Kooky Canuck

There are so many amazing places to eat in Memphis that it’s hard to pick a few favorites for out-of-town visitors. So we gave a list of our top favs to Christopher’s family and let them choose. When Christopher’s brother, Michael, heard that there was a place that served a 4 pound burger, he decided that we definitely had to go there!

kooky canuckKooky Canuck! Previously Big Foot Lodge (the name changed a couple of years ago, but the food has stayed the same as far as we can tell).

kooky canuckThat’s right! The Kookamonga was featured on Man vs Food! See Adam attempt (and fail) to take the challenge here. The challenge is to eat the entire 4lb burger (which is actually 7 1/2 pounds once you add in all the toppings) in under an hour. Several people have done it, including Patrick ‘deepdish’ Bertoletti who holds the record at 7 minutes and 15 seconds (see the video here, but be warned it’s competitive eating so it’s not cute).

poutineSince it’s a Canadian place, we always get the poutine. Fries and cheese covered in gravy may sound (and even look) gross, but believe me – it’s delicious! Smoky and rich in flavor. YUM!

kookamongaAnd of course, the Kookamonga in all its glory. 4 pounds of beef, 7 1/2 pounds all together! Oh, and with fries on the side in case you are still hungry. 😉

kooky canuckMichael prepares himself for the deliciousness with a bit of water

christopher kooky canuckChristopher is all kinds of excited about the Kookamonga!

kooky canuckMy “slice” of the burger. Between the six of us, we finished all but 2 “slices” of it.

Christopher loves the Kookamonga. For me, personally, I like it and it’s a fun novelty thing to do, but it doesn’t rank anywhere near my favorites for burgers. I just don’t like to eat a beef patty that is quite that thick. However, in the past I’ve had one of Kooky Canuck’s regular burgers (I had “The Canadian  which is bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, and grilled onions) and it was absolutely delicious! So, even if you aren’t interested in an enormous burger, you should still check out Kooky Cancuck because they have some delicious food! 🙂

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Love Rach


36 responses to “Kooky Canuck

  1. These stories make me want to come visit Memphis for at least a week!

  2. The burger itself scares the bajeebs outta me..WOOF, but this restaurant sounds like a blast! I love going places that were on the food network or travel channel!!

  3. With all of these amazing eats you post and of course you living there I have one conclusion…..I have got to come to Memphis!

  4. So fun! I used to take my students (I taught Special Education so my class was tiny) to Kooky Canuck and we’d split the Kookamonga. I kind of feel the same way you do about it but it’s so amusing for kids…and the young at heart.

    • Right! Exactly! It’s definitely a fun thing to do, but not exactly the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I do have a couple of friends who claim it’s the best burger they’ve had, but I think they just can’t get over how cool it is to eat an 8lb burger. 😉

  5. Yuck…I don’t think I could stomach that Kookamonga. But it was a good idea for you guys to share it! I assumed that when you ordered that burger, you HAD to try the one hour challenge. I’m glad you can just slice it up and share it at your leisure. 😀

    • Well, to technically do the 1 hour challenge, you have to do it by yourself, haha! So yeah, we didn’t officially try it, but that’s because we knew there was no possible way we could do it. Now if it were a plate of spaghetti or a pizza… that might be a different story. 😉

  6. 2harrellsonhood

    Wow! I have never seen such a large burger! That is insane that people can actually eat that whole thing!

  7. Oh wow. Gravy, fries, and cheese?? I’m in.

    Also that burger is huge. I prefer thinner patties, so I’d be likely the try The Canadian over the 7 lb’er.

  8. Haha. That looks like FUN!!!

  9. just got caught up reading the posts i missed while i was on vacation! i don’t think i’ve ever been to memphis, but it looks like i’m missing out!! thank you for always stopping by. you are too sweet to do that. thank you!

    • Well, if you’re ever in the area, let me know! I’d be more than happy to show you around. 🙂 And you are so welcome! I’ve really enjoyed your blog and all your beauty tips! I bought BB cream because of your post on it! 🙂

  10. Just LOOK at the size of that burger! You make me feel, more and more each day, that my life needs to take me to Memphis!!!

  11. Oh my, that BURGER! I can’t even imagine wanting to eat that, but I bet my husband would go nuts for it haha. And poutine is always a good choice 🙂

  12. WOW that is a big ole burger! It’s hilarious that you slice into it like a pizza, haha!

  13. Oh that is a BIG burger ahhah!!!! Looks like fun!!

    The Fashion Heels

  14. Wow! That is a huge burger!! I keep getting more and more reasons to visit Memphis after reading your blog. There are so many cool places 🙂

  15. That is officially the craziest burger EVER! LOL!!!

  16. I really want to try poutine someday, I mean, fries, gravy, cheese? gotta be good!

  17. I had the Canadian when I went! So yummy!!

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