Random Bits and Pieces

In case you haven’t noticed yet (or are reading this in your email/RSS feeder), I have some new social media icons on the blog under the “Get Connected” header! I got them for free from A Typical English Home and I just love them!

new icons!

In other news, I finally have begun to master the elusive (to me, anyway) sock bun! I’ve worn it twice this past week (to the concert and Mallory’s birthday party) and I think it’s pretty cute. It’s a little flat so I think I actually need a thicker sock for next time.

sock bunIt obviously still needs a little work, but I am just excited to finally be figuring it out. In the past it has been difficult to get it to work because I had layers cut into my hair, but those have grown out now. This is especially great timing to figure it out since my hair is so long and I definitely want cute styles to keep it off my neck in all this summer heat. 🙂

Today I had a lunch date with my friend Heather and wouldn’t you know it… we were wearing the exact same shirt from Target! We both thought it was pretty hilarious! I know some people hate the idea of matching someone else, but for some reason I’m not bothered by it. In fact, when I lived at home, my little sister and I would purposefully match or at least coordinate our outfits fairly often. 🙂

heather and me - twinsiesHeather and I rocking Target’s perfect blue tee from last summer. 🙂 As a side note, Heather is the same friend who I matched at the Emerson Drive concert a couple of weeks ago, but that was actually planned. Today was a total fluke! What can I say? Great minds think alike. 🙂

Love Rach



22 responses to “Random Bits and Pieces

  1. Y’all look adorable!

  2. 2harrellsonhood

    So cute! I have never tried the sock bun… Also a bit scared to try! 🙂 love that blue shirt. Target is the best!

  3. I had never heard of the sock bun before, but I absolutely love it on you! Now I really want to try, especially since my hair is getting so long and it’s so hot out these days.

  4. How funny you guys wore the same shirt!! You both look gorgeous! Love the sock bun and loovee the new connection buttons!

  5. I’m loving the sock bun!! Sadly, my hair is too short and layered to pull it off, but it looks great on you! And you and your friend are too cute with your matching! Gotta love that!

    • I’ve run across a couple of tutorials on making the sock bun work with shorter layered hair – you might check those out if you are interested. It’s definitely much easier without the layers getting in the way, though!

  6. Haha, I hosted a baby shower with some girls last weekend and another hostess and I came wearing the exact same dress!! It was funny, and I agree I don’t really mind matching! 🙂

  7. The girls I work with are always doing that sock bun, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it! It looks good! Better than I could do!

  8. You gals have good style!! Target clothes are the best, they last forever and cute and especially their cotton tees in fact I just looked down and I’m wearing one!

  9. When I spend a lot of time with someone, I find that we start accidentally “matching” each other, with no plan or intention whatsoever. I think that with some people, you just end up on the same wavelength (or whatever you want to call it). This is definitely happening with you and Heather. Plus, that shirt is a great color, so how could you NOT both wear it?!

    • It’s so weird how that happens! One of my roomies in college and I would get up and get ready at different times (she had an early class) and would meet up for lunch only to find that we were wearing the same top! I think you’re right – you just get on that same wave-length!

  10. You both look pretty! I love that color shirt 🙂

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