🙂

After half an hour on the trails horseback riding, we headed down to the lake to watch some of the kids fish. After that it was dinner time and I chatted with my mommy friends and held babies. 😀 There was a bonfire with hot dogs, chili, and s’mores. And so much good conversation. It reminded me how blessed I am to have such a great group of friends. 🙂
Love Rach


34 responses to “4 Wheelers and Horseback Riding

  1. It looks fun and relaxing!

  2. 4 wheeling is so much fun! Love the photos Rach 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Horseback riding is always so fun. I haven’t done it in years, though! 😦

  4. AH how fun!! I loveeee farms and spending the day at one would be magical!

  5. I’m kind of obsessed with horseback riding! I grew up doing it competitively but now just enjoy it when I can! Looks like fun!

  6. Looks like so much fun!

  7. 2harrellsonhood

    What a great time!! I’ve never had the greatest experiences with horses… But I’m all about the 4 wheelers and s’mores! 🙂

  8. This sounds PERFECT! I need to be friends with someone who owns a four wheeler!

  9. You’re so brave to get on them both- animal and machine. Happy day to you! ❤

  10. That looks like such a fun day! I’ve always wanted to go horseback riding. It’s on my list of things to do one day 🙂

  11. wow, great moments!
    i love this place

    brazilian greetings

  12. that sounds like an amazing and super fun day! Love that princess wave 😉

  13. I did the same thing this weekend… (Well, not the horse-back riding or 4-wheeling… Ha, ha. Although I LOVE doing that!). But I DID put my camera down and just enjoy the weekend. Sometimes, it’s so much fun to take pics… and sometimes, it’s great to just live in the moment. 🙂 Sounds like SUCH a fun day!!

  14. “Some days I’d rather just live in the moment and not behind the lens and some days I like to juggle both.” <- Amen!!

    Looks like you had a great time! Love the princess wave! I get soooooo nervous on horses, but I am totally at home on a 4-wheeler…I learned how to drive one when I was 14!

    • Haha! That’s funny ’cause I was sort of the opposite. I felt totally at ease on a horse since I’ve been riding from a young age, but being on a 4 wheeler was much scarier. I’m not sure why, haha! Thankfully Abigail was a great driver so I didn’t have to worry about coming to an untimely death. 😉

  15. Sooooo blessed indeed 🙂

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