White Rock Coffee

White Rock Coffee is a local coffee shop in Dallas that is on my must-visit list every time we go. They have been named one of the top ten coffee houses in America. That’s a big deal, you guys. Just recently they won KRUPS Best Brew in Dallas award. They are kind of amazing. It started out as one location and has grown to two and will soon be expanding to a third location. And with good reason because they are great! And as hipster as it comes. Locally owned, organic everything, direct trade coffee, and even an open mic night to boot. 🙂

white rock

So when the manager of White Rock asked if I’d do a shoot for them, you better believe I said yes! Since we were crunched for time this weekend I only took photos as long as it took them to make drinks for all of us, but it was such a fun shoot. I’ve never been back behind the bar in a coffee shop and the fast-paced rhythm was cool to experience.

white rock3

white rock2

white rock1

white rock7

white rock4

white rock9

white rock5

white rock6

I think White Rock employees are some of the smiley-est I’ve ever seen. It was a fun shoot and I got free coffee as a bonus so that was pretty stellar! 😀 They designed a drink just for me. It’s a decaf, almond milk based, sugar free mocha frappe with crunched up bittersweet chocolate chips blended in. And it is so good. 😀  If you are in the Dallas area, go check them out. You won’t be sorry!

White Rock Coffee on Urbanspoon

Love Rach


30 responses to “White Rock Coffee

  1. How cool!! What a fun place to do a photo shoot. The employees do look really smiley – gotta love that! The drinks and pastries look really good too.

  2. The coffee looks good! Seems like a fun and tasty place to visit!

  3. Awww how fun!!! Those muffins the one girls is holding look GOOD.

  4. It looks like so much fun!!!!

  5. I love that place! My husband lived on the street right behind that shopping center before we got married!

  6. Gosh, those smiles are contagious!

  7. I LOVE THIS POST!! AHH COFFEE! What a cute place! Your custom drink sounds SO good!

  8. they look so happy! and now i want muffins 🙂

  9. I love these pictures!! It sounds like such a great coffee shop 🙂 And your drink sounds delicious!

  10. I am so impressed that you are getting professional gigs now! I mean, I know different couples and families have hired you to take photos, but this is a BUSINESS–that’s a whole ‘nother level! 😀 If they display those pictures in a public place, I bet your photography business will just keep getting more and more phone calls–how exciting! (And your pictures look great, by the way!)

  11. What a fun shoot!! I am so happy that your photography biz is going well, girl! That’s amazing!

  12. That coffee shop looks so cute! Great pictures! I love when they make fun things on the coffee out of the foam! I’ve never had a coffee like that before but I’ve always wanted to.

  13. Rach, your photography skills continue to impress me! You are seriously very talented with capturing pictures that perfectly describe a moment or atmosphere. I think that’s so awesome!

    White Rock Coffee sounds amazing. I love that they made you a special drink, too. I will have to check ’em out if I ever head to Dallas… which I would totally LOVE to!

  14. I always enjoy reading your reviews! Excellent job on the photography as well! =) I love little coffee shops!

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