Richard and Aviva Family Photo Shoot

This past Sunday I had to opportunity to photograph a sweet family who found me through my Facebook photography page. I can only share a few photos here because the rest are a surprise for their family, but once they give me the go ahead I’ll do a second post with more shots. Richard and Aviva were super laid back and so sweet. Jacob, their son, hardly fussed at all and their daughter, Abby, is one of the most photogenic little girls I’ve ever met!

family shot

kids together



family shot

Happy Friday, friends!
Love Rach


27 responses to “Richard and Aviva Family Photo Shoot

  1. SOOooo CUTE!!! 🙂 I love seeing the pics whenever you have a photo-shoot! 🙂

  2. LOVELY photos rach!
    the one of the dad holding the little boy = gold!

  3. What a lovely family! I love the one of the kiddos on the blanket.

  4. What a sweet family! THOSE CURLS!!

  5. How sweet!!! I love how happy they all are 🙂

  6. What a happy little guy! They are precious!

  7. AHH they found you through your FB page!! AKA not family friends..AKA YOU’RE becoming the REAL DEAL!! This is so exciting!! GREAT PHOTOS!

  8. the kids on the blanket is my FAVE!!

  9. Cutest little family! What great photographs 😉
    xo TJ

  10. That little girl makes me think of the movie Curly Sue! So cute.

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