The Time a German Man Almost Made Me Cry

After spending the night in Dusseldorf, Germany (at the end of our Italy trip), we decided to stop by the Starbucks in the airport for a quick breakfast before our flight back to the States. So we go to order and I tell the English-speaking German barista that I want a skinny mocha (actually a decaf skinny soy mocha, haha… I’m high maintenance at S*bucks).

He looks at me and says “skinny mocha?” to which I respond, “yeah, like with less sugar.” To which he gives me this look like I am a complete idiot and says slowly enunciating each word in his German accent:”Chocolate. Is. Sweet. Chocolate has sugar. There is no such thing as sugar free chocolate.”

I can get my feelings hurt pretty easily when someone treats me like I’m dumb so I had to stop myself from tearing up and I kind of fumbled with my words for a minute, “oh well… some Starbucks… well… never mind…” and he looks at me like maybe I’m not a total imbecile. He asks, “In America… they have chocolate without sugar?” Both Christopher and I nodded our heads yes and the look on his face was hysterical. He looked absolutely flabbergasted. He was at a loss for words for a good 30 seconds before finally telling us that they did not have such a thing in Germany.

For the record, we didn’t spend much time in Germany, but everyone else we met there was very warm and kind to us. I know people joke about German sounding like a scary-shouting-sort-of-language, but I heard two children speaking it to each other in the airport and it was absolutely precious. But then of course, a lot of people say that Chinese can sound like a really harsh language as well. It’s all in what you’re used to I suppose. But speaking of how German sounds a bit harsher to the native-English-speaker’s-ear than other languages… watch this video:

Christopher and I about died of laughter watching and rewatching this video before we left for our Italy trip. My favorite part, “Ambulance… KRANKENWAGEN!” The whole time we were in Germany I kept hoping that I would hear someone actually say that. Sadly, I never did, BUT! I did see an ambulance and sure enough it said “Krankenwagen” across the front! Ah, good times. 🙂

So word to the wise, if you happen to go to a Starbucks in Germany don’t expect them to have all the same sugar free syrups they have in the USA (they did have SF hazelnut and SF vanilla, though as well as a soy option for milk). Or better yet, hopefully you won’t just be in the airport in Germany so you can actually have a real German breakfast instead of just Starbucks. 😉

Love Rach

24 responses to “The Time a German Man Almost Made Me Cry

  1. Wait a second…chocolate has sugar in it? Haha. You poor thing. I would have gotten my feelings hurt too! So bummed you didn’t hear ambulance in German. Haha!

  2. Aw I totally would have gotten my feelings hurt too. That’s actually pretty dumb of him… chocolate doesn’t have sugar in it until we add it… Oh and that video is hilarious!

  3. Oh my gosh that video!!! I have to admit, the word “sex” made me DIE when the German said it. And then also canary..HAHA. OHh my gosh I would have probably set this guy straight, I am so sorry he hurt your feelings. I would have been like LOOK BUDDY there are OTHER things outside of your German bubble!! OK no I wouldn’t have, but I would have thought it!

    • Haha! I am so non confrontational… I obviously need to bring you along with me when I go places. 😉 Next time someone is a meanie to me I am going to be all, “Oooh you shouldn’t have said that to me! I am going to tell my Britt on you!” 😛

  4. Aw, I’m sorry that the guy treated you that way. I would have been insulted and hurt too.

  5. I would have gotten hurt too. You had the last laugh though…and educated him a bit without being sassy or rude. Well done!

    That video is really funny! I wonder if Germans are especially good spellers – the words are all so LONG!

  6. I would love to visit Germany one day…. It is funny how we take for granted the things we have here other countries will have.

  7. My friend is actually working in Germany right now for Volvo. He loves it there! What an interesting situation to be in!

  8. So cute! I actually can relate to you–I am super sensitive and know the exact feeling you had! I’m glad the situation turned around for you though. 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness, that’s the worst! I definitely would have had my feelings hurt too. Glad he came around and was more polite/understanding in the end. And I love that video! My family is German, and it always sounded so sweet from my Oma, but my Opa sounded exactly like the guy in the video haha.

    • Haha! I LOVE that your Opa sounded exactly like the guy in the video! That makes me so happy! When we watched it, we were all “oh, Germans don’t sound like this… they are just picking words to make it sound harsher than it is…” but we kind of secretly hoped that there were at least some Germans who spoke just like that. So glad to know it’s true!

  10. I would have felt offended too, the way the guy had to speak extra slowly and give you a lesson about chocolate. At least he figured it out in the end. And your video is hilarious! The guy’s facial expressions are ridiculous! We met a German guy one time (when we were in China!) and he didn’t sound quite as angry when he spoke German, haha! 🙂

  11. Awww I can just imagine how sad you looked, and I would have been so mad at him for making you sad! It doesn’t surprise me that they don’t do “skinny” over there. Most countries know that all the sugar free stuff isn’t “good” for you, so they don’t introduce it in their culture.

  12. awww, i can’t stand when that happens! sadly, i’ve encountered that more in the US than in europe!

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