My Favorite Lip Balm {Giveaway}

A couple of years ago Alicia from Eco Friendly Homemaking asked me to do a review and giveaway of the natural products she and her husband make. My absolute favorite thing from the package she sent me back then was the pet shampoo and conditioner bar. We loved it so much that we have only used it on Oreo since 2011 when I did that review. I love that this is an all natural cleanser without chemicals and I especially love that he actually smells GOOD after a bath! Before we used this pet soap he would have that “wet dog smell” after being bathed. Not anymore! He gets a bath once a week and smells great and his coat is healthy! I cannot recommend this enough if you have pets!

pet shampoo bar{source}

Anyway, you know that I love that pet shampoo bar when I’m reviewing it again without even being asked, haha! In my package this time, Alicia sent a bath and body bar, honey and oatmeal bar, exotic body  butter, and lip balm.

eco natural soap

Coconut Milk Honey & Oatmeal Bar: I used this in place of my regular “body wash” and I loved how moisturized it left my skin feeling! And there is a pleasant light honey scent too.

Exotic Butters Luxury Dry Skin Balm in Citrus Sunrise:  Christopher and I both used this on our dry hands (boo winter!) and it made a big difference! He even took it with him to work and let his coworkers try it and it was a hit there as well.

Bath & Body Bar in Key Lime Pie:  We have been using this as a hand soap and it definitely leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean!

Lip Balm: And I saved the best for last! I love this lip balm. It works SO well and it is all natural. Most importantly this means that there are no drying agents that cause you to constantly reapply. Alicia and her husband have actually surprised me a couple of times over the years by adding a little tube of lip balm for free to my pet shampoo orders. I realized this time around, though, that I need several tubes of it because I need one in my car, one in my purse, one in my camera bag… haha! So I just ordered two more tubes of it yesterday. I’ve tried the unscented and cocoa butter ones and I love them both!

eco natural lip balmSuch a little tube, so full of goodness!

Speaking of ordering things from their website, I have to tell you guys… they never charge for shipping. Ever. Is that not amazing? I just love that about them!  You know what else I love about them? They want to give you the chance to try out some of these products as well!! To enter the giveaway here’s what you need to do:

– Go to Eco Natural Soap and pick out a few products that you would really love to try
– Comment here telling me which ones you would choose and why
This giveaway will end on Tuesday, February 11th at midnight (winner will be randomly chosen and announced the next day)

And because Alicia is awesome, she’s giving a coupon code for 15% off any order over $10 (even products on sale!). It’s good through Valentine’s Day! The code is: TIF1514

Love Rach


21 responses to “My Favorite Lip Balm {Giveaway}

  1. WINTER DRY SKIN Relief Combo 4 Piece Package! I am so tired of dry skin in the winter so it would definitely be this package! I have never won one of these giveaways!!!! Crossing my fingers!!!!

  2. I would LOVE some of their lip balm!!!

  3. You’ve got me sold on the lip balm and the Exotic Butters Luxury Dry Skin Balm. I am addicted to chapstick, especially during the winter time! And my hands are so dry and gross this time of year, too! After checking out the website, I’m also intrigued by Scars, Age Spots, and Stretch Marks Relief Bar. I used to have acne when I was a teen, and I face has (mostly) cleared up at this point, but I have a lot of scarring left behind. And obviously, now that baby is on the way, I’m getting worried about stretch marks, too! I’d be interested to see how well it works.

  4. I am definitely in the market for some new lip balm, and this sounds amazing!

  5. I love these type of natural products! Any soap that would help with dry winter hands would be so awesome to try, I have a huge issue with that during the colder months. Also lip balm, yes, lip balm!

  6. I’ll take one of everything, please. 🙂 Their products look and sound terrific. In all seriousness, I want a bar of the spearmint lavender soap and an unscented and cocoa butter lip balm.

  7. I would love to try the Coconut Milk Honey Oatmeal Moisturizer bar, Spearmint Lavendar bar and the Pet Shampoo! Lucy has the wet dog smell too after baths.

  8. I would love to try the Bath & Body Bar in Spearmint Lavender!

  9. I would definitely try the cocoa butter lip balm! I love using natural skin products (I actually have a blog post coming about that soon, haha), but I haven’t been able to find a good, natural (not horribly expensive), lip balm. And…I use so much lip balm, it’s ridiculous. We’re so dry here in the mountains of Arizona! 😉


  10. I didn’t see your first review, so I’m glad you blogged about it again – I’ve been looking for something that makes Kinzie smell nice ever since we got her — the traditional shampoos have such a chemical-like smell. i’ll definitely head over to her site 🙂

  11. I’ll have to try it!

  12. I would love to try the cocoa butter lip balm. My lips have been so chapped this winter from the cold.

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  14. Okay, these products all look AMAZING! I’m all about natural beauty products…I buy most of my skin products from a local all-natural shop, and I like them so much better than what I was using before. I was completely sold on the lip balm (especially because they have a pumpkin spice one), but then I saw the pet relief balm. I’m pretty sure I’d have to choose that, because Max is prone to hot spots, and the cream from the vet is SO expensive! I might have to get some, even if I don’t win it! 🙂

  15. Okay, so I have a little addiction problem when it comes to soaps/beauty products, and you are totally feeding into it. I am always looking for new recommendations, so thanks!!

    I was instantly drawn to the Wintry Dry Skin package because the weather has been terrible here in the Northeast, and my skin is so dry! I also would love to try the Facial Hydration Balm or Bar for the same reason! I’d also be interested in trying the Age/Hyperpigmentation Relief Balm to even out my skin tone.

    Thanks, Rach!

  16. I would love to try that pet shampoo bar! One of our cats needs baths at least weekly, and I am always worried about his skin getting dry.

  17. I would love to try the cuticle relief balm and the Arthritis Joint relief balm! So many great products! I’ll def have to try the pet shampoo for Sadie!

  18. I wold love to try the cocoa butter lip balm. I have used the old stand-by chapstick for a long time…these products just seem so much more luxurious–a treat for your skin and lips!

  19. I would like to try No More Wrinkles Pkg because I don’t like wrinkles!

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