New China

It seems as if most Americanized-Chinese places are all pretty much the same. So far I haven’t found a place here in Memphis that has really authentic Chinese dishes, but I know I’ll find one eventually! However, when it comes to really excellent Americanized-Chinese food, New China is our current favorite place!

new chinaLocated in a Kroger shopping center off Kirby/Quince.

new chinaIt’s a super small joint, but the employees are super friendly and all the food is made fresh when you order it. This meant a ten minute wait, but it was more than worth it!

new chinaThe hot and sour soup. Christopher raves about this stuff. I’m not so much a fan so I honestly didn’t even try theirs, haha!

new chinaSweet and Sour chicken. Oh yeah, look at all that fried goodness. It is SO delicious! I’m not sure what they put in this, but it must be something addicting because I have random cravings for New China’s sweet & sour chicken far too often, haha!

I just checked their page on Urbanspoon and oh my goodness, other people must have had a really terrible experience there. I’m not sure how it could only have a 75% rating! We’ve been at least half a dozen times and it is always delicious. Maybe it depends on what you order? We always get the same thing, haha! Or maybe people don’t like to wait to get their food (as opposed to some Chinese places that have a buffet)? I’m not sure. I do know that it’s packed around lunch time during the work week. So ignore the negatives ratings and trust me (at least on the sweet & sour chicken front)!

New China on Urbanspoon

Love Rach


20 responses to “New China

  1. I’ve never had hot and sour soup before! I’ve always wanted to try it. Sweet and sour chicken is good but I hate that it’s fried. It bothers my tummy. Looks good though 🙂

  2. Mmmm that chicken looks so darn good! Yum!!!

  3. Yum! I love sweet & sour chicken.

  4. Have you gone to Panda Garden (on Summer)? It’s the best Chinese food we’ve found in town. So fresh…and maybe authentic, but I have no idea. The reviews other people have written make me think it’s more authentic than most.

  5. yummmm girl i LOVE some good chinese food!

  6. Mmmmm! Looks & sounds good!
    We have a Mexican restaurant that gets mixed reviews, but my family and I always love the food there. Never know what reviewers are thinking.

  7. I am such a creature of habit when it comes to restaurant dining, too. If I like something at a particular place, I always order the same item so as to avoid disappointment! I hope you are able to boost their ratings!!

    • Yes, exactly! Christopher teases me and says that I hate trying new things, but it’s not that at all! In fact I normally try a couple of bites of his food if it looks good to me, but I don’t order something different unless I know I’m going to love it. 😉

  8. Have you tried the Chinese place at Summer and 240 next to Garden Ridge? I’ve heard that one is really good.

  9. I love Chinese food! I’ve been dying for some stir-fry lately. 🙂

  10. Yumm I would say food like that is totally worth the wait!! I haven’t found a good Chinese place here in Richmond but I need to keep searching!

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