Carvin’ Pumpkins!

Last night our friends Brodie and Lyndal came over to carve pumpkins with us! We had apple cider and cinnamon harvest tea while we worked!

pumpkinsOur pumpkins, ready for carving!

brodie and christopherBrodie and Christopher planning their pumpkins!

brodie christopher and oreoOreo loves pumpkin! We kept feeding him bits and pieces of our pumpkins as we were working on them so he was pretty excited about Christopher holding his pumpkin so close to the ground.

us with brodie and lyndalUs with our pumpkins!

pumpkinsOur pumpkins all lit up! 🙂

DSC_0611 copyChristopher made a fire in the backyard so we could roast marshmallows for s’mores. 🙂


Happy Halloween week! 🙂
Love Rach


36 responses to “Carvin’ Pumpkins!

  1. Aww, this looks like such a fun time! I love the Hello Kitty pumpkin, and of course your owl pumpkin. TOO cute!

  2. WOW! This is like the PERFECT Fall evening:) I wish we could come over!!!! so fun!

  3. Perfect fall night right there! I need to plan one of these. October is almost over. Ah!!!

  4. Your pumpkins look great! I love your lil’ owl! Nice round pumpkins too. Mine were a lil’ picked over by the time I went to the store. LOL!
    Pumpkin is good for Oreo’s digestive system. Good snack!
    And s’mores! Yum!

    • Thanks! I was excited to find good pumpkins such last minute (I bought them that day, haha). 🙂 Pumpkin definitely is Oreo’s friend! Anytime we open a can of it to bake he begins to look awfully pitiful. 😉 He had an upset tummy once and we gave him some to settle his tummy and ever since then, he has had the taste for it!

  5. Aw, I love the owl!

  6. Love your owl! Very cute! I had an owl design all picked out to carve into my pumpkin, too, but then homework got in the way…Maybe I’ll end up carving my pumpkin on Halloween night!

  7. The pumpkins look fabulous!

  8. Your pumpkins look great! S’mores are the perfect ending to a fun night 🙂

  9. What a PERFECT fall evening!! Your pumpkins look terrific. And look how cute Oreo is – “Look dad, I’m being really really good, share some pumpkin please!”

  10. one of the best ways to spend a night! pumpkin carving + smores!!!
    and y’alls pumpkins are amazing!

  11. All of your pumpkins are so great!! We love pumpkin carving, but we’re slackers and didn’t get around to it this year. Lame! And I’m jealous that it’s still warm enough there for a backyard fire. We’re covered in snow.

    • Girl, you need to come visit me. You know, where’s it still 60 degrees. Or even better, we should meet up at the beach where it’s still in the mid 70’s and have a camp fire there. 😉 It’s crazy that it’s snowing up there already!

  12. Your pumpkins look so nice!!!

  13. I love group activities like this, so fun! All these pumpkins turned out great.

  14. I like Christopher’s pumpkin the best!! 🙂

  15. You guys are pretty dang talented! I’ll take a smore too 😉

  16. Pumpkin carving is so much fun! What great artists you guys are! ❤

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