Hadley Kate’s First Birthday!

Just over a year ago I got to meet Hadley Kate for the very first time. I made a comment in that blog post about how she looked “just like her momma” which is actually kind of funny because now she looks just like her dad! Anyway, on Saturday we celebrated her first birthday!

Hadley's BirthdayHadley Kate, birthday girl! 🙂

hadley's birthday2 Hadley with her parents, Jacob and Courtney

Hadley's Birthday3Cake is good stuff!

hadley's birthday4Caaaaake!

Hadley's Birthday5Jacob and Courtney with Hadley 🙂

Hadley's Birthday6The kids had a blast playing in the water and mud!

hadley's birthday7Kids + mud = so much fun!

I can hardly believe she’s one already! And seriously, could she be any cuter?! I just love her! 🙂
Love Rach


34 responses to “Hadley Kate’s First Birthday!

  1. so funny. i actually just wrote in my notebook of “future notes” today that i love the name “hadley”….hadley kate does a good job of reinforcing i love this name 🙂

    hope you are doing well friend!

  2. Gorgeous photos!!!!!!!! What a pretty name 🙂

  3. Kids and cake are the best photo opportunities and SO cute!! I LOVE cake just as much haha.

  4. She is adorable!

  5. She is seriously the cutest! Almost makes me want my own little baby…..almost.

  6. Aww! She is too cute! I love the cake pictures with her!

  7. What a beautie! Happy birthday to her!

  8. There really is no better photo opportunity than the combination of kids, cake, and mud. She’s adorable!!

  9. She is really cute! It’s fun that her parents let her play in the mud–I would have been freaking out! It looks like she’s eating mud in one of the photos! Ahhhh! But I guess that’s just what babies do…

    • Haha! I hear ya! Though her dad got a little overwhelmed with the mud and had to walk away. He’s kind of a clean freak, but overcoming it for the most part so his daughter can have a normal play-in-the-mud childhood. 🙂 And yes… she is definitely eating mud in that photo. 😉

  10. Oh my goodness…there’s no way she could be any more adorable! Love the mud pictures 🙂

  11. She is darling!!!! Love her sprinkle cake. 🙂

  12. She’s so cute!!! =D Happy birthday to her!!

  13. She’s so cute!!! =D Happy birthday to her!

  14. Omg she is the cutest lil thing!!

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  16. Awww… she looks so cute!!! ❤ Water and mud-the best outdoor play tools for a kid 🙂

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