A Love Letter

I woke up to a letter from my husband a couple of days ago. It may seem weird to share such a personal letter with the world, but it is such a good glimpse into the way he loves me and can help you guys know him a little better so I’m sharing anyway. 😉 The things he wrote are all things that he has verbalized to me, but having it all written down in one place together was a bit overwhelming (in a really good way!!). 😀 I am one lucky girl. If you aren’t the mushy-type, just stop reading now and know that it was precious. 😉


I love you more than my words here can say and I wish I were better with words because they are such a big thing for you. But, please know that I love you so much and I am so thankful to be married to you. I look forward to being with you every day when we come home and I am excited to be done with my MBA so that we can spend more time together. 

I love you because everything just feels so natural with you. I feel totally at home and at rest with you. You are my stronghold, my rock. You make me feel more secure than I have ever felt before. When I have a bad day I just want to sit with you and be in your presence. You bring a calming effect to my life and I love you so much.  

I love that you are so smart. You should really consider writing a book or teaching. You are very very smart. Not only are you smart, but you are very beautiful. And on days when you have trouble believing that, you can listen to just about everyone we meet who says how beautiful you are.

I love how we have become so serving to one another. I know you say that I do a lot for you, but you do everything for me and I truly appreciate it. 

I love that you are funny, loving, caring, empathetic, understanding, cute, faithful, honest, serving, and have great navigational skills. You are classy and refined. You are a great cook and knowledgeable in so many things. 

I love how you love those around you. You are a great friend. You are always willing to listen and empathize so easily. You are a wonderful nanny and someday you will be the best mom. You are a blessing to your family. They can’t miss what a wonderful Christian woman you have grown into.  You are even having an impact on people you have never officially met because of your blog. A lot of people read that and the examples you set on the site will be remembered. One of the biggest impacts you are having is with your teen girls. They will remember you all of their lives. Even though they are young and do not understand a lot of things, just as we were, they will realize how awesome you are as they get older.

I love how you imitate Jesus. I think the biggest way I see you being like Jesus and living out scripture is through serving and your relationships. You are always around to help someone with whatever they might be going through and I think that is a huge thing. Also your compassion and drive for helping the world is very Jesus like. I am not sure where we will end up in this world, but I suspect we will be doing mission work anywhere we go, whether that is living abroad or staying in the States. 

Thank you for being my wife and for the woman that you are. I am so proud of you and think that marrying you is the best accomplishment of my life.

I love you more.

He’s the best. He’s much better with words than he gives himself credit for. And I love him more times infinity. 🙂
Love Rach

41 responses to “A Love Letter

  1. And now I am a big sappy, puddle of mush….

    This is so sweet. You two are a lovely couple – inside and out.

  2. Ohhh my SWOON! You two were made for eachother, no doubt about it!!! What an amazing letter.

  3. Now that I’ve wiped my eyes, I can comment. 😉 This is a beautiful, touching letter. It seems to me you are both lucky to have the other.
    You are a beautiful, loving couple. I wish you many happy years together.

  4. Oh my goodness! I am teary eyed! What an amazing relationship you two have. So strong and beautiful!

  5. Y’all are precious!

  6. Super sweet! 🙂

  7. Amazing writer he is. Very much like you. God bless you both with lots of fun!

  8. Amazing writer he is. Very much like you.
    Lucky you both. All the best!

  9. So so so sweet 🙂 You are all of those things that he says. What a wonderful way for Christ to show how much He adores and loves you through this man’s incredible adoration and love for you 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness. I just love you two so much! What a sweet letter from your husband. I am so happy to see a young Christian couple SO in love with each other and most importantly, the Lord!

    • A nd you know, people have always told us that it doesn’t last. They told us that when we dated and they told us when we were newly weds. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s been nearly 9 years since we met and I am far more deeply in love with him than I was in the beginning. I’m sure you can relate to that since you and Jimmy have been together so long as well! Don’t let anyone discourage you from long-term relationships. They are good stuff! 🙂

  11. This is such a sweet letter! I agree with you, even though you might hear these things from time to time, it’s really special to have it written down so that you can save it and look at it again and again. 🙂

  12. How amazingly beautiful! I LOVE when Will writes me letters or emails 😉 This definitely brought a tear to my eye!

  13. This is very cute! Love letters are just the best.

  14. Such a beautiful letter! I love leaving Mike notes too. They never get old 🙂

  15. This is a beautiful letter, seriously. So sweet!

  16. Oh Rach!!! this is so very cute!!!! one big happy couple you are!! and you mentioned how this will help us know Christopher better, but the truth is, this helps me know you better!! It’s very much evident that you a wonderful person and though I am miles away in India, I do wish that one day I get you meet you guys. One of your best posts ever! Happy living 🙂

  17. Oh my goodness how beautiful!!!

  18. Awwww!! That is the sweetest letter ever.

  19. awww…he’s so sweet! Writing letters to each other is the greatest thing. Years ago before Felipe and I started dating, we would write letters to each other every day while I was in Nicaragua. I never realized how special writing letters to each other is. I love hand writing letters now!

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