All heart. GRIT. GRIND.

On Friday Christopher was given four free suite-level tickets to the Memphis Grizzlies’ game! We already had plans with Brodie and Lyndal for Friday night, but we all love basketball so we scrapped our original plan and went to the game instead!

grizz game friendsUs with Β Brodie and Lyndal in the suite! Also, Brodie is definitely the tallest of all of us – the other three of us are just standing on a stair, haha!

grizz game usChristopher and I after the game!

grizz game3The game!

I have realized that it’s hard for me to blog about the game without explaining every term I use so I am going to give you guys a quick vocabulary lesson for Grizzlies Games:

: the fans

All Heart. Grit. Grind.
: This is from an interview with Grizzlies basketball player Tony Allen after a surprising win. He explains their win by saying that it was “all heart. grit. grind.” This phrase not only describes the way that the Grizzlies play, but also the city of Memphis in so many ways. So the fans have embraced it as a motto.

The GrindFather
: Tony Allen (who plays for the Grizz)

The Grind House
: the FedEx Forum on game nights

We Don’t Bluff: One of the Grizzlies’ players, Zach Randolph (better known as Z-Bo to fans) got into a verbal disagreement with OC Thunder player Kendrick Perkins and both players were ejected from the game. Afterward Z-Bo told reporters, “Man, I play basketball. I don’t worry about all that. Perk’s all right. There’s a lot of bluffin’ going on the court, that’s all, you know. And I don’t bluff.”Β Grizzlies fans took that statement and mixed it with the fact that Memphis is called The Bluff City and suddenly we had “We Don’t Bluff” or “(We Don’t) Bluff City” mottos everywhere.

Believe Memphis: I’m not sure who came up with this originally, but it took Memphis by storm last year and I love it. πŸ™‚

grizz mascot{source}

Oh, and our Grizzlies mascot is super intense. He’s not fuzzy and sweet and waving happily. He’s kind of terrifying if you watch him during the game. In a really cool way. He means business.

Β elvis bball2Also we have great half-time and time-out shows! Here a bunch of guys dressed like Elvis use trampolines to do flips and dunk the ball. I Β mean, who thinks of this stuff? But it’s great entertainment. πŸ™‚

suite sweetsA huge bonus of sitting in the suite was that we had plenty of free food and even a rolling dessert cart that came by. We felt super swanky up there. πŸ˜‰

neck tatOh yeah, and Lyndal and I got matching neck tattoos that say “Grizzlies” ’cause we are diehard fans. Okay, not really. I mean, we are fans, but the tats were temporary (hopefully no one is surprised by the fact that I didn’t really get a giant “Grizzlies” neck tattoo, haha). They were in honor of Β a new player James Johnson who got a neck tattoo with his son’s name while he son was fighting for his life. You can read about it here. {ps. I am terrible at serious faces}

grizz game4Aaand the best part of the night was that WE WON!! It was a great game and I’m proud of the Grizz!

Love Rach


24 responses to “All heart. GRIT. GRIND.

  1. How fun!!! I am shocked that the Grizzlies tattoo was a temp though. Totally saw you as a neck tattoo kinda girl. πŸ˜‰ I loved the vocab lesson on Grizz-inolgy.

  2. I have never been to a basketball game before…it looks like fun though! I love the terminology guide. And that mascot is super terrifying. I’m kind of afraid of mascots even when they’re cuddly and fun haha.

    • …you’ve never been to a basketball game?! … I am just… speechless. I take it basketball isn’t a common sport in Canada? So much of my college life revolved around basketball, haha! It’s hard to imagine life without it. When you come visit me in Memphis someday I will take you to a basketball game. And you will love it. Even if you don’t like basketball you will still love it. Because there is ridiculously good food, lots of entertainment, and naturally we will be together and chatting up a storm. So it will be awesome. πŸ˜€

  3. Basketball games are SO much fun in person…especially loving the neck tattoos. πŸ™‚

  4. the game looks like so much fun! i’ve always wanted to sit on the suite-level — going to stay on the bucket list for now πŸ™‚

  5. Free tickets are the BEST!! What a blast, I love your thug look..bahaha.

  6. I love the picture of that Grizzly (who looks more like some sort of werewolf, by the way), and the serious gangsta faces with the neck tattoos. πŸ™‚ Looks like you guys had fun!

  7. Yes to free tickets! And my boyfriend was reading this over my shoulder… jealous maybe ? : )

  8. So much fun! My parents are HUGE Grizz fans. We don’t get the games here, but last year they taught me all about the Grindfather, etc. It was amazing to be home during the playoffs to see all the Grizzlies support! Would love to go to a game sometime!


  9. Suites get you so many great perks πŸ˜‰ So glad y’all won! That makes it so much more fun.

  10. That game looks like so much fun! It’s even better that you were sitting in a suite! I’ve never done that before.

  11. Oh my goodness all that free food!

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