Dinner, Dessert, and Sunset

After Whitney’s baby shower on Saturday, Christopher and I decided to knock a couple of places off our “Memphis Eats” list. We started at Edo Japanese Restaurant which is right next door to Jerusalem Market.

edosRemember when we went to Jerusalem Market? It was yummy! So we had high hopes for the authenticity of Edo as well.

edoI read several reviews where people critiqued the decor, but Christopher and I actually found it kind of fun. A little run down maybe, but the Asian inspired theme promoted a semi-romantic setting with partitioned booths and low lighting. But one does not go to Edo for the decor…

edo ginger saladThis is their ginger dressing on a salad that came with the meal we split. I actually enjoyed this, but that’s not necessarily a good sign since I don’t just love ginger. In fact, this is the first time I’ve had a ginger dressing that I liked. Christopher said it was a little bland compared to normal. So if you’re like me and want just a hint of ginger – you’ll enjoy their salad. 😉

edo chicken teriyakiThe chicken teriyaki, however, did not disappoint. Oh. My. Gracious. Hands down best chicken teriyaki I’ve ever had. The chicken had been slightly charred, but still plenty tender and the sauce was delectable (not at all syrupy like some places). I will go back here just to order this again! So good!

edo shrimp tempuraI had heard some rave reviews about their tempura. It was good. No complaints at all. I wouldn’t say it was the best I’d ever had, but I would definitely eat it again if I were at Edo.

sushiCalifornia rolls (my fav) and spicy tuna rolls (Christopher’s fav). The sushi was delightful. And at less than $4 a roll, it’s not expensive.

Edo Japanese on Urbanspoon
EDO Japanese Restaurant on Foodio54

After dinner we headed to Jerry’s Sno Cones for dessert!

jerry's sno conesJerry’s is a Memphis favorite. We hear about it all the time and yet somehow have never made it here in the five years we’ve lived in Memphis… until now!

jerry's snow conesThis was our first time to Jerry’s, but from what I’ve heard there is nearly always a long line. I’m not kidding when I say that it is a Memphis fav!

jerry's sno conesThe color scheme certainly makes me smile 🙂

jerry sno cones flavorsAll their flavors!

jerry's sno conesI got Orchid (vanilla) because it was the only sugar free flavor they had and Christopher got Wedding Cake Supreme (with icecream) because it was what we had heard from so many people to get.

sno cones at sunsetEnjoying our sno cones at sunset 🙂

To be 100% honest… we didn’t fall in love with Jerry’s. The biggest reason is probably because Christopher doesn’t just love sno cones and the only flavor option they  had for me was vanilla. We both enjoyed our sno cones, but wouldn’t go back just the two of us. If we had friends in town who loved sno cones, though, we’d definitely take them. It’s a fun experience. 🙂

Jerry's Sno Cone on Urbanspoon
Jerry's Sno Cones on Foodio54

I’m glad we were able to knock a couple of places off our list. We are adding MORE restaurants to it nearly as fast as we take ones off, haha!

Love Rach


32 responses to “Dinner, Dessert, and Sunset

  1. both of those places look DELICIOUS!
    Y’all pick some great joints to eat at!

  2. Mmm, sushi! I love sushi. Both place looked like they were fun eats.

  3. Ohh man, I need to make a foodie bucket list! I don’t know if I ever got on board with the ice cream/sno cone combo. I had it once in Hawaii and it was just ok.

  4. That chicken does look AMAZING!

  5. Sushi is by far one of my favorite summertime meals, yum!

  6. I LOVE Jerusalem Market! If you like Middle Eastern food, you should check out Kabob International out on G-town Parkway. The best kabob I’ve ever had – I don’t know what they marinate the chicken in, but it’s amazing. I’ll have to give Edo a try!

  7. Wow! That is one colorful place! I don’t think I’ve ever had a snowcone! I’ve had water ice. Is that the same thing?

  8. Ahhh! The Sno Cone place looks fun! Yeah, I’m not that crazy about them either, but I’d still go once!!!

  9. I’m not a fan of snow cones either, to be honest. Nate and I were so excited to try them in Hawaii, but we definitely came to the conclusion that icecream is way better. 😉

  10. I can’t believe how many flavors they had for those snocones! The wedding cake one sounds delicious!

  11. You’re right… No one goes out to eat for decor (though it is nice for a restaurant to look nice), it’s all about the food! And I’m glad you enjoyed your food!

  12. I can’t believe some of those flavors! How would you know what to order? Shrek? Purple Haze? Roller Coaster? I would be so indecisive!

  13. MMM I have not had a sno cone in years. You’re making my mouth water! That teriyaki, OH my goodness. Glad you had a good time!!

  14. mmm the food looks delicious!!! beautiful place!

    The Fashion Heels

  15. Why did people knock the decor in that Japanese place? Is it not “authentic” or something? Granted, I only visited Japan for like a DAY, but it looks like a real Japanese restaurant to me! And the food looks really good.

    We have an ice cream place in a nearby neighborhood that looks a lot like that sno-cone place (and has a similarly long line ALL the time). We went and tried it, and we decided that the ice cream was pretty good, but nothing too different from what you get at any other ice cream place. We haven’t gone back just because we hated standing out there in that ridiculously long line…

    • I think it just wasn’t super swanky compared to other places in town. But again, we go out to eat for DELICIOUS food… not as worried about the decor. 😉 As long as it is clean, I’m good!

      Yes! That’s exactly how we felt about the line! I can’t imagine standing in that line again (unless we were with people who really loved sno cones). It just wasn’t that stellar.

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