My Boys :)

I love my husband and I love my pup. So when the two of them are having precious bonding moments, I love them both just a little more. 😀

swaddling the babeFrom now on when people ask why we don’t have kids yet, I will refer them to this photo of Christopher with our dog that he just swaddled. Obviously we do have a child already… 😉

oreo and christopher“Nothing happening here… move along…”

No joke, every time I see this photo I laugh out loud. It cracks me up. Both of their faces! So funny! I just love my boys. 🙂
Love Rach


37 responses to “My Boys :)

  1. Hahah! Love both photos. Two very sweet and handsome boys, obviously.

  2. They are just the cutest Rach 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. These pictures are great! The second one is awesome haha.

  4. Those are such cute photos! Alan and I used to get the question of why no kids, all the time. It just wasn’t God’s timing! Y’all have fun babying the one and only Oreo! Italy is getting close!!!!

  5. Amen…no need for human children, my pets will always be my kids! HA!

  6. cute pics. Fur babies are the best arent they.

  7. ,my dog is totally my son! Hehe

  8. Aw! What a cute photo!

  9. Oreo looks so cute all swaddled up like that! Your husband looks like Zach Braff from Scrubs in that second photo–just the goofy facial expression, I guess. 🙂

  10. Too funny! Looks a lot like my husband and our dog!

  11. I have to say this is pretty precious! My husband and our dog are the best of friends too! 🙂

  12. Christopher looks so different in that second pic! Maybe it’s the guilty expression on his face? 😉 LOVE both of the pics! (And my hubby and I use pretty much the same excuse for not having kids yet, except we use our cats as our children. Ha, ha).

  13. I LOVE this!! I feel the same way about my husband and my cats. 🙂 Such cute pictures!

  14. Aaahhh, this is adorable!!! That second one is hilarious. And I love that he swaddled the dog haha. Our dog is our baby too…it definitely warms my heart when him and Steve have their moments together!

  15. Oreo is adorable! 🙂 love these pictures!

  16. Oh my gosh! These pictures are too cute!! We are hoping to get a puppy very soon 🙂

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