Weekend Recap

This weekend my parents-in-law were in town. For those who don’t know, my father-in-law has dementia. I haven’t blogged about it before now for various reasons, but I am about to share a photo with you guys that makes my heart smile and I want you to understand why.

tonyThis is my father-in-law, Tony, trying on hats in JC Penney this weekend just for kicks and giggles. And I have to tell you: I. Love. His. Smile. Dementia is a progressive disease with no cure. There are days when my heart breaks all over again because of this illness. But this weekend, for a few minutes in JCP, we laughed together just like we used to over 9 years ago when I first met him. I am thankful for moments like these.

Also this weekend, IT SNOWED!! I know everyone else has already had snow this winter, but other than some flurries, this weekend was the first time it stuck here. Up until now, Memphis has just had the ridiculously cold temps and ice. I don’t like the cold period, but if it has to be cold then there might as well be snow! 😀

This weekend we discovered that Oreo likes to eat snow. He also enjoys frolicking in it. He, however, does not love being hit with snowballs. All of these things you will witness in this video. 😉

oreo crazy snow faceYeah so my dog gets a crazed look on his face when he runs through the snow… not sure what that’s about, but it’s pretty hilarious. 😉

We watched plenty of the Olympics together and spent some time in the Memphis Library so my mother-in-law could do some genealogy research.  Turns out there are a whole lotta twins and triplets in my husband’s side of the family so we’ll see how that plays out in our future, ha! Oh! We also ate delicious pancakes. Like, the kind of pancakes that have maple and bacon INSIDE them.

maple bacon pancakes

maple bacon pancakes{Click recipe card to see it larger. Original recipe from A Cozy Kitchen}

If you like pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon then you will love these. We all sure did! Happy Monday, friends!

Love Rach


34 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. i am so glad y’all were able to make another great memory with your father in law. dementia is an ugly thing – but praise the Lord there are rays of light throughout it.
    yay for snow! and those pancakes look DELICIOUS!

  2. GREAT smile!!! ❤ and sweet oreo, what a treasure that puppy is!! twins and triplets…wowza!!! super awesome!! you guys are going to be such awesome parents, can't wait to hear how that evolves 😉 stop by and enter my vday giveaway at mangiabella!!

  3. That is such a precious photo of your FIL. So sweet, and what a great smile!

  4. That picture of your father in law made me smile. And I don’t even know him. 🙂 I hope that there are many more such smiles and lots of happiness in store for the family.

  5. Oreo is so cute, romping through the snow! We tossed our cat in the snow one time to see how he would react, and he was not impressed. And I definitely want to try this recipe for bacon pancakes! Two great things rolled into one!

    • HA! I love that you guys threw your cat into the snow! I’d love to have seen video of that! When we were growing up there was a huge snow storm one year with several feet of snow. My brother and I threw our little sister (who was probably 5 at the time) out the door into the snow and she just sunk down until we couldn’t see her anymore. It was pretty hilarious!

  6. I need some of those pancakes!!

    I know how hard having a relative with memory issues can be. My grandma has been having issues the past few years and it’s been an adjustment. It really is important to treasure those good moments, and believe there will be many, many more!

    • Liz, I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. I know how hard that is. You’re so right that it’s important to treasure those moments and believe more are coming. It’s so easy to look ahead to the future and dread what is coming, but really I should focus on those good moments. I really appreciate your understanding and support!

  7. Carley @OptimisticHealth

    What a precious picture of your father in law. Those pancakes- hello! I was craving bacon this weekend too. Glad you have a fun, family filled weekend!

  8. Such a genuine smile you captured!! Definitely a picture to keep. 🙂 Those pancakes sounds amazzzzing!

  9. Oh my gosh that photo of your FIL is amazing, and the back story is even better. His smile is surely contagious. That Oreo photo just kills me every time I see it!

    • Thanks, friend! I love that shot of him! You’re right, his smile is contagious! He had me cracking up this weekend. 🙂 And as for Oreo – I’m glad it makes you laugh too. I about died laughing when I was going through the pictures of him when we came back inside.

  10. So glad you had a wonderful weekend…and yes, such a great picture of him! Laughter is so good for the soul, isn’t it?

  11. there is so much happiness in all of these photos that i just might scroll through and see them again — i LOVE your father-in-law’s smile, Oreo is the sweetest, and i want to eat those pancakes asap (did you take that pic? it’s ahmayzing!)

  12. Love these photos!! So sorry to hear about your Father-in-law’s illness 😦 dementia can be so difficult; prayers for you guys. His smile really is amazing! Oreo is so cute in the snow! Max is totally the same with snowballs! And oh my word, I need to make those pancakes! Anything with bacon in it is a win!

    • Thanks for the support, sweet friend. I really appreciate it more than you know.

      Also, I love that Max is the same with snowballs! Cracks me up to watch dogs interact with snow! 🙂 And yes, make the pancakes. Trust me, they are amazing!

  13. His smile is precious! Those pancakes look Sooo good! We should make them! I’m glad y’all had so much fun! I think we are getting more snow today 😳! What is going on here? We are in Louisiana!!! Alan and I will leave to go skiing next weekend so we will be able to play in soft snow and not the ice we call snow here haha.

  14. Oh my goodness Oreo is so darn cute!!!!

  15. I’m sorry about your father-in-law’s dementia. That is such an awful illness but I’m glad that you are able to keep positive. That photo of him is so cute! He seems so happy. 🙂

    • Thanks, sweet Hope. I appreciate your support a lot. He definitely was having fun with I snapped that photo. I love moments like that and especially that I caught one on film so I can have it to look back at on harder days. 🙂

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  17. Dimentia runs in my family, as my Memere had Alzheimers and now my aunt does. It seems to affect the women on my dad’s side of the family… It’s a devastating disease, and there is nothing else to be said about it. It’s just devastating. That being said, I think that families and caregivers need to focus on the bright moments (on the memories and on the sweet moments that still exist during the disease’s progression), since there is currently no cure. I love that the first time you mentioned your father-in-law’s dementia was a special, happy memory. I think this is so important! Even when my Memere had Alzheimers, and now with my aunt fighting it, we try to focus on the positive and on the moments that make us all laugh. 🙂 I also want to start helping in the fight for a cure by taking part in an Alzheimers walk this year… It’s time that we found a cure!!!! Girl, that photo of your father-in-law is precious. And YOU are amazing. 🙂

    • Nicole, I just love you. I know you know how grateful I am for our friendship, but I’m just going to say it again: I am thankful for our friendship. You are such a blessing to me. And I’m so grateful that you understand where I am coming from and that you are here as a support for me in this. Everything you said is so true and it’s so obvious that you speak from much experience. I know you have your family to lean on, but if you ever need someone to talk to about any of this, I’m here for you!

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