Thanksgiving Recap

Christopher and I spent Thanksgiving with his parents this year. My parents were busy hanging out in Germany and celebrating their anniversary (they got married on Thanksgiving day… how cute is that?!). Also, just in general, this was our year to have Thanksgiving with Christopher’s parents (we’ve been switching back and forth between our families every year since good ol’ 2005).

the famUs with Christopher’s parents. We completely forgot to get a family shot this year, but it’s okay – we’ll make up for it in a couple of weeks when we see them again. 🙂 {photo from last November – the weekend before Thanksgiving 2012}

DSC_0172Thanksgiving morning began with the Macy’s Parade! I literally started bouncing up and down squealing when Santa appeared. 😉

DSC_0178Christopher and his dad (well… his dad’s hands, haha) cracking pecans!

DSC_0183Turkey, pumpkin pie, crescent rolls, and sweet potato casserole all in the oven. And if you look to the right bottom of the photo you’ll see the fuzzy face of a pup who wanted to help out in the kitchen as much as possible. 😉

oreo thanksgivingI mean, look at that guy sniffin’ around for food. He acts like we never feed him. 😛

thanksgiving But can you blame him? I was following my nose to the table too!

Christopher carving the turkeyChristopher carefully carving the turkey. One thing (of many) that I love about my in-laws is that they are so open and welcoming. We had an extra member at our Thanksgiving table this year simply because this sweet lady had no family in town to celebrate with. Often when I was growing up, I never knew who would be around our dinner table – especially when we lived in China. Christopher and I both grew up with great examples of hospitality. 🙂

black fridayThe next morning was BLACK FRIDAY! Yes, this is my drink at Starbucks. Decaf skinny soy mocha. I’m high maintenance when it comes to Starbucks drinks, but at $5 for coffee, I figure I’m allowed to be. Anyway, we got lots of amazing deals and did a fair bit of Christmas shopping. There was one thing in particular that we got that was just amazing, but it’s a huge secret until Christmas (it’s a gift for someone else). I’m excited to write all about it after said person opens the gift!

DSC_0212On Saturday we dug out all the Christmas decor and helped my in-laws decorate.

oreo helpingNaturally Oreo helped too. 😉

xmas treeMy parents-in-law’s Christmas tree after we were all done. 🙂

We spent some time looking at Christmas lights later that night on a family walk and then ended the evening with Christmas movies. We came home late Sunday afternoon (after church and lunch). It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Great reminders of what I have to be thankful for! 🙂
Love Rach



27 responses to “Thanksgiving Recap

  1. Your Thanksgiving warms my heart!… as does your little Oreo peeking into the oven! My little DC44 did just the same when visiting my Italian Family. 🙂 Note: I’ve retired from calling her a Hoover – I needed something stronger like the Pet Dyson! 😉 This post filled my day with joy. Merci, madame!

  2. It sounds like you had such a great Thanksgiving! All of the food looks great and the tree is so pretty! 🙂

  3. A lovely Thanksgiving! The food looks so delicious – I don’t blame you or Oreo for following your noses to the table!

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday! I love the idea of getting married on Thanksgiving… so cute!!

  5. ok serious – puppy faces are so cute!!! 🙂
    and the food – looks heavenly as always!!!
    girl i’m still attempting to get my Christmas all set up and finished – goodness!

    • Well there were four of us getting it all done at his parents’ so it was pretty quick. 😉 It took us way longer to do our house because there were only two of us and we also have a ridiculous number of Christmas decorations. 😛

  6. Looks yummy and fun!! Glad you had fun celebrating Thanksgiving!!

  7. Looks like a fabulous Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to read about this super secret gift! 😉

  8. I LOVE the picture of Oreo sniffing at the plate on the table–he is so sweet! And good for you for braving the Black Friday crowds and getting some great deals! I was in Philly for Thanksgiving this year, and I feel like shopping Black Friday on the streets of Philly is extra dangerous (compared to being in the south like I usually am on Thanksgiving). Someone brought their taser gun and started tasering other shoppers this year! 😦

    • Oh girl, I hear you! If we had been in Memphis, there is no way we would have been part of the black Friday craziness. People go straight crazy. My in-laws live in a small town, but they have a Walmart and JCP so we did our crowded time shopping there. We went to Little Rock later in the morning on Friday after most of the more intense people had gone to bed, haha! No discount is worth getting injured for!

  9. That tree looks gorgeous! And that table filled with food looks mighty tasty 🙂

  10. It looks like a perfectly cozy and happy holiday. Love the tree!

  11. Oh man, I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas!!

  12. What a wonderful trip!! I love that you two switch back and forth on where you spend your holidays. I love your Starbucks drink ahaha…I totally navigate towards the codes on the cups and love deciphering them.

  13. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving! You are definitely blessed!

  14. Your parents must have had a fabulous time, but it looks like y’all did too!

    • They did have a great time! They sent us pictures of them at all these amazing castles all throughout the trip. We will see them in person next week and we’ll get to hear all about the trip then. I’m excited for them that they got to go! 🙂

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