An Evening in Downtown Memphis

Last night Christopher and I were in Downtown Memphis to deliver a meal to a family who has a little boy at St Jude. Do you guys know about St Jude Children’s Research Hospital? It’s a research hospital here in Memphis that welcomes families from around the world who have children suffering from cancer and other diseases. No family pays a penny for treatment, travel, housing, or food because St Jude believes that the only thing the family should have to worry about is helping their child live. I tear up just thinking about this. Anyway, a friend of a friend knows this family so she asked if some of us could give this family a break from the cafeteria food. So often I feel so helpless when faced with the pain in this world so I was so glad to have something tangible we could do to serve this family. If you want to learn more about this little boy and his fight for life you can check out his parents’ blog here: #Pray4BabyBennett.

mississippi riverAs we left the apartment they are staying in we were greeted by the very end of the sunset over the Mississippi river.

bridgeOne of the huge landmarks of Downtown Memphis: the Memphis Bridge (technically the Hernando de Soto Bridge, but most people here either call it the “new bridge” or the “Memphis bridge”).

spaghetti warehouse collageSince we were Downtown already we decided to call Brodie and Lyndal and grab a quick dinner with them. We ended up at the Spaghetti Warehouse (the picture from the outside is actually from a previous time we went). The inside of this place is great. They even have a trolley car inside the restaurant that you can eat inside!

startersBread, salad, and beer chili. The beer chili was okay. Kind of tangy almost. Not my favorite chili.

lasagnaThis was Christopher’s lasagna. Really very tasty! I got the spaghetti which was pretty good, but it’s kind of hard to pay $10+ for spaghetti. I mean, really… it’s one of the cheapest and easiest things to make ever. I would like to say that I won’t pay that much for the spaghetti again, but to tell you the truth I’ve been here several times before and I always get the same thing, ha! Though I think next time we might get what Brodie and Lyndal got which was:

spaghetti warehouse feastThis was the feast meal! It came with the same amount of spaghetti as I got, the same amount of lasagna as Christopher got, PLUS chicken parmigiana, sausage, meatballs, and alfredo covered ravioli. And get ready for it… their check was $2 more than ours. So this is definitely what we will get next time and just split it!

brodie and lyndalOur dinner company – Brodie and Lyndal! I have to tell you guys, I have some pretty hilarious photos of these two trying to do the classic Lady & The Tramp spaghetti kiss thing. It failed. And was hilarious. But because I’m a good friend, I won’t share those photos. 😉

The Spaghetti Warehouse is kind of a hit or miss based on what you order. Yeah, it’s hard to spend that much money on a small plate of spaghetti. However, if you order the feast meal – you are getting the best bang for your buck. It’s unreal how much food that was! The quality of the food is pretty good. It’s not my favorite in Memphis, but it’s still tasty. There is free parking which is a huge bonus considering it’s downtown (this is one of Christopher’s favorite things about it, haha!). The interior is eclectic and fun. I’ve always loved this place ever since my grandparents first brought me here when I was in college (even before I lived in Memphis!). It’s definitely worth the experience and ambiance. Just be sure to bring a friend and order the feast meal to get your money’s worth. 😉

Spaghetti Warehouse on Urbanspoon


Love Rach


34 responses to “An Evening in Downtown Memphis

  1. In high school I went on a field trip to Memphis to tour the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! It is an amazing thing they do. I cried for most of the tour…

  2. I teared up reading the first part of this post! Love you sweet friend!

  3. I remember doing Book-a-Thon’s and Bike-a-Thon’s when I was in elementary school to support St. Jude’s. Such a wonderful program they have.

    It’s lunch time and I’m hungry so that food looks really good. I feel like I could finish off the feast plate all by myself right now. 🙂

  4. I always see celebrity endorsements on TV for St. Jude’s. It’s nice to know that places like that are out there to support families during what I’m sure is an impossibly difficult time. It was nice of you guys to make a visit….I’m not sure if I could go in there. It just seems really sad!

    • It’s really not as sad as you might think! I mean, what the kids are dealing with is really hard, but St Jude does a great job of keeping everything really cheery and child-centered. Lots of bright colors and toys and such. You definitely leave with a feeling of hope when you go to visit!

  5. I think St. Judes is such an inspiring hospital/organization. I know when I was in high school we’d do things to raise money for them.

  6. You two have amazing hearts, so amazing that you did this. Spaghetti!! LOVE!

  7. awww what a fun night and its so good to give back.

  8. Memphis sounds amazing, and your photos are gorgeous Rach, definitely makes me want to visit. 🙂

  9. I am suddenly craving pasta… big time! Ha, ha. At least my family is coming over tonight, and we’re ordering pizza… So I’m getting my tomato sauce in. 🙂

    • Oooh yum! We are having pizza with friends tonight! There’s an all you can eat pizza buffet here where they bring the pizzas by your table. It’s like the lazy person’s buffet, haha! I hope you had fun with your family in town!!

  10. Such a great hospital! We have one here in Oregon that’s similar called Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. I did a lot of work with them over the years, such an amazing place!!

    All this food is making me seriously want some Italian food now!

  11. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous!! Love.

  12. the photographs in this post are so gorgeous, but i really love reading about your big heart and how you helped that family at st. jude’s – so kind ❤

  13. That bridge picture needs to be in a magazine. SO stinking amazing.

  14. Oh my gosh! This post brings back so many memories! There used to be a Spaghetti Warehouse in Philly and they closed it. I remember always wanting to sit in the trolley whenever we went there. I thought it was so cool 🙂

    • No way! I had no idea that they had more than one location! So cool! Well again, if you are ever in Memphis then you can check out the Spaghetti Warehouse here. Though really, you have Maggianos and are always making me crave that goodness in your posts, haha!

  15. I love the purpose behind St. Jude! It’s really wonderful that they provide families with the basics and more in their time of need. I think this is one of the first programs that I ever donated to. I’ll def be sending thoughts and prayers to them! P.S. That bridge is just breathtakingly beautiful!

  16. Downtown Memphis is so pretty! And you’re such a good friend not to share the Lady and the Tramp pictures…too funny 🙂

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